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[Strategy / Risk] LOTR - War in Middle Earth -

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Sep 4, 2019

------- Basic Info:

Welcome to "LOTR War in Middle Earth" WarCraft 3 map made by yuriy_valandil. Rts map enspired by the books of J.R.R. Tolkien and the movies of Peter Jackson. Chose one of the factions of good or evil and fight with your allies for the dominion of the Middle Earth.

------ How to play:
Every faction has different bases that produce every minutes gold income, your main object is to protect your bases and destroy the enemies.
There are also conquestable regions that gives its owner an extra income, more territory you control, more your faction is strong.
For the victory good forces need to destroy Barad dur and evil must destroy Minas Tirith.

------- About the Faction's role:
- Minas Tirith - You control the Capital of Gondor, the white city of Minas Tirith, city of the Kings. Your main objective is to defend the white city and the throne of Gondor for the return of the King. Gondorians as the descendants of Numenoreans and like others Dunedains are true masters in healing arts, all of your heroes have the ability to heal units, also Gondorians are famous for their building skills, towers of Gondor are difficult to destroy and will help Gondorians to defend their land.

What to do : You should secure control of the island of Cair Andros (north of your main base) and the ruined city of Osgiliath (east of your main base) these fortifications will be key in defending against the aggression of Mordor.

Use "hide in a shadow" ability of your rangers of ithilien to ambush and surprise attack the forces of evil in the forests of Ithilien (east of river anduin, east of your main base)

-Provinces of Gondor - You control all the provinces of Gondor other than the Principality of Dol Amroth and the capital city. You have control of many lords of Gondor and many different units.

what to do : Lords of provinces should assist Minas Tirith and together defend Minas Tirith, also should keep their lands and city of Dol Amroth safe from the attacks by the Corsairs of Umbar from the sea.

- Principality of Dol Amroth - You control the City of Dol Amroth famous for their Swan Knights, elite knights of Gondor and may be the best mounted units in all the Middle Earth. Also has a powerful fleet which will be needed to combat the Corsairs of Umbar.

what to do : Assist your allies and defend the white city of Minas Tirith from the attacks of Mordor. Also should keep your lands and coasts of Gondor safe from attacks by the Corsairs of Umbar from the sea.

- Rohan - Is the land of Horse-masters Rohirrim, the fastest of all nations, perhaps the best units in all game are Rohirims Riders, fast and strong. Rohan starts the game with Saruman's spell on their King Theoden, while he is under mind control of the fallen wizard only Gandalf the White can reverse the spell and set him free.

what to do : Your soldiers are not as tough as Isengard's Uruk Hai, but your cavalry can use hit and run tactic to decimate your enemy at distance. Defend your cities and villages from the hordes of Saruman .

- Umbar, Harad - They are evil men, allied to the Dark Lord, enemies of Gondor. The Haradrim have strong unique units, Siege Mumakils are enormous siege beasts with a strong stomp ability that can be used to damage a large number of units around them and the Pirates ships of Umbar that can transport units directly to the coasts of Gondor to flank the men of the west.

what to do : First of all you should conquer Near and Far Harad (east of your main base) to increase your food limit and income, then you should use your fleet to invade the Gondorian coasts, start with destroying small towns to weaken Gondorian economy.

- Mordor - You control endless legions of Orcs. As well as many other powerful evil creatures under your command as Trolls and Wargs. The Land of Mordor is protected from all the sides by the mountains, there are only two entrances, One to the north protected by the Black Gate and the Morgul Pass to the west protected by the Dead city of Minas Morgul and the tower of Cirith Ungol.

what to do : Begin the invasion of Gondor with your allies. Destroy the city of Minas Tirith and make it impossible for Aragorn to become the King of Gondor.

- Nazgul - You control the dead city of Minas Morgul, the city of Nazgul, most terrible servants of the Dark Lord Sauron.

what to do : Begin the invasion of Gondor with your allies. Destroy the city of Minas Tirith and make it impossible for Aragorn to became the King of Gondor.

- Rhun, Khand - You control the corrupted evil men of the east allied to Mordor.

what to do : Begin the invasion of Gondor with your allies. Destroy the city of Minas Tirith and make it impossible for Aragorn to became the King of Gondor.

- Isengard, Dunland - You control the land of Isengard ruled by the fallen wizard Saruman from his high tower of Orthanc.

what to do : Your first enemy in the game is the Kingdom of Rohan, destroy the horsemen and leave Gondor without their strongest ally. Saruman's Uruk hai are one of the best units in the game, but pay attention to the Rohirrim riders, they are fast and can strike from a distance. Secure Orthanc with towers and healing pits, do not move in the open lands without a strong defensive base. First of all you should conquer Dunland (west of your base) to increase your food and income, then destroying small villages of Rohan to weak them.

MInas Morgul wall model Marshmalo
Shrapnel Shards Explosion - Resource by: WILL THE ALMIGHTY
CauldronWithHeads - Resource by: Hellish Hybrid
Wall Resource by: !!GORO!!
Spikes (Wood) Resource by: communist_orc
wall (Wood) Resource by: communist_orc
House II Resource by: communist_orc
LogBridgeSmall0 Resource by: Mephestria
Door 00 Resource by: Tranquil
WallBrickRed Resource by: lieutang
Mansion Door Resource by: Kitabatake
Mansion Wall Resource by: Kitabatake
HeroGlow Resource by: assasin_lord
Short Bridge Resource by: Illidan(Evil)X
Library Resource by: Mr. Bob
Wall Resource by: Shadow_killer
Gondorian Tower (Variation 1) Resource by: Fingolfin
Wooden Gate Resource by: Fingolfin
Fruit Stand Resource by: darkdeathknight
Arms Dealer Resource by: darkdeathknight
Island Rock Grassy_var1 Resource by: tobyfat50
Island Rock Grassy_var2 Resource by: tobyfat50
Lava Resource by: HappyTauren
House Wall Resource by: xorkatoss
Pier Resource by: Mike
VrykulWorker Resource by: Sellenisko
Pine (Variation 1) Resource by: Fingolfin
Gondorian House Resource by: Fingolfin
Gondorian Wall 2 Resource by: Fingolfin
Birch (variation 3) Resource by: Fingolfin
Oak (variation 1) Resource by: Fingolfin
Water Wheel Resource by: HerrDave
Branches Ground - Variation B Resource by: Remixer
Roots Large - Variation B Resource by: Remixer
Quilboar Hut Resource by: Mister_Haudrauf
Ephemeral Crescent Large Resource by: Mythic


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Sep 4, 2019
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