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Skull Buckler Shield

A relatively basic shield, both in concept and function.

My second EpicShield. It has a left version, a right version, A LARGE left version and LARGE right version, for big units.

To use these additional Versions of the shield, go to "Art-Required Animation names-Attachments" in the object editor of the unit you want to use the shield. Then put in what you want. You can leave it blank the for normal right-handed shield, enter "Large" for the large right handed shield, "left" for the normal right-handed shield, and "large,Left" for a large left-handed shield.

*Both left and right-handed versions
*Large versions for big boys
*Item Version as Portrait


Please give credits if used.
Do not edit or redistribute to other sites without my permission

Omg... Rofl. I just tested this guy in one of my maps today, and the thing was facing forward! LOL!
It's fixed now, it won't look retarded if a unit equips it.


Skull Buckler Shield (Model)

Skull Buckler Shield (Model)

21:26, 18th Nov 2008 Pyritie: <Insert generic approval message here>




21:26, 18th Nov 2008
Pyritie: <Insert generic approval message here>
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Sep 29, 2008
ytf is potato a keyword?

Because you can cook potatoes on it!:grin: I hope you like you taters with imprints of skulls in em.

one year since I posted.. have I been on hive for THAT long? saddens me that I wasn't as active back then.
T, I must applaud you for doubly stating my answer to potatoes, even if I blankstared out of "did he really just do that?"-ness.
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Oct 27, 2004
W00T! First comment and Download. :razz: Its pretty neat looking Lord_T.

Thanks, as usual, Zerox. ^^

HAI your lazors worked very well in making this GJ T! ;D

I been training under Dr.Octagonapus Lately :D

Wooot? no texture anims?
shame on you!
lol looks pretty.

It is not PRETTY! It's manly. and grrsome. thx!

Seems fine, and rather low polies.
Anyways, keep it up Lord.

I was going for that really simple look. easily massable Thanks!

simple but good and useful

Thank you, sir, that's what I was shooting for

Plain and rather simple, but useful. Good job.


Thank you very much. Yeah, it's meant to be simple. its a nub shield :D

es muy bueno :)

Gracis, mi amigo

I really like this, reminds me that WC3 icon "BTNSkullShield" or something.


That's what it's based off :D

It reminds me of Diablo, how the bucklers look exactly like this, great model for an rpg

yeah, it does kinda look like them, doesnt it.. I'm glad you think so! Thanks!

I really like it man.... it's simple but... I like it 5/5 keep going

Thank you very much!

ytf is potato a keyword?

See below post. ^^

Because you can cook potatoes on it!:grin: I hope you like you taters with imprints of skulls in em.

^ thank you sir.