Team Colored Phantom Buckler By Lord_T

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Ok. Here's a first from me. It's, at first glance, a regular shield, but, when you look at it's animations, you realize it's all... glowy and stuff. It has texture animations on the team-colored part, as well as an additive layer on top, which also has texture animations.

The second special part of this shield is it's animations. It has 4. It has a left version, a right version, A LARGE left version and LARGE right version, for big boys like abom and tauren chieftain.

To use these additional Versions of the shield, go to "Art-Required Animation names-Attachments" in the object editor of the unit you want to use the shield. Then put in what you want. You can leave it blank the for normal right-handed shield, enter "Large" for the large right handed shield, "left" for the normal right-handed shield, and "large,Left" for a large left-handed shield.

As usual, an item version is included.
I Saw you scrolling past my description! If you can't read the whole thing, here's a synopsis:
*Team Color
*Texture Animations
*Both left and right-handed versions
*Large versions for big boys
*Item Version as Portrait


Please give credits if used.
Do not edit or redistribute to other sites without my permission

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Team Colored Phantom Buckler By Lord_T (Model)

Team Colored Phantom Buckler By Lord_T (Model)

21:03, 31st Oct 2008 Pyritie: Nice texture anims :D
Level 21
Oct 27, 2004
Perhaps team coloured buckler?

Incorporated into name

lol. a team-colored shield is clever. :p And, it looks good too! =D

Thank ye, I try =3

from the screenshot i can tell it looks really good ... however i can't view the animations at the moment :( ...

I hope you get a chance to :D

it came with anims??? Oo A shield with anims... I have to see this. XD

Edit: Wow. Just Wow. By the looks of it, I'd say you should call it a phantom mirror shield. XD I love the effects you put on this! =D

Good to see you like it, I incorporated Phantom into the name.

really nice.
You took the maximum out of the bandit texture and the team colored texture animation looks great.
And the fact that you can use it for both hands makes it perfect


Good to see you like it, I put some work into it's features.

LordT does a lot of good models =]

Thanks, I try my best. Jesus takes care of the rest.

change the keywords and category to something that fits ...
it screws up the search results.

What's wrong with the keywords and category....
Level 5
Jun 20, 2008
If You Want it to look more phamtomy make the team colour more transparent but 4/5 for sheild
Level 21
Oct 27, 2004
you just took em all D:

Lol, I only used those that I honestly believe the shield could work for. That's what I do for all of my models... But since its all neutral and stuff.... :D

and there is a probem with that? XD don't modelers want people to find their models? XD

Edit: oh... the catagories... lol yes, that is a problem.


If You Want it to look more phamtomy make the team colour more transparent but 4/5 for sheild

Believe me, I tweaked that team color for HOURS. That's what I like the most, but I appreciate the suggestion! Thanks!

nice work ^^

Thank you!