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  • Naa dude i like how your goin show cuz my understanding of jass is still low n im not gettin it 100% but since your taking details it is helping that much better.
    np i actually was forced to do it myself however it works nice and once more thanks for help!

    ~Dark Dragon
    Thanks for everything so far but i got exams all this week so ill be afk for the whole week studying and reviewing. ill try to log on time to time. I got a tag strip i could show u that i got to work which displayed a string. Player said -help and the outcome was you can blah blah blah blah
    a thanks i checked your system and yes this is the one i was talking about i never before checked it out but i heard of it so now i did its really impressive that you learned vjass as i remember you said "i like GUI coz everything done in jass can be done in GUI and i started my programming skills at GUI" well i can see you learned a lot, but what i am making is realistic grenade bouncing with physics formula not like you did with yours.

    Note i like yours but i can't use it for my system...
    Anyway gj and thanks for trying to help!

    Best Regards!
    ~Dark Dragon
    wow man that just blew me away the description of it. I'm trying to understand it. ive tried a normal jass trigger in the map and IT WORKS lol. it was a normal trigger of a player saying a chat string and it said something out of it. I did a variable too. I was wondering do u have to create a varaible to use it or u could just say it?
    Hi Herman!

    i just run in some trouble making of my system. As i remember you did in the past some sort of object bouncing system, i am not sure but i think you did or i read somewhere really not sure but if you did can you tell me physics / math formula you used and constants you where using.
    First i got the newgenpack because of triggers i was trying to exam of jass. didnt really help cause i cant break it down. So i went to a Jass tutorial site and i learned how to break it down by wut set mean and call and how to store variables.

    P.S. i did what you said about the new map wuts next
    nah it was good, even now its easier to work with radians... I said same speed but work with that whats easier to you! Back then for me it was easier to work with degrees but now nope... ^^ Your suggestion was good believe me
    well first off im not that good of a triggering person. I understand the basic understanding of GUI. I can trigger anything in it but it will leak or not always work. I started to learn jass the other day. I know enought to know how it works and how to break it down. I wish to know how to make something unleakable or learn jass. anything helps thanks
    i`ve seen you 4 missile shot.
    i`d liked that greatly.
    don`t you mind if i`ll try to change it a little for air units?
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