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Lord_T's Attachment Pack

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A collection of my scratch-made attachments.
All of them are made from scratch and animated in Milkshape 3d. Texture animations were done using magos' and notepad.

This Pack Includes:
Smolder DragonSword - A longsword forged from dragon bone and scale
Bladed Edge - A single-handed dual-bladed weapon
Dragon Battleaxe - A large, 2-handed 4-bladed axe
Dragon Blade - A runed bastard sword
Spiked Stone Maul - A spiked stone hammer
Searing Blade - A Team-colored bastard sword forged from steel and dragon scale
Short Axe - A small and simple short axe
Ogre Axe - A single handed axe devised by brutish minds
Skull Buckler - A simple and effective buckler shield
Spirit Buckler - A team-colored and animated shield
Holy Shield - A golden shield that upgrades to a winged version
Holy Wings - Wings from the holy shield that attach to a unit's chest

Item Versions for all models are included.

Please Give Credit if any of these are used.
Do not edit or redistribute to other sites without permission.

08:07, 3rd Jan 2009 General Frank: Very nice and unconventional attachment pack. Approved.




08:07, 3rd Jan 2009
General Frank:

Very nice and unconventional attachment pack. Approved.
Level 2
Jan 4, 2009
Great Pack,this is the pack i was waiting for!!;6/5 i know this grade dosnt exist but this pack deserves it.
I stole General_Frank profile pic,aka,his avatar.
Level 22
Oct 27, 2004
these will be very handy, i'll store them in a file somewhere and hope to use them if possible.

I'm honored. Pleas enoy!

i always loved ur attachements,dude u are skilfull

Thank you. I'm just a guy with a mouse and Jesus on his side, though.

great T ^^


Omg, OMG! Lord_T make a pack! Ownage!

I suppose it was about time, huh? :D

6/5 vry nice!!!

Thank you!

veeeeeery niiiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No chance to smaller rate!!

Heh, they really aren't all that nice. But thank you very much.
Level 1
Mar 13, 2010
read this if you rate less than 5 you die tomorow. now if you have done this to stop you must jump of the roof of your house its too awsome a pack to rate less than 5!
Level 1
Jan 17, 2011
Do you have a empty model to attach these to?
It would be awesome to have a RPG map but with items that acually is visible on the character.


(I love the fact that I'm the only one who've casted a vote so far)

I would love to see that on Battle Net. An RPG that has visible attachments and gear items on pick up all one would have to do is click it while in inventory and its attached. I have been thinking on how to do that lately any who.