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Lizard Gaiden v1.1

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
Lizard Gaiden
By Tickles

This map was made for Mini-Mapping Contest #10.

Type: Survival
Goal: Survive 45 waves and collect as much karma as possible.
Max Players: One (Singleplayer)
Reptu Tokage, the last living heir of the Tokage heritage, has been given the task to protect the Chameleon Blade, a powerful blade with the ability to merge souls from the creatures slain by it. An enemy clan has located an ancient dragon egg on which they wish to use the blade to merge and evolve into a creature that can travel between dimensions.


  • Fast-paced combat using charges, combos, and enemy attacks that can be dodged through movement
  • Grayscale environment to emphasize the colors of blood and powerups
  • Skills that are acquired and ranked up in various, unique methods
  • Destructible terrain styled to blend with the grayscale environment
  • Variety of enemies with different traits and abilities
  • Exploding corpses and splattering blood from attacks for a true hack & slash experience
  • Difficulty scales each wave with new enemies and old enemy types becoming stronger





Version 1.0 Teaser Video (Slightly Outdated)
Version 1.1 Short Playthrough

Change Log
  • Allies now have banners distinguishing them from enemies
  • Players now start with a Gecko of Rebirth (one free revival)
  • Version number is now shown on loading screen
  • Increased damage range of Frilled Shuriken to have a chance to deal more damage
  • Shingleback Shell is now acquired properly
  • Salamander Slam no longer stops Iguanodon Impulse from being used
  • Draco Lance no longer causes enemies to lose Reptu as a target
  • Added a new ability: Tuatara Taunt
  • Scrolls and certain abilities now rank up from usage
  • Lighting and other environmental effects are restored when loading a save (sound pitches are still not restored)
  • Minor interface changes & additions (custom cursor, button backgrounds, etc.)
  • Acquired karma is displayed on victory and defeat; wave reached is displayed on defeat
  • Quests are no longer cloned when choosing to train
  • HP now gradually regenerates up to 25% when it falls below

Lizard Gaiden v1.0
My submission for Mini-Mapping Contest #10

Resource Credits

RWolf Upgrade
Ursa Brawler
Lava Fall

Lizardman Assassin
Lizardman Juggernaut
Lizardman Shaman
Lizardman Archer
Hero Lizard Witch

Brown Balverine
Black Balverine

Garden Fence

Island Cliff
Island Rocks

Varsaigen the Stormlord


Oak Trees
Birch Trees

Emerald Blade

Fantasy Environment Cave


RPG Barrel


Grass Animated

Animated Flower
Animated Cattail
Animated Aquatic Plant

Water Plane

Wind Egg

Circle Buffs

Fire Lotus

Pandaren Building

FirePit FX

Ultimate Explosion Ground

Undead Banner

TC Ribbon

White Chakra Explosion

Taira Komori:
Swishing (wav)

The Harpist's Lament (mp3)

Mist of Battle (mp3)

Derek & Brandon Fiechter:
Feudal Castle (mp3)

From Ashes to New:
My Fight (mp3) [Teaser Video Only]

Lizard, Gaiden, Lizard Gaiden, Ninja, Shuriken, Sword, Survival, Dragon, Egg, Enemy, Clan, Gray, Grayscale, Blood, Guts

Lizard Gaiden v1.1 (Map)

20:02, 6th Apr 2015 Orcnet: This is spectacular, somehow my guts tells me is this near Ninja Gaiden? lol anyways this is quite the nice single player map I played, the entire map is tinted while showing red blood from killing and killed...




20:02, 6th Apr 2015


This is spectacular, somehow my guts tells me is this near Ninja Gaiden? lol anyways this is quite the nice single player map I played, the entire map is tinted while showing red blood from killing and killed enemies that gives off a focus SFX to the game which is awesome. I like how the attack commands and the hero movement is smooth and no much problematic in regards of how to control a custom game, hence it is probably fast to understand due to its single player value.

The Terrain gives off a wonderful view while the map is in the shades of grey that I may not see it properly, but since its for the theme of the game heck it really gives a nice shot.

The controllable Cinematics is quite the unique idea of system management for the entire game, since nowadays players would directly just skip the memo and straight into the fight, this is the system was made for. The character movements, and visual look are quite ninja hehe, so to say this is a very fun map to play.

Overall, this map is accepted for recommendation and a must for single player maps.
Level 6
Oct 31, 2014
Looks awesome. I don't like hack and slash but just estethically beautiful.
B&W lover here.
Level 32
Oct 26, 2014
I don't know how I could miss that. This map looks stylish and is quite fun to play. It's always good to know that someone's using my stuff.

The only problem is that dark units on dark terrain are barely distinguishable. My thought is that you could brighten them, or use saturated team colors in addition to colored blood. That would make them more visible and still won't ruin the b&w style.

Congrats on your 1st place btw.
Level 4
Sep 13, 2011

Lizard Gaiden v1.1 review

An astonishing take on the hack and slash concept with unique graphics.


I can't say a lot because usually I suggest improvements.

Yes, the terrain looks perfect, it would do so even if it was in the boring bright colours. Everything fits, animated trees are beautiful much as the cliffs, buildings and unit models.

The black and white thing is surely a breathtaking graphical theme, with nothing but the red blood shining through the gray. Someone already mentioned that it can be sometimes a little uncomfortable for the player to distinguish the dark figures in the dark environment and that's probably the only thing I'm gonna count as a bad thing. It's not that much of a problem of course, just sometimes a little bit like reading a book with a lamp and feeling the lamp could be a little brighter. However, be sure I love it!

The music only adds to the atmosphere, nice choices!

Beautiful, unique design

Nearly flawless


One might think it ends with the design but there a lot of work in the game system as well! Most of Warcraft III hack'n'slash attempts are clumsy, it's not actually pleasant to slash the enemies... And that's the point of the game...

In this case it works. Really a nice job, it has the hack'n'slash feel, there are various abilities and combos the player can get during the game and all of them are cool. It might not be as fluent and comfortable as in the stand alone games of this kind but still one of the best if not the best one made for Warcraft III. There's this whole new HP/ENERGY system that works well and looks good. Scrolls, orbs... those add to the experience as well.

And also the cinematic: the system and design concept is something worth a whole RPG! It's nothing new in general but it simply looks good and works good. Nothing neglected.

Almost. There was a bug when I got to the wave 11: the enemies were just running around and didn't attack me. So I loaded the game and everything was very very dark, sort of reddish. I couldn't see almost anything and couldn't continue. So I hope you'll consider fixing it up.

Polished fight system, amazing game

Some bugs appeared



The rating felt pretty obvious. Really an amazing map.

Level 28
Nov 12, 2007
Awesome map! I really enjoyed the fact that it is a very unique visual experience within WarIII, plus it is a very fun game to beat, the combat was entertaining and smooth. So to make it short, everything you planned was executed darn well. And your plan was good he he he. 5/5.

Great job on this one, Tickles! Keep the good work :D
Level 1
Oct 16, 2015
Definately a unique map but i wont praise it that much.... The black and white is cool but you cant distinguish unites properly, it makes the game visually frustating.
Tha gameplay isnt great either, right clicking all the time in order to perfrom an action is frustrating too. We could simply execute the actions towards the direction we are facing.