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LoreQuiz - How much do you know about Warcraft?

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Level 9
Jul 7, 2007
I'm thinking of making a map. It's about testing your knowledge about Warcraft. The stories from WCI,WC2,WCIII,WOW and novels and stuff. There are three courses: Easy, Hard and Catagorical. Easy and hard are just random questions. Easy will be more about WCIII and wow since many people have played those games. If you've done the campaigns in wc3 and read the quests in wow then this level isn't to hard. The Hard level is more concerning wc1 and 2 and novels, things many doesn't know to much about. For this level you should have read lord of the clans or atleast wisited wowwiki once. Finally catagorical mode, where you can pick. You can choose between for example War of the Ancients or The Flight from Argus, specific questions on specific subjects. I've got a couple of screenshots showing about how it works. Good idea or bad idea?


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