Lordaeron Buildings

  • Building pack for Lordaeron. Just got bored after being stuck for so long in making my other packs. Finally got some time to finish these models.
  • Use the Monument to replace the Altar, and Trade House for the Arcane Vault.
  • I do not like the Workshop, I will replace it in future updates.
  • Notify me for any issues in each models.
  • Please give proper credits when using any models from this pack.
  • Change the camera angle for the Aviary Portrait Animation
  • Added Altar as an alternative for the Monument with icons
  • Changed the stand work animation of Aviary
  • Added Shipyard with icons
  • Changed the Light/glow part in the shipyards stand work animation
  • Added Death sound to the shipyard
  • Added collision shape to the Tower
  • Applied the necessary fixes to the shipyard model
  • Changed the Aviary's work animation
  • Removed some geosets from the Blacksmith and changed its Stand Work animation. The Bellows now moves and a fire particle was added in the forge.
  • Removed the shipyards duplicate attachment points and recalculated extents. The Health bar will no longer hover far above the model.

These models takes time and effort to make. And due to current state of the global economy we found ourselves in different hard circumstances. Anyhow your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Please consider supporting me via the links below :

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PayPal: PayPal.Me/bakrKev12


Altar (Icon)

Altar (Model)

Aviary (Model)

Aviary (Icon)

Barracks (Model)

Barracks (Icon)

Blacksmith (Model)

Blacksmith (Icon)

Farm (Model)

Farm (Icon)

Lumber Mill (Icon)

Lumber Mill (Model)

Mage Tower (Icon)

Mage Tower (Model)

Monument (Model)

Monument (Icon)

Shipyard (Icon)

Shipyard (Model)

Tower (Model)

Tower - Arcane (Icon)

Tower - Cannon (Icon)

Tower - Guard (Icon)

Tower - Scout (Icon)

Town Center (Icon)

Town Center - Citadel (Icon)

Town Center - Palace (Icon)

Town Center-Citadel-Palace (Model)

Trade House (Icon)

Trade House (Model)

Workshop (Icon)

Workshop (Model)

General Frank
A very cool pack of alternative human models. Extremely useful and looks great. Good job!
And finally there he is, the king of lore-looking buildings, again with an excellent pack ⭐

Your amazing Town Center has got 2 upgrades, which is really cool, and I love the way you mix round and square shapes in the pack. I don't know if you followed the WoW design but the altar looks dope and the usage of 2D textures in the Tower of Mages is beautifully concise. And I also love that light orange colors of insidious textures of some cloth, flags and ground that give me a feeling of autumn 🍂 (since I like autumn but this is maybe my personal distorted perception speaking).

Of course, there may be some roughness in the details, for example, different sizes of the roof tiles (too frequent in some places) or innacuracies in animations, but this does not detract from a good impression.

I missed such buildings for my map and I bet this bundle will be highly useful for the community, great job 👏
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Level 10
May 18, 2013
Your models are great and thematically on point as always. Love the Town center and tower buildings matching the architecture of the capital city we see in the cinematics

One thing that stands out oddly is the Golden statues on the Monument. The statues center attention towards the base of model rather then the center of it. ideas for modifying this would be recolor the statues silver or replace them with city doodads statues. alternatively add gold higher on the model to move attention higher.

You said you do not like the Workshop. Here's a idea for an alternative.

Idea for the Workshop; Remove the piles, smoke stack and water tower from the base model. Push the main structure back while adding the blacksmiths bellows front left and wooden pen to the front right. Replace the conveyor belt at the entrance with stairs.

Keep the good work. For Lordaeron. For the King Terenas

PS: if the review feels overly negative or critical that's not my intention. I believe a good review should contain 4 things.
1. Praise for the work done and their innovations.
2. Drawing attention to things that need fixing or could be improved.
3. Offering ideas to help the creator with said improvements.
4. Giving a proper send off.
Level 12
Apr 20, 2014
I really love the Town Hall and Guard Tower. I kind of wish you went with that rounded look for the rest of the structures too, though. The Lumber Mill and Trade House could benefit from that, for example. Lovely pack overall.
Barracks would be great too!
Level 11
Jul 20, 2022
Uh question sir bakr, does the Shipyard has a fixed program that allow ships (Battleship) not to spawn from underground when trained? (not hired) 🤔. Well another great update 👍.
Level 11
Jul 20, 2022
Great update on the Shipyard sir bakr 👍, only the missing Shipyard for the Stormwind pack and the Workshop redesign update left...I think 🤔.