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Bronze Buckler

Bronze Buckler
A round shield made out of bronze.

Attach "Bronze Buckler" to "left hand" of the Villager Man model.
Attach "Bronze Buckler - Main Hand" to "right hand" of the Villager Man model.
Has death animations!
v1.1 [26.8.2015] - Added a right hand version and fixed a minor clipping issue when using the bronze bracers.
v1.0 [23.8.2015] - Uploaded

Please do not edit or post any of my models on other sites without my permission! You are however free to resize and rotate the models in order to fit them to your units.
Enjoy and give me credits for my work!

Shield, Buckler, Targe, Bronze, Tin, Copper, Starter, Beginner, Basic, Weak, Brass, Set, 1h, Armour, Armor, Offhand

Bronze Buckler (Model)

Bronze Buckler (Model)

11:27, 2nd Dec 2015 Misha: coolio, they work and look nice ingame