Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.41b

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Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.41b is the successor and sequel to the original 'Life of a Dragon' map, both created by me: Christopher10. It is a Multiplayer RP Map focused on living your life as a Dragon in a vast, dangerous fantasy world of Kayla. Not only can you live your life as a dragon, but you can also live out other lives revolving around the presence of dragons in the world. Dragon Slayer... Dragon Knight... Kayla Kingdom... Lakor Empire... There is no end to this ever-updating map on what new feature will arrive to further develop this world of Dragons.

Many years prior, Life of a Dragon Sequel had been abandoned by me. This version 1.1 was riddled in bugs, glitches, exploits, and other nasty messes. But despite all that, many fans gathered together to keep the map alive in the roleplay community on Inspired by the community, I had returned and given Life of a Dragon Sequel a much-needed rehash of all its code and content, thus began version 2.0... And it continues to this day.

I've have given Life of a Dragon Sequel an upgrade likened to an Expansion Pack. Including numerous Changes, Additions, Tweaks, Alterations, Balances, Fixes, Content, and much, much more!

Life of a Dragon Sequel is a Roleplaying Map, featuring numerous positions.

It is continuously updating!

REQUIRED: You need version 1.30.1+ of Warcraft 3 to play this map!
REFORGED NOTE: This map has been thoroughly tested on Warcraft Reforged Classic! It works perfectly fine on Reforged Classic!

Life of a Dragon Sequel features many different heroes, stories, and roleplaying possibilities. It is best played with friends or online but can be played in a singleplayer atmosphere. Each different slot represents a different playstyle in the game. Not only that, but some slots can switch their playstyles entirely with special secrets that change their characters.

  • Dragons: The Chosen Dragons (Dragon Players) are unique heroes with the potential to outrival any regular dragon. They start as non-elemental hatchlings and can grow at certain level intervals into higher stages. At a certain stage, they can seek out and become a different colored dragon, each color having its own unique abilities and differing playstyles. However, as a Dragon, you will meet certain demise if you are killed, as you only have 1 free resurrection before facing death... Forever.
  • Dragon Slayer: Your atypical hero, don't let the name fool you, the Dragon Slayer is more of a monster hunter than anything else. You are a powerful human hero, male or female, that can upgrade your unique equipment and have the potential to destroy powerful beasts that threaten the world.
  • Dragon Catcher: A hero unique to Kayla, the Dragon Catcher, male or female, has the capabilities to capture Dragon Players and place them into an enchanted cage. Like the Dragon Slayer, you can become powerful and upgrade your equipment.
  • Kayla Kingdom: You are the Kayla Kingdom, a vast human nation that controls much of the land. With the recent peace treaty having expired, what occurs in the land, whether for good or evil, is woefully up to your decision. Your character, Prince of Princess, has their own unique abilities to help you fight off dangerous creatures... Or perhaps... Dragons.
  • Lakor Empire: A recent addition from another world, the Lakor Empire is a group of strange, red-skinned orcs that seek shelter after their homeworld was destroyed. The fate of Kayla rests in your choices on whether you will seek peace or war, neutrality or genocide. The Lakor Empire is a small, scattered bases with limited resources by powerful warriors.
  • Mercenary: Unlike any other character, the Mercenary has the different options of multiple races and heroes, or villains, of many genders. Each having their own abilities. However, once a character dies, they cannot be resurrected. You will be brought back to the choice selection to choose a new hero to begin anew, but don't worry, all levels transfer between heroes if they do die.
Other features include:
  1. Town Capturing
  2. Dragon Mating System
  3. Dungeons
  4. RPG Mechanics and Commands
  5. Crafting
  6. 9 Dragon colors to Choose + 11 Secret Ones
  7. Natural Abilities and Skills
  8. Unique Main Story Route with individual storylines for every slot.
  9. Original Lore
  10. Religion Choices and Questlines

Special Thanks:

  • Clan TKG
  • The_Archdemon
  • Grey Knight
  • Hiveworkshop in General
  • ChaosRealm
  • My Testers!

-Greatly corrected numerous grammar issues.
-Removed Tears of War and Dearly Beloved Music.
-Increase quality of main music greatly.
-Edited F9.
-Rewrote numerous descriptions and also Loading Screen.
-Respawn Creeps now have Item Drop Chances.
-Increased Variety of Creeps in Biomes.
-Maker Items now drop on death.
-Multiple Item Fixes and Reworded Descriptions
-New Creeps
-Hydras Buffed and no longer spawn smaller ones.
-Changes to Hydra Level Limit, now 18 required.
-New Custom Common Items.
-New Mini-Bosses.
-Fixed UndeadGrandmother Entrance.
-Dragon Yellow's Ally System Fixed.
-Marion Cinimatic Fixed.
-Spell Immunity Necklace replaced with Spell Amulet.
-Burning City New Event and Redecorated.
-Minor Terrain Improvements
-Elemental Orbs Fixed.
-Boss Text and Taunts Improved.
-Mercenary Secret Choice Revive Fixed.
-Night Visibilty Increased.
-Add Friendship's Bond Vision Item.
-Item Life Steal Reduced to 15% from 25%.
-Vampiric Aura reduced to 10, 20, 30% decreased by 15%. Also only affects Self, No Aura.
-Fixed Purple Dragon I Female to I Male issue.
-Nerfed Blue Dragon Frost Slowed on Heroes.
-Fixed Honor or Death where the Damage Increase didn't function on use. Also nerfed.
-Green Dragons Spells recieve much needed Buff and Additional Levels.
-Critical Strike Nerfed.
-Fell Hero Wind Walk ability removed and replaced.
-Food Limit Increased and Caps Altered.
-Terrain Improvements.
-Patched Cave Health Exploit.
-Wolves and Golems now Respawn.
-Female Villager reverted to WC3 model to lower File Size.
-New Item Icons added for Custom Items.
-New Custom Artifact and Legendary Items.
-Some new Item abilities for forementioned Items.
-Intro Cinematic Changed and Altered.
-Intro Cinematic now Skippable by Player Red.
-Completely Fixed Yes (Color) issue. Now instantly grants color.
-Fixed Issues where other Dragon Players can issue Yes (Color) for another dragon player.
-Changed Non-Elemental Dragonet Inventory Slot(s) to 1.
-Many Hero Spell Descriptions Corrected.
-Fixed a few hero spell effects/buffs.
-Undead Grandmother Loot Table Revamped
-Elemental Orbs can no longer be sold/stored in box.
-Chosen Dragons below level 11 (Dragonet) can no longer accidentally make Grey as a enemy.
-Revived Dragons are re-allied to Grey.
-Buffed/Nerfed Human Kingdom Units
-Kingdom unit 'Captain' food set to 1, reduced gold cost.
-Kingdom unit 'Footman' train time reduced.
-Kingdom Unit 'Emissary' Custom Upgrade + Spells Changed.
-Rewrote necessary Human Kingdom descriptions.
-Buffed/Nerfed Fell Empire Unit
-Fixed Fell Empire 'Warlock'.
-Fixed Kodo Tower 'Double Attack'.
-Fixed level 3-5 of Fell Blood Regen Upgrade.
-Fixed some Fell units not achieving Fell Blood Regen Upgrade.
-Reduced Fell Empire training time of most units.
-Leavers' heroes now drops items on death except for speciality items.
-Stored Items of Leaving Dragon dropped outside their cave or position of last 'living' cave.
-Camera Reset Command added.
-Reworded Dragon Upgrades and Repositioned.
-Mercenary Sorceress spells fixed and altered.
-Mercenary Sorceress Spells Max Levels increased.
-Mercenary Sorceress Mana Shield replaced with 'Arcane Dust' spell.
-Grey Dragon Units buffed.
-Grey Young Adult Units gained new abilities.
-Dragon children can now grow to Full Adult
-Full Adult Dragon Units added.
-Full Adult Dragons added to nests without Leaders.
-Young Adult Unit Dragons now 'hover' like rest of flying units.
-Buffed Dragon's Elven Allies
-Fixed Burning Town Intial Triggering
-Completely Revamped Ally System.
-Fixed Quests and Added new ones.
-Quests now display ! marks when giving.
-First Dragon Quests enhanced.
-Correct Dragon Catcher 'Capture Dragon' Description
-Flight Path Flight Choice Area altered slightly.
-Events Added
-Cave Foundation Upgrade added.
-Caves now 'walkable through'
-Blue Dragon spells buffed.
-Black Dragon spells slightly altered.
-Black Dragon 'Earthquake' Ultimate replaced with 'Rock Haven' Custom Ultimate.
-Red Dragon spell descriptions fixed up.
-Nether Dragon Akashan Aura spell level increased.
-Dragon Catcher Frost Arrows nerfed.
-Dragon Slayer Damage Aura fixed and slightly nerfed.
-Dragon Slayer Shadow Strike increased level max.
-Respawn Regions for Creeps Fixed
-Buffed Mini-Boss
-Fixed Bella Quest
-Fixed Merc Assassin Quest
-Placed Small Store in Snow Town
-Increased Dragon Slayer Shadow Strike Level Max
-Main Upgrades for Kingdom and Fell Empire now have 5 Total Upgrades instead of default 3.
-Improved some Kingdom Areas
-New Mercenary Choices
-New Kingdom Secret
-Changed Human Archers which drastically lowered file size (yay!)
-Attribute Abilities descriptions fixed up.
-Fast, Very Fast duration increased.
-Magic What? Duration Decreased, Cooldown Increased, and now reduces all Magic Damage by 50% when activated.
-Bulky Bulk Life Regeneration minorly buffed.
-Fixed Terrain Choices in Dragon Caves.
-Revamped Chosen Dragon Resurrection Triggers.
-Undead Grandmother Boss no longer freely resurrects Chosen Dragon Players.
-Tree Bridge permantaly destroyed on Green Dragons death.
-Weapon Upgrade Price Reduced
-All Custom Shops have been altered.
-Shop added to Snowfall Town
-Fixed Friendship Vision
-Added Shadowsight Wand (2 Charges, Vision, works only on Units both Enemy and Friendship)
-Dragon Rider Secret Fixed
-Units from Tavern Stats get Altered, Price dropped, Food dropped.
-Arcantis City gets Makeover
-Arcantis City now has Scrolls Shop
-Old Ruins gets Makeover
-Dragonets can no longer blink into Dragon Slayer/Catcher Secret Areas
-The Dragon Repick exploit as been removed.
-Dragon Rider Egg now indestructible
-Fixed a Terrain Glitch
-Mercenary Orc Exile Damage Nerfed
-Mercenary Orc Exile Tough Skin ability nerfed
-Replaced Catcher Holy Light with Rejuvenating Light Based off Rejuvenation
-Elven Raids Event added
-Elves Buffed
-Hippogryph Riders now targetable as Ground instead of Air
-Sacrifices now has Limits
-Red Dragons' Firebolt Spell Nerfed
-Nether Dragon Rain of Chaos Nerfed
-Nether Dragon Spell Descriptions Fixed
-Purple Dragons no longer immune to spells, instead have high magic resistance.
-Castle Model changed to provide file space.
-Sea Area Altered
-Nerfed, Altered, and changed Kingdom Hero(es).
-Some Weather Effects Altered
-Dragon Shop added to Red Dragon Nest
-Kingdom now has Gender Option for Hero
-Capturing of Towns now affects Ship Travel.
-Music Commands Shifted, Changed, and Fixed
-Crossroads changed to Farmer's Cross
-Altered Portal Mountains terrain slightly.
-Fixed up Dragon Knight (Dragon Form) Hovering
-Nerfed Dragon Knight (Dragon Form) Damage
-Nerfed Dragon Knight (Secret)
-Added New Bosses
-Altered Arcane Tower
-Polarvale changed up.
-Fixed up Dragon Knight secret
-Fixed 'Battle Tower' item not being created.
-More Terrain Changes
-Library added.
-Natural Bridge added between Desert and Red Forest
-Fixed leak concerning Ores
-Altered Ores slightly
-Added Craftable Items
-Added Forge in Desert City
-Altered Steel Ingot Location
-Ores Respawn Slower
-Ores now Stack
-Altered Diamond Spawning Location(s)
-Added Basic Crafting System
-Demon King Event Fixed
-Lore Shelf Added
-Lore Books Added
-Tavern Shops have items
-Silver Dragon Secret Reworked
-Exp On/Off Command Added (For Individual Players)
-Some Human Kingdom Unit Alterations
-Bronze Spells Altered Slightly
-Princess (Unit) Fixed Up.
-Fel Empire Gains New Building
-Fel Empire Gains New Unit
-Fel Empire Descriptions Fixed
-Fel Empire Generators can be rebuilt if destroyed

-Fixed Unally Orange Command
-Fixed Dragon Storage destroyed on Leaving
-Changed Creeps can no longer enter Dragon Nests
-Fixed Erisdar and Lupita Oasis Issue
-Fixed Black Dragon Choice (Female Agility)
-Fixed some more Misspelling
-Fixed Full Adult Rogue Dragon Chance Event
-Altered Bronze Dragon Choice Spells
-Changed Gauntlets of the Maker Store Time Increased
-Changed Gauntlets of the Maker's Stun DMG bonus removed
-Fixed Fiery Heart item Flame Strike ability
-Fixed Slow Spell for Units and Heroes
-Nerfed RPGOD slightly
-Nerfed Emissary Rain of Fire
-Nerfed Footman Defense upgrade bonus
-Altered Fel Empire Rebel Base Chance Event
-Altered Erisdar Summon Spell Increased Level
-Buffed Erisdar
-Fixed Erisdar/Lupita Oasis Issue
-Fixed Upgrade Weapon Text
-Fixed Dragonet Mana Shield Misplaced Effect Issue
-Fixed Ship Travel Enable/Disable Switched Issue
-Fixed Ship Travel Fatal Error Issue
-Changed Way of Destroying Dragon Egg for Secret
-Fixed Fel Warlock Caster Art
-Added Staff Upgrades for Fel Empire
-Added War Center for Fel Empire
-Altered Bella's Quest
-Fixed Kingdom/Empire Starting Text
-Fixed Polarvale Boss Triggering
-Added Skeletal Dragon Nest
-Changed a Terrain Area
-Added Skeletal Dragonet (Unit)
-Added Skeletal Young Adult (Unit)
-Added Skeletal Full Adult (Unit)
-Fixed all target 'Air' to Ground
-Added New Dragon Choice! Skeletal (Wild/Spiritual) Dragon!
-Added Skeletal Dragonet (Hero)
-Added Skeletal Young Adult Dragon (Hero)
-Added Skeletal Full Adult Dragon (Hero)
-Added Skeletal Wyrm Dragon (Hero)
-Fixed Full Adult Bronze Dragons Size (Hero)
-Added "-What's New?" Command
-Nerfed Blue Dragon Starfall
-Fixed 'Can't Devour Target'
-Fixed some Text
-Fixed Frost Nova for Secret
-Fixed Dragon Orb Quests
-Fixed Artifacts Icons
-Nerfed Gauntlet's Stun to 2%
-Changed Removed Gauntlet's hidden 20+ Damage bonus.
-Added Crimson Forest Biome
-Added Crimson Forest... Stuff... Hehehe...
-Fixed Wolves Respawn
-New Wolf Creep in Elven Forest Biome
-Fixed Silence
-Nerfed Wildkin Item Drop Table
-Nerfed Wildkin Claws
-Added new cave decor
-Fixed 10th Legionnaire EXP Gain Amt
-Rebalanced all Kingdom and Empire Unit EXP
-Fixed Egg Sounds
-Changed Dragon Caves/Lairs are now ground-pathable.
-Added Dungeon + New Boss
-Erisdar Summoning Level 5 Fixed
-Nerfed Wyrm Growth for all Dragons
-Fixed Purple FA Growth Damage Increase
-Fixed Map Maker Movement in Cinematic
-Fixed Repeating Corrupted Dragon Knights Events

-Altered Enchanted Cavern Spawning System
-Fixed All-Map Crimson Being Sounds
-Altered Enchanted Cavern Creep EXP Gain
-Altered Creep Frost Effects
-Altered Game Time Length
-Altered Furblog Spawning System
-Altered All Creep Sight/Aggro Range
-Nerfed Churches and Healing Hays
-Removed Disenchant
-Buffed Hydra EXP recieved
-Added Natural Abilities
-Fixed Crimson Woods Worker Turning
-Changed Dragons now retain Attribute Abilities
-Fixed Bronze Quest
-Changed Arcane Cores locations
-Changed All Entrance/Exit now Camera Pan heroes
-Changed Library Location
-Altered Paladin Spell Heal to Holy Light
-Altered some minor terrain changes.
-Added Tauren Spiritwalker has new spells
-Added Trolls have new spells
-Added Furblogs have a new spell.
-Added a free worker in Kingdom Capital
-Added Royal Towers around Kingdom Castle
-Altered Blue Dragon Nest, now refurbished!
-Changed Terrain of Northern Mountains
-Changed Terrain of Greenleaf Forest
-Changed Terrain of Orangebark Forest
-Added Greenleaf Dungeon
-Added Orangebark Dungeon
-Added new Northeasten Valley Biome
-Fixed Oasis Level Prevention
-Fixed Poison Sting Description
-Added New Mammoth Creep
-Added New Wildkin Creep
-Added New Ogre Creep (Dungeon)
-Added New Spider Creep (Dungeon)
-Added New Ogre Mini-Boss (Dungeon)
-Added New Spider Mini-Boss (Dungeon)
-Added New Sea Elemental Mini-Boss (Dungeon)
-Fixed Mercenary Equipment Upgrade for Secret Hero
-Fixed Mercenary Secret Hero Special Effect Bug
-Fixed RPGOD Boss Special Effect Memory Leak
-Altered Music Volume from 95% to 85%
-Fixed Prince/Princess Spell Slot Positions
-Added Camera command
-Fixed Nether Male S Young Adult Hieght
-Fixed Choosing Dragon color now carrys over item(s).
-Changed Dragon Growth Systems updated, better previous stats carry over.
-Added new Old Ruins Creep
-Added Fearie Dragon Transporter for Black Dragons
-Altered Arcane Vaults Items and Invulnerable Gained
-Added/Changed Newly Expanded Desert City
-Added Magic Vault to Desert City
-Fixed Non-Dragons being able to capture Princessess
-Fixed Fel Generator turning into Rubble for Creep
-Changed Fel Lancer Model with Higher Quality/Lower Size one
-Added Ten New Food Items
-Added New Ability to Non-Elemental Dragons
-Altered Fall Forest Road Terrain
-Altered Enchanted Cave Terrain and Decoration
-Fixed Dragon Slayer Spell Slots Appereance
-Fixed Catcher's Cold Arrows, Replaced with Frost Arrows.
-Fixed Fel King Spell Slots
-Fixed Fel King Summon Fel Beast spelling
-Altered Upgrade Tiers for Fel Empire
-Altered Fel Demolisher Cost
-Altered Fel Catapult Food Cost and Damage
-Increased Tax Timer from 35 to 60 seconds.
-Removed 100G Tax from Castle.
-Fixed issue where Kingdom still gets taxes from dead civilians.
-Fixed a few integer variable settings.
-Altered Kingdom Capital Terrain
-Altered Orangeleaf Village Terrain
-Added New Bag Drop Loot Table
-Fixed Queen of Suffering Charm Exploit
-Fixed Queen of Suffering 'Lvl' Requirement Trigger effect
-Changed some Tier Requirements for Kingdom and Empire to apply for any Charmed Workers via Chosen Purple Dragons.
-Changed Dragon (Unit) Upgrades to level 5.
-Changed Princess Spells, Removed Thunderclap and Bash. Replaced with Denotation and Exhaust Aura.
-Altered Sleep (Princess) spell, nerfed when affecting Heroes.
-Altered Sleep (Princess), cooldown increased from 30 to 50.
-Fixed Reincarnation Description
-Fixed Slayer Starting Stats
-Fixed Fel King Starting Stats
-Buffed Royal Caretaker
-Fixed Kingdom Princess Hero's formation rank.
-Fixed Arcane Sanctum not having Emissary Training Upgrade
-Changed Gender Choice Area a bit.
-Added Cloth Armor Upgrade for Kingdom
-Added Hide Armor Upgrades for Fel Empire
-Added Altar Command for Catcher and Slayer
-Added New Fel Empire Building: Exile Hut
-Added New Empire Units for Exile Hut
-Changed Max Level of Healing Spray 3 to 5.
-Changed some Tree Type Health
-Fixed Crimson Woods Worker Madness
-Fixed east Kingdom Gate
-Fixed Kingdom Gates Auto-Close
-Added Archives Store in Dragon Knight Area
-Added Archives Lore Books
-Fixed Double Xaria Amulet Drop
-Fixed Nether and Void Mage Silence Share
-Fixed Steel to Arcanite Wing Guards Craft
-Added New Secret Dragon
-Added Acid Mushroom Enviroment
-Added Acid Treants Creep
-Altered Greenleaf Forest a bit more.
-Fixed Dragon Rider Destroy Egg Command
-Fixed Bronze Mate Ability
-Buffed Abilities, Stats, and Strength of Dragon Nest Leaders
-Changed Elven Forest Rain Effects
-Added Light Rain to Greenleaf Forest
-Changed Mother Green elevated terrain to match rest of terrain.
-Altered all Gold Mine amounts
-Altered starting Tech Center to Tech Building
-Fixed Shadow Knight Ability Levels
-Altered Shadow Knight to have Attribute Bonus
-Fixed Summon Animal Companion Icon Placement
-Fixed Battle Tower dropping to ground for Dragon Knight
-Buffed Dragon Apprentices
-Added new Battle Tower Upgrades
-Changed Battle Tower Items Sold
-Buffed Battle Tower slightly
-Changed Battle Tower size
-Fixed Battle Tower Armor Upgrade
-Altered Slayer and Catcher Stat Growth
-Fixed Slayer Selection Scale
-Fixed Slayer Shadow
-Fixed Fel Orc Lancer model
-Fixed Tree of Ages model
-Added Night Elf shipyard
-Added Tier Tech Upgrade for Empire
-Nerfed Honor or Death
-Nerfed Mammoth stun
-Altered Obsidian Crabs Level Stat
-Buffed Maxos
-Altered Winterfall and Polarvale Terrain a bit more
-Nerfed Undead Grandmother Dragon
-Remastered bits of Fall Forest
-Changed Bandits to Custom Brigand Units
-Fixed Bandits attacking level 4 below players.
-Fixed all Dragon Rider Text
-Fixed Text Saying you must pick up to destroy
-Fixed Dragon Egg not being destroyed when 'destroyed'
-Fixed Slayer Master Sword Text
-Fixed up Repick for Chosen Dragons.
-Fixed Fel Empire Beastiery
-Fixed Fel Empire Lancers
-Changed Fel Lancer model.
-Fixed Fel Empire Tech Tiers
-Fixed Void Mage Ultimate Not being able to target Allies
-Added Fel Berserkers to Veteran Totem
-Fixed Shield of Draco Fire Damage
-Fixed Nea-Kasah Artifact Dissapearance
-Added Partial Main Story Route

-Fixed Fel Portal Gate
-Fixed Gender Selection Error duing Main Story Route
-Altered Hex ability's duration and max creep level.
-Fixed and Altered Bazil's Mana Shield
-Buffed slightly Purple Dragon's Mana Shield
-Fixed Purple Dragon's Mana Shield description
-Fixed Altars Item dissapearing
-Made Altar Items unpickable by players other than Orange and Green.
-Fixed the Oasis healing Lizard during Lightning Orb Quest.
-Buffed Acid Rain slightly.
-Changed Collision Size of Dragon Eggs
-Fixed Tower creeps seeing through walls
-Added new Mercenary Choosing Area
-Added upcoming Mercenary hero placeholders
-Changed Secret Mercenary Location
-Fixed Mercenary Secret Hero
-Changed/Altered Merc Secret Hero Abilities
-Added Skills to Merc Secret Hero
-Nerfed all Creep Level Exp
-Buffed some Creeps
-Added differing levels of Magic Resistance to Creeps level 11+
-Fixed Latent Footman not turning into Shadow Knight if leveled past 15.
-Slayer Secret now requires level 15
-Removed Hurl Boulder from Rock Golems
-Added Dragon Upgrades to Leader Dragon
-Added Mana to all Dragonet Units
-Added Spells to all Dragonet Units
-Changed Red Dragonet Firebolt to weaker varient
-Nerfed Princess Unit Healing Aura
-Nerfed Tavern Units
-Changed Cannon Towers back to Siege Damage
-Limited Slayer Secret Obtainablity, requires level 15.
-Fixed Kingdom's First Main Story Quest
-Removed Mercenary Shadow Dragon Secret for time being.
-Fixed some Player Detection
-Fixed Camera 3000 and 500 text
-Fixed some misplaced rocks in Portal Mountain (Fel Base)
-Changed Ogre Creep Limit
-Changed Wildkin Creep Limit
-Changed Wildkin Creep Respawn Rate
-Fixed Tauren Spawning on Cliffs
-Fixed Wolves being Stuck
-Fixed Acidic Treants being kited out of their biome
-Fixed Wildkin spawning on cliffs.
-Changed gave Ankh to a Mercenary Secret Hero
-Fixed Pink/Light Blue killing own units for gold
-Fixed Brigand Ambushes while previous Ambush lives
-Altered Catcher Starting Area exit terrain slightly
-Altered Dragon Cage
-Fixed Level 3 Catch Ability not capturing below level 600 hp.
-Changed Capture Dragon to also be able to target allies
-Nerfed Young Adult Maxos
-Changed Moonshine Grove (Previously Elven Forest)'s terrain near-completely!
-Changed max levels for Trueshot Aura from 3 to 5, altered stats of said aura.
-Added New Dungeon, Wolf's Den (Level 8+)
-Fixed Siphon Energy description for level 4 and 5
-Fixed Arcane Dust description for damage reduction effect
-Changed Arcane Dust level skip requirement
-Altered slightly an increase to mana drain for Siphon Energy
-Fixed Wildkin Gold Triggers
-Fixed Wolves Gold Triggers
-Fixed some Mercenary Heroes ability descriptions

*Fixed some spell descriptions
*Fixed Brigand Sword duping
*Buffed all Altars Health
*Nerfed Cripple
*Buffed Firelord boss
*Added Chimaera Dragons
*Added 6 new Secret Dragons
*Added 4 new secret heroes for both Catcher and Slayer
*Added 3 new mercenary heroes
*Added Male and Female Choice for Catcher and Slayer
*Fixed (FOR SURE) the Fel Orc/Captain Quest
*Fixed Repick Exploit
*Fixed Lokir Spawning in Cave
*Removed Staff of Reanimation
*Fixed Personal Altar not being able to be picked up.
*Nerfed Devour
*Buffed Firebolt for Red Dragon heroes
*Enchanced Divine Shield for Red Dragon heroes to five levels
*Increased Endurance Aura levels from 3 to 4
*Fixed Bronze Quest retriggering
*Fixed Dragon Knight's name and ability changes
*Rebalanced Dragon Knight stats
*Fixed up Dragon Knight Dragon Form
*Increased Battle Tower food limit
*Fixed Secret Merc Transformation's loss of Skills
*Fixed Slayer Secret, Dragon mode merc skills to slayer skills
*Added some new terrain in Kayla's Red Forest
*Removed Mask of Death from Giant Solid Stone Golem drop list.
*Changed Dragonet Heroes shadows to flyer shadows.
*Main Story Route now correctly disables story-conflicting events.
*Fixed looped event unit drops.
*Changed Firelord Gauntlet drops to now have a % rate.
*Removed Barrage
*Added Splash Damage to Siege Tanks and fixed description.
*Replaced Fel Orc Lancer Chaos Damage with Pierce
*Changed Non-elemental Dragonets' inventory slots from 1 to 2.
*Completed Water Dragon spells and finished its heroes.
*Fixed Trigger Conflict of Items not carrying over when choosing color
*Non-Elemental Dragon's items in slot 2 now also carry over.
*Nerfed Fel Lancers Death Coil ability drastically
*Decreased max Fel Lancer mana amount
*Increased Wildkin Spawn Timers
*Decreased Number of Units in each Wildkin Area Spawn Limit
*Fixed up Red Forest, adding some new terrain
*Changed a little the Old Ruins
*Rebalanced Catcher's Rejuvenating Light
*Fixed Skeletal having Mating Buff
*Changed all Hero Spell Level Requirements and Skips
*Fixed up Crimson Beings mana
*Fixed One-Time Revive item description
*Fixed Item Cooldown Timers
*Fixed Poison Orb Dragonet Quest Ending
*All Food items have been changed.
*Fruit, Cheese, and Meat have changed shop timers.
*Fixed Non-Element Dragonet Exploit to leave cave earlier.
*Fixed Marion Cinematic Conflict on Main Story Route.
*Added Zero Route Button
*Fixed Orbs dropping from killing completed dragon quest leaders.
*Revamped all Dragon Color Triggers, allowing items to carry over and making it easier to change or add future dragon choices.
*Dragon Rider and Knight can now use Flight Points
*Fixed Wildkin Item Table, nothing dropping for Energy-Influenced Wildkin
*Fixed some more spell descriptions
*Nerfed Meat, Cheese, and Fruit Charges
*Changed Slayer and Catcher starting equipment
*Changed Item Stores for many different shops.
*Added Juvenile Stage for Non-Secret Dragons (Exception for Purple Dragon)
*Fixed Silver Dragon Mate Message
*Fixed Purple Dragon (Unit Adult) requiring wood.
*Reduced Full Adult Dragon Units Gold Cost 1000 -> 700
*Fixed Charm Level Requirement
*Secret Kingdom Hero now drops items and disappears when player leaves
*Decreased Gold Research Upgrade Bonus
*Decreased all Creep Gold
*Decreased Gold Mine values
*Decreased Taxes Gold Recieve
*Changed Defense Point per Agi from 0.3 to 0.25
*Changed HP Bonus per Str from 25 to 20
*Changed Mana Bonus per Int from 15 to 10
*Changed Defense Base Value from -2 to -1 (To increase armor for starting heroes due to Defense Point Changed Above)
*Changed Killing Building no longer grants XP
*Changed most Creeps Aggro Ranges
*The 'call of help' for both Creep and Player Units decreased, this should prevent creeps from bunching up on players less often.
*Added more Craftable Items
*Fixed Dragon Ally Gray Bug
*Fixed Orb of Darkness being able to be stored in Storage
*Redid What's New? Command
*Redid F9 Material
*Revised the Unally Gray System, Works Smoother and no longer spams messages!
*If Dragonet (Chosen Dragon) attacks Gray, it no longer refers to the attacked unit as a dragon, but as an individual. (Race Neutral!)
*Added Limit to Max Kingdom and Empire Towers that can constructed.
*Changed Watch Tower upgrade from Advanced Death Tower to Tower of La'Koria. (Stronger, More Expensive.)
*Added more Tech Tree Stuff
*Rebalanced some Creeps
*Removed Abolish Magic from Troll Priest
*Added Troll Priest to Creep Respawn
*Removed Devour Magic from Fel Ravagers
*Tweaked Natural Abilities spells.
*Tweaked Magic What?
*Altered Flight Points Usage
*Fixed Marion Text showing up for non-Chosen Dragon players
*Fixed Marion Text errors
*Fixed Shadow Knight Mercenary not assigned correctly in Main Story Route.
*Fixed some Main Route cinematic text
*Fixed Main Route (Dragon) Creep Alert
*Fixed Quest 4 (Dragon, Main Route) description
*Fixed Bulky Bulk buff description
*Fixed Princess Dragon Tax Exploit
*Fixed Numerous Main Route Text
*Fixed King (Kingdom Hero) Growth disabling Kingdom Main Route Quests
*Adjusted Brigand Leader Drops
*Removed Potions from Goblin Merchant
*Added Cooldown to Healing Spray
*Fixed Mercenary Main Quest Texts
*Fixed Major Bug Exploit in Ally Gray/Grey System.
*Buffed Sorceress Monsoon Ability
*Buffed Sorceress Siphon Energy Ability
*Changed Wind Hammer to Strike Air text.
*Nerfed Strike Air, no more stun outside of a channel spell disruption.
*Changed Strike Air now has 5 levels, starting at 150 Damage and increasing by 100 per level.
*Nerfed Strike Air's mana cost. 75 to 95.
*Nerfed Wind Walk's mana cost. 75 to 115.
*Nerfed Exiled Orc Hero's Tough Skin ability. Chance to Reduce now 7% and goes up by 7% per level instead of 10% by 10% per level.
*Fixed Exiled Orc's Tough Skin Tooltips.
*Fixed up Summon Animal Companion (Elf Assassin) Learning and Tooltip descriptions.
*Buffed Fan of Knives Damage. (75 by 75 Damage Increase instead of 45 damage increase.)
*Fixed Events occurring on Gray Heroes Leveling
*Changed Ravager Event now responds to Hero Leveling to 23 instead of 25.
*Buffed Leader Dragons to all have Hardened Skin (Neutral Version)
*Fixed Gray Units Leaving Caverns
*Fixed Neutral Hostile Creep leaving Enchanted Cavern
*Changed Devour Level Limit to 16 (from 18)
*Fixed Kingdom Hero dropping Sword/Ring on Leave
*Fixed Reinforced Hero Removal on Player Leave
*Redid Timers for Dragon Rider. Shorter + Only shows for Orange
*Fixed Lost Dragonet getting stuck on bridge
*Fixed Blood Ravager event occurring twice
*Fixed Hydras and Crabs teleporting out of Beach
*Fixed Low-Level Dragonet Vision Revive bug
*Fixed Denotation spelling error
*Fixed some creep drops
*Fixed (hopefully) Rider not being able to use Flight Points
*Fixed Paladin Description
*Fixed Catcher/Slayer Kill Quest Number Counts
*Fixed Wait Text on Kingdom MQs
*Fixed Kingdom Platinum Plating spelling
*Fixed Dragon Form Names For Knights.
*Fixed Lightning Orb Quest activating while Aenthur resides in Oasis.
*Buffed Full Adult Erisdar/Saito

*Fixed Mountain Giant Passives
*Fixed Charred Restless Blood Effect spawning on other Creeps.
*Fixed Ragnarok(s) model sizes
*Fixed Dragon Rider Exploit with Female Slayer
*Fixed Mana Shield Learn Text
*Nerfed Global Jaw Turtle Respawn 80->100secs
*Fixed Main Story (Armies of False King) Tester's Dialogue.
*Fixed Fan of Knives Tooltip and Learn Text
*Fixed Church of Rejuv not being destroyed on Main Quest.
*Fixed NPC Priest not being removed on Throne of False King Main Quest.
*Fixed Repeating Kill Creeps in Oasis Text on Dragon Main Quest
*Fixed Ressurection Stone Text Spam when units enter its region.
*Fixed Main Quest Catcher where else player kills Ice Revanant
*Fixed Lion's Ring Item being easily destroyed.
*Removed a music track until issues are solved.
*Changed Castle is restored after Main Quest Completion
*Buffed Volcano Damage 200->250
*Changed Father's Blade to Royal Blade Level 1
*Changed Royal Blade now has 3 Levels.
*Changed Royal Blade can now be upgraded.
*Fixed Mercenary Upgrade Weapon Issue (at times).
*Fixed Crafting Recipe of Crystal Greatsword (Accidentally Cysgodol Blade)
*Fixed Hydra Movement Type
*Tweaked Crimson Being Respawn Trigger
*Changed Wyvern Circle of Power with Custom Circle of Power that states the Wyvern Command.
*Fixed Orb of Lightning Damage
*Changed Shadow Mage's Death Coil to Unholy Frenzy
*Fixed All Humaniod Players being unable to re-ally Gray/Grey
*Changed Shadow Command from Yes Shadow to Yes Sdw
*Changed Shadow Circle of Power with Custom Circle of Power that states Shadow Command
*Fixed Player Red Shadow Dragon not transferring out of Cysgodol on becoming it.
*Changed Shadow Dragon getting Ankh of Revival on choosing it.
*Fixed Ominous Cave item disappearing if player's hero had full inventory.
*Fixed Shadow Elemental Chunk giving 50 INT instead of 15 INT
*Added the 'Summoned' Classification to all unique summonable units by heroes, except Louise.
Includes Shadow Dragons, Elf Assassin, Rogue Mage, Gnoll Archer, Sorceress, Water Dragons, Chimaera Dragons, and Nether Dragons.
*Fixed... Finally.. The Fiery Heart and Alpha Wildkin Flame Strikes.
*Changed Utheran's Demon Form having Undead Classification
*Fixed Bronze Claws having armor instead of damage.
*Buffed Scale Plates Armor Bonus from Steel to Diamond
*Added Craftable Sets
*Fixed Dragon Caves are now classified as 'Town Halls'
*Nerfed Jaw Turtles, Fortified Armor replaced with Large.
*Fixed 'Chosen Dragon Repick Timer' showing for non-dragon players.
*Fixed all Dragon Quest Objectives
*Fixed all Final Quest Objectives
*Fixed all Catcher Quest Objectives
*Fixed all Slayer Quest Objectives
*Fixed Slayer's "Preparations" Quest on Lancer not Checking Finished Correctly.
*Fixed all Kingdom Quest Objectives
*Fixed all Lakor Quest Objectives
*Fixed all Mercenary Quest Objectives
*Added Torn Scrolls 2-5 to Crimson Drops
*Added Kayla Kingdom Controlling on Leave Mechanic
*Fixed Kingdom Hero dying not depleting Secret Kingdom Hero Health Over time
*Added Female Dragon Rider
*Fixed Guardian and Corrupted Shield Cooldown Displays
*Fixed Kingdom Leave Text Event
*Fixed Regenerative Properties Buff
*Buffed Hydra Devour Dmg per second
*Buffed Hydra Tail Stomp Damage
*Fixed Adamantium Ingot Description
*Nerfed Demonic Salamander's Firebolt
*Fixed Dungeon Spikes being destroyable
*Fixed City Captures by Creep triggering like Main Story in Free Play
*Fixed Lakor Portal Destroyed Text not appearing
*Fixed Prototype Ragnarok Crafting Recipe to account for Crystal Greatsword
*Fixed Armies of False King Item Bug
*Changed Silence (Nether Dragon) Leveling and also increased max level from 3 to 5.
*Rebalanced Silence (Nether Dragon)
*Changed Silence (Louise) to Void Silence. Stronger on Heroes than Silence (Nether Dragons) but weaker to units.
*Changed Void Silence Levels from 3 to 5.
*Changed Selling cost of Crystal Shards and Chunk
*Fixed Temporary a Arcalibur Crash against Sea Elemental Boss
*Fixed Sya Icon
*Fixed Sya not Spawning on Dragon Rider Egg Hatching
*Changed Sya to now have Reincarnation, so not to die too easily.
*Replaced Fel Ravagers with Twisted Lakorian Creature as Southern Outland Creep
*Added Dragon Shop to Nether Nest
*Buffed Lakor Rampager
*Added Lakor Lancer Upgrade
*Added Lakor Berserker Upgrade
*Added Lakor Rampager Upgrade
*Added Lakor Captain Upgrade
*Added Lakor Catapult Upgrade
*Added Lakor Veteran Upgrade
*Added Exiles Upgrade
*Added Kodo Tower Upgrade
*Buffed Kodo Tower
*Changed Lakor Berserker Stats
*Changed Lakor Berserker to unarmored.
*Fixed many Upgrade Icon Positions
*Nerfed Rejuvenation for Emissaries
*Added Paladin Training Upgrades
*Added Prayer of the Maker to Paladin
*Nerfed Divine Shield, Longer CDs
*Nerfed Slayer and King Reincarnation
*Added Crusader Upgrade
*Added Legionnaire Upgrades
*Added Captain Upgrade
*Added Town Watch Upgrade
*Fixed Slayer and Catcher Altar Item Disappearing.
*Added new event.
*Added Ryuudite Remnant Spawning
*Fixed a few Artifact Weapons (Not Counting Specific-Hero Ones) not dropping on death.
*Fixed Slayer Preparation Quest Progress Text
*Fixed Onyx Golem Trigger Re-occurring
*Buffed Mana Flare Ultimate
*Added Rosina's Master Bow (Have Fun figuring that out)
*Fixed a Command Seal issue
*Fixed Kingdom Hero not being removed on Leaving
*Fixed Gray not Re-allying Humanoid Players
*Fixed Dragon Adept Quest Log
*Fixed Catcher Secret Quest Log
*Fixed Slayer Secret Quest Log
*Fixed Secret Mercenary Quest Log
*Changed Demon Survivor's Ultimate to Demon Pact
*Lowered Outland Tree Wood Amount
*Added more Outland Trees to Empire Area
*Fixed Passageways being classified as organic
*Fixed Ending RPGOD Boss text
*Fixed RPGOD Taunts appearing center of map.
*Changed RPGOD drops
*Fixed multiple Kayla Kingdom upgrade icons
*Fixed Kayla Kingdom's Tech Center Icon Positioning
*Fixed multiple Kayla Kingdom upgrade descriptions
*Nerfed Marksmanship Upgrade Level 2 damage bonus
*Changed increment costs of some Kayla Kingdom upgrades
*Added Tech Upgrade 3 to Kayla Kingdom
*Changed Techtree requirements of many Kayla Kingdom upgrades
*Changed Boulder Towers to use Arrow Upgrade instead of Gunpowder
*Changed the upgrading times of Tech Centers
*Changed increment research times of some Kayla Kingdom upgrades
*Fixed Closed Passageway not being mechanical
*Changed cost of Legion Chapterhouse, and build time
*Added Maker Religion
*Added Xaria Religion
*Added La'Koria Religion
*Added Utheran Religion
*Added Cysgodol Cult Religion
*Nerfed Demonic Salamander's Maul
*Changed Catcher's MQ Portal Creeps in Armies of the False King
*Changed Twisted Demonic Legionnaire's spells
*Changed Slayer's MQ Portal Creeps in Armies of the False King
*Added new Lakor's MQ Portal Creeps in Armies of the False King
*Added new Main Portal Creeps in Armies of the False King
*Changed Dragon MQ Armies of the False King Undead Grandmother Path
*Changed Merc's MQ Portal Creeps in Armies of the False King
*Changed Armies of False King Wave Spawning Time to account for previous changes
*Added new Kingdom's MQ Portal Creep in Armies of the False King
*Fixed Yinza not attacking other cities outside Winterfall Town
*Fixed Crusaders Unit Icon placement
*Nerfed Cleave (10, 20, 30, etc)
*Fixed Command Seals 'Book' messing with Quest Log
*Fixed Command Seals text lasting to long
*Nerfed Meat, Fruit, and Cheese to 1 charges, decreased gold cost.
*Changed Farmer's Cross terrain
*Added some more critters!
*Buffed Faerie Dragon Mana Flare Ulti
*Replaced Disenchant with Destablize
*Changed Seacavern terrain (temporary)
*Fixed Tents and Murloc Hunts being Hostile to Creeps
*Added Summoned Classification to: Fel Ravager, Lupita, Water Elemental, and Charred Restless (They summon themselves)
*Changed to Undead Classification: Crimson Being, Skeletal Dragons, Demonic Sludge, Ruinous Monstrosity.
*Replaced Attribute Bonus on Sorceress with new ultimate
*Fixed Shadow Dragon (Player) Shadow Portal not summoning Archers
*Re-Added, A Mercenary Secret Returns!
*Fixed Whitefire Dragon's Breath of White Fire damage over time output.
*Added levels 4 and 5 to Inner Fire spell.
*Added Forgiveness Quest (For Genociders who want to re-ally Grey)
*Changed Spirit Shackles levels from 3 to 5.
*Changed Slippery Scales levels from 3 to 5
*Removed and replaced Phase Shift
*Fixed Bronze Young Adult Agility stat being Intelligence
*Replaced Hurricane spell with a different version

*Fixed Altarmoria Ruins Boss Bridges not reviving
*Fixed Pink Leaving Mechanic Trigger
*Changed and Fixed Mating Trigger functionality
*Fixed Arisen Heroes variables
*Fixed Pre-created Town Guard not replaced when upgraded
*Fixed Pre-created Berserkers not replaced when upgraded
*Fixed Ally/Unally System for Controlled Kingdom
*Fixed Human Sacrifice level cap
*Nerfed Giant Wolves' Hardened Skin
*Nerfed Rain of Fire (Emissary)
*Tweaked Giant Wolves Respawn Trigger
*Changed Enchanted Cave Creeps to sometimes drop tomes
*Changed Non-Elemental Hatchlings to have 1 Inventory Slot (Hero)
*Fixed Young Adult Nether Dragon(s) size values.
*Fixed Rabbit Meat Description
*Fixed Giant Wolf Hardened Skin Description
*Nerfed Lakor Orc King Hero's Attack Speed
*Buffed Lakor Orc King Base Attack Damage
*Added Upgradable Lakor Unique Weapon
*Changed Ring of Royalty (Female Kingdom Hero Item) to be upgradable.
*Fixed Secret Empire Hero Trigger not working in Freeplay.
*Fixed LakorHero variable not setting at start of game.
*Fixed Lakor Secret Hero not being correctly set to LakorHero variable
*Changed RPGOD Boss Terrain Area
*Change Amberbark Town Terrain
*Fixed Ata Roghnaithe not being able to use active spell.
*Fixed all non-mounted Lakor Units not having Orc Inventory Upgrade
*Changed Concentrated Fire Essence to be sellable.
*Added Concentrated Fire Essence to Alpha Wildkin Drop Table.
*Buffed Purple Dragon's Scattering Arcane 50 -> 60, ups 60 from 50 per level.
*Rebalanced all Common and Unique Items
*Added Level 2 to the Ultimates of 16 Different Heroes
*Added Young Adult Stage to Purple Dragons
*Added Juvenile Stage to Chimaera Dragons
*Added Juvenile Stage to Acid Dragons
*Added Juvenile Stage to White Dragons
*Added Hatchling to Dragonet Unit Growths.
*Fixed unit Purple Dragonet growth messing up model color.
*Added Final Dragon Unit Growths
*Changed Altarmoria Creeps level 15 mobs (No longer charmable)
*Changed Queen of Suffering level 15 mobs (No longer charmable)
*Increased Altarmoria Spikes DMG
*Fixed Altarmoria Spikes Bleed Effect
*Buffed Shadow Aura
*Nerfed Attack Speeds of Enchanted Cave Creeps
*Nerfed Hit Points of Giant Blue Lizard
*Slightly Nerfed Marion
*Added Anti-Blink to Mercenary Choosing Areas
*Fixed Blizzard's Screw Up with 1.29 messing up Neutral Passive.
*Fixed Pink, Green, and Orange Ally Faults with Gray.

*Nerfed Sleep CD from 20 to 30.
*Reduced Invuln Time of Sleep
*Fixed Monsoon Leveling Description
*Fixed Siphon Energy level 4 and 5 damage increase.
*Changed Polymorph (Rogue Mage) to have 5 levels.
*Changed Soul Burn (Demon Survivor) to have 5 levels.
*Fixed Soul Burn's Level Skip Requirements
*Buffed Firelord
*Changed Bond Cooldown from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.
*Reduced Friendship's Bond cost from 500 -> 250
*Added Winterfall Inn
*Added Alona Religion
*Fixed doodads blocking Arcanite Ingot spawning
*Removed Legionnaire Chapterhouse from Peasent Build List
*Added Religion-Specific Builders for Kingdom and Empire
*Fixed up Resurrection Stone Usage on Chosen Dragon Players, more reliable now.
*Changed Resurrection Stone to be used 3 times.
*Fixed Leaving Kingdom Player auto-allies all players.
*Fixed Slayer and Catcher's death secret.
*Changed Max Polar Bear Creeps to Respawn
*Fixed Main Story Quest 8's The Second Tester not appearing in town.
*Changed Makrura Slicer to have Large Armor instead of Fortified
*Changed Makrura Slicer to be lower level
*Changed Mystic Woods Well Quest on finish now pacifies all Guardians.
*Changed on Mystic Woods Quest completion, all respawning will now be owned by Passive.
*Changed Oblitus Creeps now give gold
*Fixed Merc Chance Shadow Knight being auto-chosen upon other Mercenary Hero's death.
*Nerfed Hex duration on Heroes
*Nerfed Staff of Silence duration
*Changed Captured Essence to Captured Demonic Essence
*Removed all 'hints' and added 25 real hints which one occurs every 5 minutes. (Can be turned off with "-No Hints" commands)
*Fixed Full Adult Green Dragons sizes.
*Fixed Chimaera's Sound Set not being Chimaera
*Fixed a Secret Dragon's broken message
*Added Chimaera Wyrm status. No longer a Secret Dragon!
*Added Text in Slayer Main Story for Mutant Ogre to says it requires level 15.
*Nerfed Wind Walk's Duration and Cooldown
*Buffed Restorative Waters
*Buffed Overheated Skin
*Buffed Breath of White Fire's Damage over Time Duration
*Nerfed Shocking Ward to have a 3 second cooldown between casts
*Buffed Hydra Hero's Devour to have 120 second cooldown (from 180)
*Buffed Acid Missiles, now also grants splash damage.
*Nerfed Warlock Firebolt (Had nerfed the wrong firebolt all along xD)
*Nerfed Flying Machine's Resource and Food Cost (more expensive)
*Buffed Catch Level 3's max level to catch dragon from 22 to 26.
*Nerfed Catcher's Rejuvenating Light
*Buffed Leader Dragons to have Resistant Skin
*Fixed Sanctea Dea sometimes taking buildings
*Fixed Falseshot aura (again)
*Fixed Devotion Aura from Shield of the Maker
*Fixed Gem of the Arachnid not being able to use ability
*Changed some creeps near Lakor Empire
*Fixed Sanctea Dea sometimes debuffed allies
*Added Personal Altar now include Towers on fully constructed
*Fixed non-artifact Mercenary items not dropping on death
*Removed Gohan (Bye Bye!)
*Removed Oasis Heart from Crafting Material Store
*Fixed Dragon Rider Item Transfer
*Changed Polarvale City entirely
*Fixed Pink, Green, and Orange ally gray.
*Changed Timber Wolves now spawn in Moonshine Grove before replaced by Dire Wolves after Alpha dies
*Fixed Arana Enchantments text
*Changed/Fixed Sanctea Dea's chanting timer and response time.
*Changed Arcane Dust AoE target range.
*Removed the No Chance message from a merc secret hero
*Fixed Shadow Knight not getting upgraded Mercenary Equipment
*Changed many, many hero spells mana scaling on level.
*Changed Frost Arrows to have 5 levels.
*Changed Faerie Illusion to have 5 levels.
*Changed MQ Fortify Quest Training from Legionnaires to Knights
*Changed MQ History Repeated Lesson Learned from Veterans to Captains
*Fixed Acidic Orb not being sellable.
*Fixed Weakened Shadow Essence not being sellable.
*Fixed Chosen Dragon Player detection hiccup in Main Story Route
*Fixed Chosen Dragon Quest EXP not being assigned to Dragon Heroes.
*Fixed Miliana Remnants not being sellable.
*Fixed Hydra's bane not being sellable.
*Fixed Adamantium and Scothore Ingot purchase tooltip
*Added new Crafting "Craft Alloy Material" which is used for the creation of items uses alloys such as Adamantium or Ryuudite.
*Hydra Devour now has Level 2
*Xaria Battle Priestess now has level 2 Ancient Golem
*Dragon Knight Dragon Form now has level 2.
*Saber's Excalibur now has level 2
*Nerfed Bladestorm Leveling Requirement and gave it level 2
*Changed up some of Wild Feather Gorge terrain
*Fixed Mammoth Meat
*Nerfed Demi-God's Wolf Sleep Ability
*Added Chimaera Nest Dialogue
*Nerfed Furbolgs to be more designed for level 7.
*Buffed Giant Wolves to be more balanced to their level 8
*Nerfed Ogre Maulers to level 6, rebalanced their stats significantly.
*Changed Ping time of Dragon Nests from 3 to 5 seconds
*Fixed Male Catcher not being able to catch Dragons
*Fixed Goblin Shredder not turning into sludge in Crimson Woods
*Fixed Non-Ele being able to blink out of Cage.
*Changed Necromancy Levels from 3 to 5
*Added Dragon Tutorial
*Changed Gnoll Archer's Ultimate
*Changed Rogue Mage's Ultimate
*Nerfed Princess Tax Gold Income from 50 to 20
*Changed Female Rider Primary Attribute from STR to INT
*Nerfed Slayer and Catcher Humaniod Secret Heroes
*Fixed and Nerfed Dragon Form
*Changed Tree of Ages to Neutral
*Added Continent of Arana
*Added Arana Flight Path Quest
*Changed Chosen Potential Ultimate to have 2 levels.
*Added City Naming Command (You can now name your cities as Kingdom!)
*Added City Text when Hero enters a City.
*Fixed Cysgodol Amulet crafting taking all Crystal Chunks regardless if it actually costs just 1
*Changed Crystal Greatsword to cost 2 Chunks instead of 1
*Changed Drop Chance of Crystal Shards in Crimson Woods to 9% from default 5%
*Changed Wildkin to now have the default chance to drop Crystal Shards
*Changed Wild Lich to have some actual spells
*Buffed Firelord
*Changed Charred Restless to not begin spawning by Pink or Light Blue's hero leveling.
*Fixed Doom, Charm, and Demonic Remnants are many Creeps and Summons.
*Nerfed Demonic Remnants effect on heroes from 20 to 10 seconds.
*Fixed Demonic Remnants damage dealt.
*Fixed Entelodont no longer dropping anything for Xaria Religion
*Changed description of Captured Demonic Essence
*Changed Dragon Eggs placement size
*Changed Infernals and Dark Guardians to have 40% Magic Resistance instead of Spell Immunity
*Nerfed Dark Guardian to no longer have Immolation
*Changed Infernals to have Fortified Armor
*Fixed Infernals not being affected by Destablize
*Changed Tavern hirable units
*Nerfed Tavern unit availability max from 3 to 1.
*Changed Non-Elemental Wyrm growth level from 41 to 35
*Changed Red Dragon Level Set from 6 to 7
*Changed All Non-Secret Colors to set level of hero to level of previous hero if not meeting minimal level or above
*Added Lakor HP Transfer to Growth of 250 Hit Points
*Rebalanced Silence and Void Silence
*Changed Special Effects of Void Silence
*Replaced Sea Elemental due to crash
*Buffed Exiled Orc's Tough Skin. Chance Rates now increase on increments of 9% instead of 7%
*Fixed Tough Skin's True Damage Reduction. Also its Text.
*Buffed/Rebalanced Tough Skin's Damage Reduction values
*Buffed/ Rebalanced Shockwave. Increased max level to 5
*Rebalanced Wind Walk
*Changed Wind Walk to have 5 levels
*Changed Slow Aura to have 5 levels
*Changed Unholy Aura to have 5 levels
*Changed Flight Point and Dragon Shop to be targetable by Dragons
*Changed Dragon Cave(s) to be no longer considered mechanical
*Buffed Campfire Regeneration Auras
*Nerfed Thorns Aura, gave it 5 levels, fixed its level intervals
*Buffed Overheated Skin (from 5% increase to 6% increase)
*Buffed Attack Dice Bonus of Iron Tower Blades upgrade
*Changed Iron Tower Blades upgrade to have 5 levels
*Changed Wolf Leather Armor upgrade to have 5 levels
*Changed Pork and fixed lasting issue
*Buffed Wine
*Changed Lightning Shield to have 5 levels
*Fixed Oblitus Traveling Text
*Fixed Rabbit Meat not restoring health
*Nerfed Dragon Form base attack damage bonus from 20 to 15.
*Added Corrupted Dragon Form to Corrupted Marion
*Fixed Transformative Skills and added them to Skills.
*Changed and Rewrote Kingdom/Empire Help Info in F9
*Added "-Lock West/East Gate" Command
*Fixed Female Dragon Slayer (Crossbow Mode) breaking Dragon Rider Trigger
*Removed Scepter of Mastery
*Fixed Silver Dragonet having Mate-Related Abilities
*Fixed Mounted/Crossbow Mode having Defend Skill
*Added Boulder Tower to Scout Tower Upgrades
*Changed Lake Hydra Spawning
*Fixed Crystal Chunk recipes
*Buffed Rosina's Bow
*Buffed King, Queen, Lakor King, Lakor Queen, Outrider Stat Growth
*Nerfed Slayer, Adept, Catcher, Hunter Stat Growth
*Buffed Rhett's Firearm
*Nerfed Sorceress (unit) Polymorph against heroes
*Fixed Dispel Magic for Priests doing 100 dmg instead of described 200
*Buffed Slightly Phoenix's Phoenix Fire
*Changed Frost Armor (Blue Dragon Hero) levels from 3 - 5
*Fixed Loot Table Chance Drop Rates
*Changed Skeletal Dragon soundset to Frost Wyrm
*Changed Water Dragon soundset to Snap Dragon
*Fixed Nether Wyrm soundset
*Fixed Dragon Knight not setting level to Dragon Catcher's.
*Remade Dragonet to Young Adult Growth mechanic for Dragon units
*Fixed Non-Dragon players able to grow Dragon units.
*Changed particular Leader Dragons' Magic Resistance to match across the broad.
*Changed Capital's West and Eastern Wall Size to be slightly bigger.
*Removed Reveal from Scout Towers
*Added Lakor Empire Leave Mechanic
*Fixed Bella Quest triggering w/units
*Added Temporary Invulnerable period for Altars
*Fixed vision sight distance of Cave buildings
*Changed Food Produced by Hoard from increments of 5 to 8.
*Fixed Dragon Storage Crash related to Powerup Items
*Added Inventory Storage to Altars
*Changed Healing Hay to slowly regenerate health
*Buffed Breath of White Fire DoT duration from 9 to 10 seconds.
*Buffed Volcano Wave Intervals from 4.5 to 4 seconds.
*Buffed Restorative Waters Heal by 50pts.
*Buffed Chosen Potential dmg by 100pts.
*Buffed Hurricane Level 2 dmg to 205.
*Changed Green Dragons' (Unit) Poison Sting to Poison Breath.
*Rebalanced Shadow Wolf Spell and Unit Abilities
*Fixed Acid Rain Level 2 targeting Allies.
*Fixed Dragon Units Able to Grow without Player having required Gold amount.
*Tweaked Utheran Enforcer and Utheran Follower stats
*Added Captain to Demonic Chapterhouse
*Added Leadership Training to Demonic Chapterhouse (Captain Upgrade)
*Removed Portal Guardian from Demonic Chapterhouse
*Replaced Twisted Demonic Legionnaire with Lesser Demonic Legionnaire
*Added 'Frost Bolt' to Alona Religion's Alona Sect Sage
*Tweaked Alona Units Upgrades Stat
*Tweaked Cysgodol Kingdom Religion Units stats (Summons Not Included)
*Rebalanced Militia and Footman
*Buffed Corrupted Form Marion
*Buffed Searing Arrows (Hunter) Mana Cost from 10 to 9.
*Added Levels 4-5 to Searing Arrows (Hunter)
*Fixed Half-Breed Mercenary not starting with Baked Bread
*Nerfed Fossilized Earth Health Pool
*Fixed Hatchlings Post Level 6 not having Gender Choice to Dragonet Stage.
*Nerfed Crusaders Armor Value
*Buffed 10th Legionnaires Armor Value
*Slightly Buffed 10th Legionnaires Damage Value
*Added "Endurance Training' to some Religion-Unique Units.
*Rebalanced Half-Elven Assassin's Attack Speed and Armor.
*Rebalance Half-Elven Archer's Cost and Food Cost.
*Buffed La'Koria Champion
*Buffed Champion Vitality Upgrade
*Fixed Nether Dragon Akashan Aura's Armor Reduction Calcuation
*Fixed Nether Claw description
*Fixed Poison Breath Attack Rate Issue
*Buffed Xaria Caster
*Buffed Xaria Caster Training Upgrade
*Buffed Xaria Warden
*Added 'Xaria's Blessing' to Xaria Warden
*Added 'Warden Enhancements' Upgrade
*Changed Mushwood Staffs Max Upgrades from 3 to 5.
*Changed Hide Armor Max Upgrades from 3 to 5.
*Nerfed Tower of La'Koria
*Fixed Tower of La'Koria description
*Fixed Cursed Tower description
*Buffed Shadow Exile
*Nerfed Shadow-Borne Wolf
*Added 'Shadow-Borne Wolf Taming' Upgrade
*Added 'Necromancy' to Shadow-Borne Wolf
*Added "Resistant Skin" to all Adult Dragon Units
*Changed "Consumables' Vendor to 'Essence' Vendor
*Fixed Item Transfer from Hatchling to Dragonet for both Male and Female Gender Choice
*Fixed Summon Animal Companion Description
*Changed Frostcaller to have Frost Armor spell
*Buffed Frostcaller slightly
*Added "Empowerment of Belief' upgrade to Shrine of Alona (Empire)
*Buffed Alona Lake Elemental
*Nerfed Demonic Golem
*Nerfed False Warlock
*Changed all Utheran Units (Empire) Production and Food costs
*Fixed Demonic Golem description
*Added 2 items to Ogre Pouch Table
*Buffed Ogre Pouch Table's Drop Rate
*Buffed Hydra Bag Table's Drop Rate
*Added 1 item to Furblog Pouch Table
*Buffed Furblog Pouch Table's Drop Rate
*Buffed Erisdar (All Forms) Maximum Mana
*Fixed Royalty Ring usability in Altamoria Ruins
*Fixed Buff Removal on using Royalty Ring to leave Silver Dragon Inn.
*Fixed "Magic What?" description.
*Fixed Greater Scroll of Replenishment Stock
*Changed Kodo Tower to no longer have Devour
*Buffed Kodo Tower
*Fixed Xaria Caster's Replenishment
*Changed Barricade to have Spiked Barricades Upgrade
*Nerfed Mortar Team
*Rewrote Utheran Follower Grunt History Tooltip
*Changed Lakor Crossbowman firing model
*Changed Healing Spray to heal only friendly units.
*Fixed Religion Towers not receiving Gylph of Fortification upgrade.
*Changed Watch Towers to have 'Magic Sentry' ability.
*Added 'Magic Sentry' upgrade to Siege Works.
*Re-added Young adult blue to entrance of Undead Grandmother
*Changed Token of Penance to be craftable by everyone.
*Fixed Detonation tooltip to include wave count
*Added 'Dragon Rider Failure'
*Fixed Female Dragon Rider Intelligence Stat
*Added Lava Spawn respawns in Volcano Area
*Changed Volcano terrain a bit.
*Buffed Lava Spawn
*Fixed Shadow Mage's Necromancy Tooltip
*Fixed Shadow Creeper's Regen Requirement
*Fixed Burrows in Lakor Empire areas.
*Nerfed Necromancy (Unit Varient)
*Nerfed Shadow Mage Armor by 1.
*Changed Shadow Mage armor type to Small
*Changed Shadow Mage attack type to Magic
*Fixed Void Mage's Ultimate (Dispel) Tooltip
*Added additional effect to Void Mage Ultimate (Dispel)
*Removed Level Requirement for Oblitus Island
*Rebalanced Pawns
*Changed Teeth Attack Type Description and Name
*Buffed Hero Attack Type
*Buffed Chaos Attack Type
*Added new Icon for Chosen Dragon Attack Type
*Added Levels 4 and 5 to Summon Pawn which makes Pawns stronger.
*Fixed Camera Mistake concerning Mysterious Key area for non-Catcher player.
*Fixed Dragon Knight Hero bug on reverting back to level 1.
*Changed and updated Dragon Knight Secret Hero path.
*Changed Mysterious Draconic Key to now be sellable.
*Changed Tooltips of Dragon Catcher and Dragon Slayer Upgrades to be 'Hero' instead of Name Specific.
*Changed name of Catcher Upgrades to be 'Ammunition' instead of 'Arrows'.
*Added Male Dragon Knight Secret Hero
*Changed Fel Beast Boss Chance Event Location
*Added new creep, "War Dog" to brigand camps
*Changed all Hatchling (Units) attack type to Normal
*Fixed Slippery Scales level tooltip
*Fixed Leadership Aura (Warchief) tooltip
*Fixed Ragnarock bonuses
*Fixed Pawn (Mage) now starting w/half mana.
*Buffed Utheran Follower Grunt
*Buffed Demonic Golem
*Nerfed False Warlock Inferno Duration significantly.
*Changed Charred Restless Spawn Rate
*Changed Rhett (Hunter) Attack Effect/Sound
*Changed Talisman of the Wild summon
*Fixed Alpha Tooth ground tooltip
*Changed Brigand Rogue mana regen
*Changed Tavern hirable units
*Added VoteBoot Commands to F9
*Fixed Rock Golem bash tooltip
*Increased Copper/Tin ore and Iron ore spawn max from 11 to 13
*Fixed Carrion Swarm max damage (Both SD and SK)
*Removed a blocking doodad in Outland
*Changed Outland Terrain around Outland Portal 1
*Fixed Units-Turned-Sludge not converting to Creeps Ownership.
*Fixed Buildings in Crimson Woods turning to Sludges
*Fixed Crimson Woods Sludge Event not counting Lakor Orc Peons
*Fixed Crimson Woods Sludge Event targeting non-workers
*Fixed Lakor Cleric and False Warlock Armor Sound
*Added Path Blockers to a Farm Area
*Fixed Nea-Kasha dmg
*Buffed and Changed Lakor Rampager
*Buffed Lakor Siege Units
*Fixed losing Generator in Lakor Rebel Event
*Changed Mirror Image levels and effects
*Added Defend to Latent Footman
*Added 2nd Hero Path to Latent Footman
*Changed Food Provided on Dragon Hoards from 8 Increments to 10.
*Changed Dragon Hoard sound effects
*Changed Dragon Hoard Upgrade Costs to be less.
*Fixed Dragon Knight (Dragon Form) Shadow
*Fixed Dragon Rider Shadow
*Added crates with potential goods near all Mercenary Hero starting locations
*Adjusted 2-3 creeps in both Slayer and Catcher starting areas to have potential drops.
*Added Dragon Outrider's New Obtainment Method
*Changed and Dispersed 'Craft Other' Recipes into 'Craft Common', 'Craft Unique', and 'Craft Artifact
*Added Ice Troll High Priest to Troll Drop Tables
*Added Crystal Shards to Jaw Turtle/Lake Hydra Drop Tables
*Added low drop chance of 'Fruit' to Treant
*Added 'Nuts' to Wolf Drop Table
*Changed 'Scroll of Speed' drop from Furblogs to 'Nuts'
*Fixed Furblog Knuckle not dropping for Non-Xaria worshippers
*Increased Furblog Knuckle drop-rate for Xaria Worshipper's 5% increase.
*Changed prices of all purchasable foodstuffs and drink items
*Changed purchasable foodstuffs and drink items to have higher stock max and replenish quicker.
*Fixed Maker Religion Passive Perk
*Fixed Purple Dragonet (STR) having same AGI Stat Growth as Main AGI Stat.
*Buffed Titas
*Fixed NPC Passive Heroes counting as Trigger for RPGOD Event.
*Nerfed Red Forest Entelodonts HP and Armor.
*Fixed Guild Tavern camera pan when entering
*Fixed Acid Dragon Secret Hint Mssg
*Added 1 additional Fossilized Earth
*Changed Earth Elemental Chunk recipe to require only 2 Fossilized Earth instead of 5
*Added a Dragon Cave to Non-Ele Adult Growth.
*Added a hidden Hunter Trader for certain drops (like bones, furs, toenails, etc)
*Fixed building names on Oblitus Island
*Added Attribute Differences to Wyrm Growth
*Fixed all Dragonet Growths to Young Adult (Unit)
*Added Tech Requirements to certain Religion Units
*Changed Lakor Peons to have Normal Damage
*Changed Night Elf Shipyard to Xaria Elf Shipyard
*Fixed Intro Crash post 1.3.0 Warcraft 3 Blizzard Patch.
*Added Rag II, Changed Rag I recipe.
*Nerfed Rag I
*Fixed Pink and Light Blue not being able to enable Charred Restless on Level Up

*Fixed Maroon Name Command
*Fixed Entelodont Tust Purchase tooltip
*Fixed Maroon Quick Start (If selecting Dragon before Quick Start enabled.)
*Fixed Neutral Passive enemy to Creeps during Pir'Tas Escort
*Fixed Guild camera for units owned by Chosen Dragon players
*Fixed Brigand Rogue Bash tooltip
*Added Failure Restart to La'Koria Quest 2
*Fixed Mercenary Resurrection Stone error
*Added Player Maroon to Resurrection Stone
*Changed Royal Blade to replace Orb of Slow with higher stats
*Changed Fanatic Slayers (XQ4) to different Player Color
*Added Path Blockers to Enchanted Forest to prevent bypass
*Buffed Hydra Acid Missile
*Changed Hydra ACid Missile tooltip
*Fixed Dragon Knight (XQ4) not dropping Vials if given by Player
*Fixed Dragon Hunter missile animation
*Added Quick Start Mssg about Religion Quests and Arana
*Fixed Young Adult Shadow Dragon (unit) summoning spell requirement
*Fixed Lakor Control Redo Mechanic
*Fixed Lakor Control Dragon Slayer getting control
*Added Lakor/Kingdom Control now keeping them enemies to certain Religion Quest mobs
*Added Lakor/Kingdom Control being kept allies to Utheran if Light Blue was Utheran Religion
*Fixed Utheran Quest 3 accidentally re-enabling Utheran Quest 2
*Fixed Marion (Corrupted)'s Dragon Form
*Replaced Footmen inside Castle with Royal Guards
*Fixed Dragon Slayer/Adept Player unable to destroy egg if picked up
*Fixed Player Maroon unable to answer riddles (CQ4)
*Fixed Player Maroon unable to do 'EXP On"
*Changed Final Note
*Changed Tower Dungeon Level Rq from 23 to 20
*Nerfed Tower Dungeon Creeps
*Fixed Main Story Quest Cinematic Camera Angle Tree fault
*Fixed spelling error on Worship Utheran tooltip
*Fixed Lakor Hero dropping Katana if Player leaves
*Added Player Maroon's Dragon Storage to Leaving Mechanic
*Buffed Shadow Minions Upgrades to level 6 for Final Cysgodol Quest
*Added Dragon Lancer, Partner(s), and Dragon Knight (Male) to Flight Point Trigger
*Changed Weapon Handle stock to 5 and reduced restock time
*Fixed Shadow Wraith formation positions
*Buffed EXP gained from Arana Creeps
*Nerfed Jaw Turtle's return damage from 30% to 20%
*Changed Mana Rune drop to be in the Dungeon instead of creep drop
*Reduced Fading Ichor and Fukusha damage and activation period from 0.20 to 0.05
*Fixed Footman Choice not appearing if selecting Footman after previous Hero level 15+
*Added Utheran Quest 1 Lacking Item Msg
*Removed Rain of Chaos from Non-Elemental Hatchling (Unit)
*Added Non-Elemental Dragonet growth to Non-Elemental Dragon units
*Fixed Shadow Dragonet (Unit) lacking attack
*Fixed Utheran Quest 3 Ready Check buttons repeating infinitely.
*Fixed Chosen Potential Chance rating of 90% to 10%.
*Added Dragon Shop for Utheran Players on UQ4 success.
*Nerfed Catcher Starting Area Creeps
*Updated Rhett's Firearm tooltip
*Added additional gem drop change on Catcher/Slayer starting areas
*Nerfed Human Sacrifices stat gain max limit on Hero from 60 to 35.
*Buffed Hurricane level 2 damage from 205 to 350.
*Replaced Wyvern's Wind Walk with Wind Flight
*Buffed Bella summon
*Changed Recipe Scroll Robes tooltip
*Added Resistant Cloth to UQ3 Utheran Mages
*Added Resistant Cloth to Pir'Tas
*Changed Invasion Portals to no longer be charmable
*Changed Monsoon to longer target Neutral
*Fixed Dragon Egg (unit) tooltips
*Fixed Full Adult Nether Dragon(s) Int having Agility Main Attribute
*Buffed Influence Arrow max creep level charm limit.
*Reduced cost of Essence Shop Items
*Added Player Detect on Bazil. Hero will be removed on incorrect Player Account Name.
*Buffed Volcano Dmg and Wave Intervals
*Added Surround AoE Damage to Breath of White Fire
*Added Black Dragon Juvenile Grace Period to Shadow Dragon Secret Obtainment Method
*Removed Devour from Hydra Secret Heroes
*Fixed "A Single Shot' being reflected on Turtles on Insta-Kill Effect
*Added additional hints to Acid Dragon Secret
*Added additional hints to Wyvern Dragon Secret
*Fixed and added hints to Whitefire Dragon Secret
*Added additional hints to Water Dragon Secret
*Fixed Incorrect Dragon Color Group Removal on Demon Dragon Secret
*Fixed Dragon Color Grouping on Non-Ele Adult
*Added hints to Demon Dragon Secret
*Added additional hints to Hydra Dragon Secret
*Added hints to Shadow Dragon Secret
*Added Cold Arrows (Auto) to Xaria Hippogryph Rider
*Added Xaria Hippogryph Rider to Xaria Barracks
*Buffed Xaria Hippogryph Rider's Mana, Mana Regen, and armor.
*Changed Xaria Huntress Armor Type from Small to Unarmored
*Added Hippogryph Mana Training to Xaria Barracks
*Added Upgrade Moon Glaive to Xaria Barracks
*Added Sentinel Upgrade to Xaria Barracks
*Added Xaria Temple to Xaria Elf Faction
*Added Dryad unit and Abolish Magic Upgrade to Xaria Temple
*Fixed Shadow Wolf summons costing food
*Fixed Shadow Wolf Learning Tooltip
*Fixed Necromancy Tooltips
*Buffed Earth-Filled Cysgodol Amulet (+3 all stats)
*Fixed Shadow Aura Learning Tooltip
*Buffed Death Coil slightly
*Buffed Breath of Whitefire initial cone damage (by 35 pts)
*Buffed Inner Fire (CD Reduced by 1, Damage Buffed by 5%, Armor by 1. Life Regen by 0.5.)
*Fixed Traded Gold to Lumber cost
*Fixed Green Dragon (Partner Quest) not becoming Invulnerable after fight.
*Fixed accidental Gray unally bug on Partner Quest
*Fixed Arana (Turtle Area) in-game tree details
*Fixed up F9 a bit.
*Added 'False King' to Music
*Added Maroon to Music Commands
*Removed Waygate being destroyed on RPGOD's defeat
*Buffed Orb of Corruption
*Changed Shield of the Maker slightly
*Fixed Non-Secret Dragon Color Decision Level Reset Issue if picking Color post level 12.
*Buffed Red Dragon Endurance Aura (3 to 4% level increase)
*Rebalanced Red Dragon (Hero) Firebolt. Buffed Damage, Changed Stun.
*Buffed Divine Shield (Longer Duration, Shorter Cooldown, Lower Mana Cost.)
*Replaced Crown of the Deathlord with Crown of Crimson
*Buffed Feed to heal 15 pts/sec from of 10 pts/sec.
*Buffed Feed max healing per corpse from 500 to 800.
*Buffed Attribute Bonus abilities duration by 5 seconds
*Rebalanced Critical Strike (Slayer)
*Buffed Devotion Aura (Arisen)
*Buffed Frost Arrows (Catcher) damage from 4 to 5 intervals
*Nerfed Fan of Knives Cooldown
*Buffed Dragon Blood (500 increase to both levels)
*Buffed Searing Bullets (Hunter) level 4 and level 5.
*Changed Hunter's firing animation to custom bullet model (That adds SOUND)
*Buffed Exhaust Aura's levels 1-4 mana degeneration
*Changed Exhaust Aura's tooltips
*Rebalanced Detonation (Less Damage, Only Effects Enemies now)
*Buffed and renamed Princess's Sleep to Enchanted Sleep
*Buffed Bladestorm damage
*Buffed Evasion
*Buffed Wild Slash Multiplier Factor (Now 0.5 and intervals of 0.5 per level.)
*Buffed Enchantment Spell (Fire) AoE Splash Range
*Buffed Sphere of Blood (HP Cost reduced by 50 across all levels.)
*Changed Lupita (Level 4) to have Chaos Damage
*Buffed Avatar of Vengeance and Spirit of Vengeance
*Buffed Shockwave (Cooldown Reduced)
*Buffed Tough Skin (Now starts 15% up by another 10% per level)
*Buffed Poison Spear damage bonus
*Buffed Demon Survivor to have Chaos Damage
*Replaced Black Arrow's Dark Minions with Shadow Warriors
*Added Level 5 to Serpent Ward
*Buffed Serpentine Wards to have Hero then Chaos Damage
*Added Level 5 to Kingdom Guards ability
*Buffed Thunder Stomp debuff duration on units by 1 second.
*Rebalanced Bash (Bonus Damage now affected by Levels. Starts at 15, Max 35)
*Added Lakor Spirit Levels 4 to 5
*Changed name of Fel Beasts to Lakor Beasts.
*Added Summoned classification to Lakor Beasts
*Buffed Twisted Lakorian Creature stats
*Buffed Twisted Lakorian Creature EXP gained
*Buffed Lakor Spirit Cooldown (From 60 to 30)
*Nerfed Lakor Spirit Mana Cost
*Nerfed Lakor Spirit Level Requirement Per Level
*Rebalanced Healing Wave
*Buffed Poison Breath (Green Dragon Hero)
*Changed Poison Breath (Green Dragon Hero) tooltip
*Buffed Entangling Roots (Green Dragon Hero)
*Buffed Tranquility
*Rebalanced Mana Burn (Purple Dragon Hero)
*Fixed Xaria Quest 2 Level Requirement (From 14 to 16)
*Fixed Xaria Quest 3 detection bug
*Changed Xaria Quest 3-4 Dragon Knight to Neutral Passive
*Fixed Xaria Quest 3-4 Dragon Knight not being Invulnerable
*Fixed classifications on Demonic-Influenced creatures so Death Coil can affect them
*Removed Techtree Rq for Markmanship Level 2
*Buffed Xaria Energy Tower
*Added Xaria Elven Ranger to Xaria Elf Faction
*Changed Xaria Elven Archer cost to 1 food
*Buffed Xaria Elven Archer attack speed
*Changed Xaria Hippogryph Rider costs
*Buffed Dryad damage
*Rebalanced Vampiric Aura
*Added Vampiric Aura's level 4 and 5
*Rebalanced Spirit Shackles
*Buffed Wild Sphere
*Buffed Skeletal Rage
*Fixed Arcane Full Adult Dragon Strength attributes having Intelligence as main attribute
*Changed Chosen's Aura completely. No longer % based, increases by fixed values significantly.
*Buffed Suffering (2% to 4% damage)
*Rebalanced Festering Bile (More DMG, Less CD, More Mana Cost, Different Lvl Rq)
*Buffed Immolation (More DMG, Less Buffer Mana Cost)
*Buffed Demonic Taint (Increased Miss Chance)
*Rebalanced Restorative Waters (Better Heals, Changed Cooldowns)
*Buffed Crushing Wave (More Max Damage, Less Cooldown)
*Buffed Slippery Scales (from 5% chance intervals to 6%)
*Buffed Watery Minion (Now 3/6 summoned from 2/4)
*Buffed Wind Flight (Mvm Speed Intervals 8% from 5%)
*Buffed Hurricane (25%/35% from 15%/25%)
*Fixed Faerie Illusion tooltip
*Buffed Faerie Illusion (DMG taken to 275% from 300%)
*Rebalanced Corrosive String (Jump, CD, Mana Cost)
*Rebalanced Hex (Everything!)
*Rebalanced Acid Rain (Dmg Interval, Dmg Output, Man Cost, CD.)
*Changed Acid Rain to also deal half damage to buildings.
*Fixed Mirror Image learning tooltip
*Added 2 Neutral Flight Points.
*Nerfed Ogre Maulers
*Fixed Tower Limit for Religion Towers
*Fixed Tower Limit Counter for Pre-Existing Towers
*Fixed Entelodont Tusk Purchase Tooltip
*Added Timber Wolf Prevent to Moonshine Grove Elf Village
*Fixed/Added Lakor Empire message on allying Gray to All Players
*Changed/Added Kingdom and Empire war message towards Gray
*Changed Enchanted Golems to have 50% Magic Resist instead of Spell Immunity
*Fixed Sanctea Dea leaving summoned entities inside area on spell's expire
*Added Weapon Upgrades to Lakorian Shop
*Changed the Southern Outland Lakor base to be larger
*Changed costs of Xaria Elf Archer, Huntress, Dyrad, & Ranger
*Added HP Upgrade to Xaria Barracks
*Added Attack Range Upgrade for Xaria Energy Towers
*Rebalance Explosive Traps (7.5sec CD, but Traps now have 20sec Duration.)
*Fixed Dragon Main Questlog Text not popping up
*Fixed Dragon Main Quest Location Pings not appearing for select Quests
*Added 'Locked Religion' in Main Story Route
*Added Religion Questlog
*Added Maker Route Quests to Religion Questlog
*Fixed Chosen Dragon Player Group detection on Main Questlog
*Added Xaria Religion Questline to Religion Questlog
*Added La’Koria Religion Questline to Religion Questlog
*Added Alona Religion Questline to Religion Questlog
*Added Utheran Religion Questline to Religion Questlog
*Nerfed Crystal Greatsword's Agility bonus (15 to 9)
*Nerfed Prototype Ragnarock's all stat bonus (15 to 12)
*Added Cysgodol Religion Questline to Religion Questlog
*Fixed Shadow Poison tooltip
*Changed Arid Arana Raptor model
*Rebalanced Overexertion
*Added 'Xaria Tower' to Kingdom & Empire Tower Limit
*Changed the Life % Check for Enchanted Depths Dragonet Boss' Element Change.
*Fixed Captain/Orc Quest still available if Amberbark has been razed.
*Changed Lakor Veteran Resistant Skin to Resistant Cloth
*Added Resistant Cloth to La'Koria Champions
*Added Resistant Cloth Upgrade to Hall of La'Koria
*Moved Exiled Lakor Veteran to near Portal for La'Koria Religion Part 1.
*Changed 'History' in Shell Shield of Alona tooltip.
*Added Outposts for Mercenary Player
*Added Damage & Armor Upgrade for Mercenary Player
*Fixed Dragon Slayer Damage Upgrade tooltip
*Added War Dog Training Upgrade to Outposts
*Added Outpost Set-Up Items to Mercenaries
*Added Arana Town music prompt on entering.
*Added Advanced Xaria Energy Tower (Upgrade)
*Replaced Towers in Arana Volis with Advanced Xaria Energy Towers
*Added Advanced Xaria Energy Towers to Kingdom & Empire Tower Limit
*Added Scout and Guard Towers to Empire Tower Limit
*Rebalanced Xaria Energy Tower
*Fixed Ship Travel sound effect
*Rebalanced Paladin spells
*Added a 3 second train time to Villagers (RP)
*Buffed Cannon Tower range by 100
*Buffed Cannon Tower Splash Radius by 60%.
*Fixed Acquistion Range of Xaria Towers
*Fixed Traveling Merchant's Mule not being Invuln
*Changed Sleeping Sword to be obtainable by Players
*Rebalanced Bazil (Dragonet)
*Nerfed to Cysgodol and back Ragnarok: The Endbringer
*Changed Ragnarok: The Endbringer to be picked up by a STR Rq.
*Added level 5 to Roar (Half-Dragon)
*Fixed Prince's Bash learning tooltip
*Changed skull doodads at Cysgodol Entrance
*Fixed Ragnarok: The Endbringer's tooltip
*Changed tooltip & icon of Arana Bridge Repair Supplies.
*Changed Saber's model to fix Reforged issue.
*Changed doodads in Arana Desert
*Added a 'Outpost Regain' mechanic to Mercenary Player only.

*Successfully imported Object Data (Units, Buildings, Items, Upgrades, Abilities, Doodads, Destructible.)
*Re-created any new Variables
*Re-named some old Variables
*Re-organized all Trigger Editor Folders and contents to its 2.41 counterpart.
*Re-introduced Mercenary Outposts
*Fixed Mercenaries not having Outpost Item
*Changed 'Summon Shadow Pet' canines' passives from Evasion to Natural Instinct and have Resistant Skin.
*Fixed Old Dragon Rider (UtheranQ3) not removed on heavy injuries, completion/failure of quest.
*Changed terrain of secret blink area in Arana Black Nest
*Re-added Arana Music on Town
*Fixed Xaria Towers placement from 'Buildable' to 'Ground-pathable'
*Added ‘Dark Halberd’ artifact to secret spot in Old Arana Black Dragon Next
*Fixed final two Erisdar stages not having 'Fast very Fast'
*Fixed Sya having 'Chosen Dragon' attack type
*Added Catcher Upgrades to Green Dragon Partner
*Changed level 3 'Lakor Spirit' to summon Twisted Lakorian Creatures.
*Changed Level 4 Lakor Spirit to summon 3 instead of 2.
*Changed Level 5 Lakor Spirit to summon Lakor Ravagers
*Fixed Creeps attacking Neutral Passive during Alona Quest 4
*Changed Alona during Quest 4 Escort to be consider AI (Turquoise)
*Buffed Ageless Jaw Turtle's Bite
*Fixed Pir'Tas being hostile to Players in La'Koria Questlines 2 and 3.
*Re-added Maker Religion Quest Logs
*Re-added La'Koria Religion Quest Logs
*Re-added Xaria Religion Quest Logs
*Re-added Alona Religion Quest Logs
*Re-added Utheran Religion Quest Logs
*Re-Added Cysgodol Religion Quest Logs
*Fixed typo in La'Koria Quest 3
*Fixed typo in Alona Quest 1 for Void Mage
*Fixed 'Alona Weakened' text repeat in Alona Quest 4
*Fixed Alona gaining EXP from mobs during Alona Quest 4
*Fixed Old Rider invulnerability in Maxos Events
*Fixed Mana Flare on Faerie Dragonet Shop from Utheran Quest 4 Failure
*Fixed learning increments of Healing Spray and Evasion
*Changed Lakor Spirit learning lvl requirement to lvl 2
*Changed models of Wyverns to custom models
*Fixed 'Wind Flight' tooltip to specify bonus damage occurrence on backstabs
*Changed Wyvern names to Amphiptere
*Changed 'Water Dragon' to 'Water Drake'
*Changed all mentions of 'Water Dragon' to 'Water Drake' in Alona Questline Dialogue
*Fixed Wild Sphere debuff tooltip
*Buffed Wild Sphere armor deduction from 2 to 3 intervals
*Re-added Dragon Main Story Route Quest Log
*Re-added Slayer Main Story Quest Log
*Re-added Catcher Main Story Route Quest Log
*Re-added Kingdom Main Story Route Quest Log
*Re-added Empire Main Story Route Quest Log
*Re-added Mercenary Main story Route Quest Log
*Added Mini-map pings to specific Mercenary Main Story Route locations
*Fixed Blight Removal from Dragon Shop
*Fixed Lakor Pack Kodo sounds
*Removed redundant 'fix' for old quest log system.
*Fixed new Quest Log system for transformation abilities.
*Fixed Eitur (Dragon Partner Green Dragon) upgrades
*Fixed Life Aura learning tooltip
*Fixed Amphitere Nest name
*Changed Lakor King/Queen to Emperor/Empress
*Changed Water Dragon Egg to Water Drake Egg
*Fixed Ageless spawn typo
*Fixed Kingdom Quest Log typo saying 10th Legionnaires instead of Knights
*Fixed Empire Quest Log typo saying Veterans instead of Lakor Orc Captains
*Fixed some typos in Lakor Quest Logs
*Fixed Nether Nest typo dialogue
*Changed Token of Penance Craftables to Raw Water Essence, Platinum Ring, Magic-Filled Rubies, & Gauntlets of the Maker
*Added new Secret Dragon (Purple Hope Dragon)
*Removed redundancy in Full Adult Shadow Dragon Trigger
*Fixed transformation bug on Quest Log
*Fixed Token of Penance crafting consume
*Nerfed Vengeful Dragon Spirit
*Changed Vengeful Dragon Spirit to have Healing Wave instead of Mana Burn
*Fixed Main Story "Invaders Right?" units being charmable.
*Removed impaled corpse doodads near Cysgodol Portal
*Changed spawn rate of Shadows in Cysgodol Religion from 40 to 30 second intervals
*Changed max number of Shadows per Portal from 12 to 18
*Changed Flight Point Quest (Arana) to be completable by all allied players of Gray.
*Changed the army layout of 'Armies of the False King' event to be harder.
*Fixed "Armies of the False King' "Slayer & Kingdom" armies not attacking Lakor or Capital if primary target already destroyed.
*Added new Dragon Spellsword Ultimate
*Added Bond Level Hints
*Fixed Dragon Blood & Bind Wounds activating one another.
*Fixed Dragon Blood's special effects.
*Changed Dragon Blood's Lvl Requirement from 16 to 17.
*Fixed the Forgiveness Quest not taking required items.
*Changed the Forgiveness Dialogue to new method.
*Buffed Titas, The Mad Dragon
*Added 'Kill Titas' Quest to Adult Skeletal Dragon at Arana (Snow Region) Camp
*Changed Adult Skeletal Dragon at Arana Snow Camp a Neutral Passive owned entity.
*Removed Sull'ku from item table of Skeletal Dragon Nest Leader
*Added Sull'ku as quest reward of 'Kill Titas' quest.
*Buffed Demonic Skeletal Dragon(s)
*Added Whispers of Arana Questline
*Added Lvl Requirement Dialogue to Hope Dragon Questline
*Lowered Lvl Requirement for Hope Dragon Questline to 23
*Fixed Arana Flight Point Quest
*Fixed Frost Element spell colliding with Religion Quest Log
*Changed Forgiveness Quest Start to make Player Hero invulnerable during dialogue.
*Changed target acquisition range for Titas, The Mad Dragon
*Changed Token of Penance tooltip to hint at Blue Dragon location, while informing player not to enter Nests.
*Nerfed Demonic Skeletal Dragons' Frost Bolt spell
*Fixed White & Faerie Dragonet (Units) to Young Adult stage
*Added Young Adult Non-Elemental Dragon (unit)
*Added Maxos Event v2
*Fixed Dryad Silver Piece Quest Detection Area for Enemies
*Changed Titas to be Passive until approach
*Fixed Silver Dragonet & Dragon (units) having Chosen Dragon Attack Types
*Fixed Weapon Handle tooltip
*Buffed Utheran Enforcer Follower's HP, Armor, and Damage slightly.
*Changed Utheran Enforcer Follower to be cheaper in gold and food.
*Fixed Lesser Demonic Legionnaire's Attack
*Changed Lesser Demonic Legionnaire Armor Sound on Attack.
*Nerfed Ankh of Reincarnation to no longer restore mana reserves on revival.
*Nerfed Ankh of Revival's revived hit points from 1500 to 1000
*Nerfed Ankh of Revival's charges from 3 to 2.
*Removed Gem of Health from Dragon Shop
*Added Herb Salve to Dragon Shop
*Buffed Wind Rider to have mana and Cyclone spell.
*Buffed Wind Rider armor value by 1.
*Fixed Emissary tooltip
*Fixed Blood Rogue armor sound effect
*Changed selection size of Blood Rogue
*Fixed Quick Start Dragon Choice prior to Quick Start set-up finish.
*Fixed Genocider Player being re-added to Genocider Groups
*Fixed Genocider Dragons unable to use Nest FPs even when Nest is dead
*Buffed Skeletal Dragon Skull Shield armor value to 7
*Fixed Wild Energy (Plague Passive)
*Fixed Northern Mountains' Rogue Dragons getting stuck on spawn
*Fixed Altarmoria Key reward colliding with Well selection box on spawn
*Added conditional use Nest Flight Points for Genociders
*Fixed Protective Ice Wall restoring with enemies nearby instead of when no enemies nearby.
*Changed if Maxos is still alive, his group will still appear at other Nests post part 5
*Removed RPGOD's floating texts.
*Added Single-Player Cinematic Skip for all Slots
*Fixed Cities not 'fallen' if Capture Flag is killed too quickly
*Fixed Hydra Juvenile (Unit) and Adult Hydra (unit) having Chosen Dmg Type
*Fixed Kingdom Main Route Quest Log for 'Lvl 15 Hero' Quest
*Fixed Mercenary damage upgrade incorrect tooltip

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Life of a Dragon Sequel, and the original Life of a Dragon, were both created by me, my Warcraft 3 name is known as Christopher10. Yes, I created this entirely from scratch.

Dragon, RPG, Human, Fel Orc, Life

Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.41b (Map)

10:16, 7th Apr 2016 Rufus: Rufus ReviewMap ScoreGameplay:7 / 30Aesthetics:12 / 20Total:19 / 50 Rating Chart 45-505/5 Highly Recommended35-444/5 Recommended25-343/5 Useful15-242/5 Lacking0-141/5 Unacceptable Gameplay The first area made me...
Level 2
May 31, 2011
hey how much secrets form had Dragon Slayer(Male) and female? i just found the easiest(Dragon rider) but can't discover more
Level 2
May 20, 2018
So me and a couple friends played this map. Friends as dragons me as the Kingdom. I hit a problem though, when it tells me to start and survive an invasion (unless I missed a map ping) there's no way for the humans to get another map ping on where to go to do the quest or any hints on where it's supposed to be. We kinda got stuck as a result. And while I don't really like asking for it, is there some kind of guide? Or is there a newer up to date version that we're missing?
Level 3
Feb 23, 2011
okay this is a weird question is frozen tundra meat a drop able or find able item ( i just want to confirm to myself with my bad luck)
Level 3
Feb 23, 2011
well i got the answer for my previous question myself but there is an ore that is really expensive in a certain dungeon can it be used as of this patch and if so hints maybe ?
Last edited:
Level 1
Jun 4, 2018
Can someone give me hints on finding the 11 secret dragons? I already found chimaera, so, 10 more. Hehehe. Thanks for help!!!
Level 2
May 20, 2018
I've taken a look at the map with full visibility, there is a small nest of wyverns at the top, but I have no idea how to get into that little cave. You can see a lot of stuff with full map visibility.

Edit: The dragon nest command pings all known nests, Secret ones don't get marked.
Level 3
Feb 23, 2011
I've taken a look at the map with full visibility, there is a small nest of wyverns at the top, but I have no idea how to get into that little cave. You can see a lot of stuff with full map visibility.

Edit: The dragon nest command pings all known nests, Secret ones don't get marked.
i said most u can find wyvrens in the desert and u also need a certain item for them just remember almost all caves can be entered and u should be fine.
Level 3
Feb 23, 2011
you need arcana core spread around the map there are 4 pieces i think 1 drops from blue grandmother but that one isn't realistic to get so u need to search well for it also u need level 12 as a dragonet so good luck
Level 2
May 20, 2018
Explains why there were pieces around. Shame none of us between me and my friends knew what they were for at the time.
Level 1
Jul 7, 2018
Hey, this map is fking great. Well done. Would be better if there weren't imba secrets that certain people can use to get a leg up on everyone else. One game I saw some guy spawn gigantic imba hero 5 mins into the game with 400 chaos attack DPS. Very lame.

Still, I can be host and kick someone doing some crap like this. My main issue is that for the secrets that aren't so imba, they are not intuitive. So white dragon = birthian plant + fire essence. What does that have to do with white? And its like that with most of them. Are we supposed to literally play 1000's of games and put together every conceivable combination until we randomly stumble upon answers?

Secrets are cool in maps, if you're talking about secrets that can be put together with logical thought. Secrets with hints that give you some idea of where to at least fking begin. Any other kind is a waste of your player's time. Even if some poor wretch on here is ready and willing to spend days of his precious life on discovering "white dragon"...give me a break man.

If you're going to continue making non-intuitive secrets, an F9 hints guide to all secrets would be really nice. And when people ask you on this forum, because they'll never stop asking... you can just direct them to that.
Last edited:
Level 1
Jan 21, 2019
Help me please! I can not become a Silver dragon the 4th day. tell me how to become one, please!
the Secret Dragons is hard to find
Especially the silver and white dragon, my attempts were not successful with them ... I thank everyone who helped create this map. It's really genius
I have created this account specially to thank you and help me at the same time... my regards
Level 5
Jun 25, 2010
Help me please! I can not become a Silver dragon the 4th day. tell me how to become one, please!
the Secret Dragons is hard to find
Especially the silver and white dragon, my attempts were not successful with them ... I thank everyone who helped create this map. It's really genius
I have created this account specially to thank you and help me at the same time... my regards

I appreciate it!
Silver Dragon is the hardest Secret Dragon to obtain, you have to collect 3 Silver Pieces, head to the Old Ruins, and type "I am Silver". One piece is hidden on Oblitus Island, one is dropped from a demon, and the other from a miniboss wolf that spawns in Catcher's starting zone sometime after the first 20 mins of the game.

White Dragon, on the other hand, is a offshoot of Red Dragon. Find a Birthrin plant and a Concentrated Fire Essence (Firelord/Fire Elementals), then craft the two ingredients together, locate the cave near the Red Dragon Nest, and drop the crafted item in one of the spots before going on the circle of power. Note: You can only be a Red Dragonet and/or Red Juvenile to become White Dragon, any further growth prevents it.
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Jun 24, 2013
Help me please! I can not become a Silver dragon the 4th day. tell me how to become one, please!
the Secret Dragons is hard to find
Especially the silver and white dragon, my attempts were not successful with them ... I thank everyone who helped create this map. It's really genius
I have created this account specially to thank you and help me at the same time... my regards

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Jan 21, 2019
Thank you CAAentertainment all the respect and appreciation for this genius map ..Thank you very much

RagnarokBazil Dear i will Discord thanks
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Jun 7, 2019
I have a couple of questions for a long time spent in the map, I hope you will answer them to me.
1) Is there a secret evolution in the dragon skeleton. If Yes, please tell me.
2) there are a lot of different ores. Made of many different weapons. But I still do not understand what to do with Adamantium and Ryuudite.
3) Tell me how Marion becomes the dark Archer and it could affect somehow
4) There are two glowing platforms in the Corrompido hall. Clicking on them does not change anything, why do they?

Do not swear much in my English, using Google translate
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Jun 25, 2010
I have a couple of questions for a long time spent in the map, I hope you will answer them to me.
1) Is there a secret evolution in the dragon skeleton. If Yes, please tell me.
2) there are a lot of different ores. Made of many different weapons. But I still do not understand what to do with Adamantium and Ryuudite.
3) Tell me how Marion becomes the dark Archer and it could affect somehow
4) There are two glowing platforms in the Corrompido hall. Clicking on them does not change anything, why do they?

Do not swear much in my English, using Google translate

1) No, there is not.
2) Adamantium and Ryuudite do not have a crafting purpose as of yet.
3) It's just an event that can occur when players reach a certain level.
4) They are used to revive the bridges to Corromopido during his boss fight phases.
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Jun 7, 2019
1) No, there is not.
2) Adamantium and Ryuudite do not have a crafting purpose as of yet.
3) It's just an event that can occur when players reach a certain level.
4) They are used to revive the bridges to Corromopido during his boss fight phases.

Thank you very much for the answer). It really helped me, but that questions still remained.
1) is There still some hope in the forge except essences for dragons token set? I've tried a lot of things, but nothing...
2) Will there be changes secret dragons? All but the silver is awfully weak. There is certainly a very interesting dark and purple for me, but even they are very weak and get quite difficult, and the fairy is in 90% an incredibly weak and desire for her to play absolutely no. Hydra dragon interesting of course, but to alone the essence of it is extremely difficult in the beginning. Water does seem unnecessary and turtles are also very strong. I like the poisonous one and it's probably the only secret one that doesn't need a new balance. Is that to give each of the secret evolution of 45 and then they can play with new colors. Still have the same Wyvern from the bronze dragon, but she is also weak because of damage as such she has very little and only interested in speed.
3) Will there be added the secret of evolution for the dragon, the Nether, even for the skeleton and for the Chimera? They really deserve it for me.
4) Recently in the game the player heard is "is There a set of all things the Creator?". I answered him of course not, still things are not so much and I understand it. But the idea to add a few more things and create a common set interesting. Understand that these things of course same and so by themselves extremely strong, however this was would an interesting incentive and drive for players.
5) Here a small request. Lower the damage of the Creator's sword to at least 100. Its effects are already very strong, but 250 damage I think too much damage with such effects.
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Jun 24, 2019
Question I got the necessary materials and made the incense for the Nether dragons as a Lakor. I beought to the black dragon and said type yes DO to recieve the blessing, but nothing's happening. Am I doing something wrong?
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Jun 25, 2010
Question I got the necessary materials and made the incense for the Nether dragons as a Lakor. I beought to the black dragon and said type yes DO to recieve the blessing, but nothing's happening. Am I doing something wrong?

You have the crafted 'Lakorian Beast Incense'? It's also only Male Lakor Hero. Enter the Nether Dragon Nest's Circle of Power and type "Yes DO" <- Exactly like that.
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Jul 4, 2019
Hi Love the Map.
There is a problem with the third elvator stone on the way to Arana, it has been impassable on multiple playtroughs now.

Again great map, glad to see you're still replying and updating the map. Cheers!
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Jun 7, 2019
Hello again. Please tell me how to get the secret character the orcs? That is, there is certainly the character is in 2.35, you can get a skull, but I would like to know how to get God Lakor. I heard that this is possible in versions 2.35 and 2.38 version
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Jun 25, 2010
Hello again. Please tell me how to get the secret character the orcs? That is, there is certainly the character is in 2.35, you can get a skull, but I would like to know how to get God Lakor. I heard that this is possible in versions 2.35 and 2.38 version
The Lakor Outrider has been replaced with Nether Outrider. Be Male Lakor Hero and head into the Southern Outlands (Where your other small base is.) and fight the Fel Beast there. Hope that's enough hints, the rest you can figure out yourself hopefully.
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Aug 2, 2019
Anyone find all the silver pieces? The ones ive found

-Reward from escorting hope
-Dropped from mad dragon
-Dropped fom fenrir
-The very end of the one area you need to build a bridge to get too, past the turtles and the raptors.
-Tucked behind a rock near a gateway by desert city

Im sure theres more because while a wily dragonet could abuse blinks to get the silver past the turtles and the gateway ore isnt guarded at all you'd need very mature dragon kitted with good items to kill the mad dragon or escort hope, which kinda defeats the purpose of going silver, even if it will end up stronger than any other dragon the time investment means that most games wont last that long
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Jun 25, 2010
Anyone find all the silver pieces? The ones ive found

-Reward from escorting hope
-Dropped from mad dragon
-Dropped fom fenrir
-The very end of the one area you need to build a bridge to get too, past the turtles and the raptors.
-Tucked behind a rock near a gateway by desert city

Im sure theres more because while a wily dragonet could abuse blinks to get the silver past the turtles and the gateway ore isnt guarded at all you'd need very mature dragon kitted with good items to kill the mad dragon or escort hope, which kinda defeats the purpose of going silver, even if it will end up stronger than any other dragon the time investment means that most games wont last that long

There's still one more you missed. Try talking to the Dryad in Polarvale sometime.
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Feb 23, 2011
okay might be or might not be a bug (point is i got stuck) when i enter the area with 3 shadow golems it seems i answered too fast cuz ibtrigfwr 2 riddles at the same time one of them stoped showing after, maybe cuz i answere water but cuz the othe one wasnt water maybe it tped to the middle instead of to the area i need ,after that the other two riddles showed but either my answer wrong (air,wind,chosen dragons,arana,utheran,silver dragon, dragons) and there it is i guess. (edit: the male catcher really needs a sound for his gun attack i dont know about others but i can kill a 100 creep as long as i can hear the attack sounds , also if u can change the projctile model for his searing arrow to sth more aproprite his attack animation alone would make him super fun to play)
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Nov 25, 2019
Good friends I have a doubt I am trying to become a dragon of the shadows but I am having a problem to be able to do it. Whenever I get the cisgodol amulet I go to the Cysgodol lighthouse with the amulet but I could not enter the Cysgodol dungeon. It always tells me the same thing only those with naive minds can enter, I already tried with the young adult and with the adolescent but still I do not let myself in, only children can pass? And how are we supposed to find all the objects being just a child? When I finish finding all the objects for the amulet I am always lvl 14+. Do you need help from a friend to do it?
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Nov 25, 2019
Good friends I have a doubt I am trying to become a dragon of the shadows but I am having a problem to be able to do it. Whenever I get the cisgodol amulet I go to the Cysgodol lighthouse with the amulet but I could not enter the Cysgodol dungeon. It always tells me the same thing only those with naive minds can enter, I already tried with the young adult and with the adolescent but still I do not let myself in, only children can pass? And how are we supposed to find all the objects being just a child? When I finish finding all the objects for the amulet I am always lvl 14+. Do you need help from a friend to do it?

I had a similar issue until I looked further back in the posts, you can't be level 12 or higher, the moment you become the next age of dragon, you cannot enter inside of Cysgodol. You have to be quite careful about both your level, and hope you get what you need as for the drops before hitting level 12.
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Jun 24, 2013
Good friends I have a doubt I am trying to become a dragon of the shadows but I am having a problem to be able to do it. Whenever I get the cisgodol amulet I go to the Cysgodol lighthouse with the amulet but I could not enter the Cysgodol dungeon. It always tells me the same thing only those with naive minds can enter, I already tried with the young adult and with the adolescent but still I do not let myself in, only children can pass? And how are we supposed to find all the objects being just a child? When I finish finding all the objects for the amulet I am always lvl 14+. Do you need help from a friend to do it?

normally yes.. useing the -exp off will help you with this.. but im sure its been updated now that you can use juvie stage and below to get in.. if not then you might have found a bug..

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Apr 10, 2020
there are people playing this in 2020 ? i see no gameplays of it ...and i realy want to watch and maybe play with people....And thanks for the creator of the map i like it alot but it is boring to have no one to play with :(
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Oct 1, 2016
there are people playing this in 2020 ? i see no gameplays of it ...and i realy want to watch and maybe play with people....And thanks for the creator of the map i like it alot but it is boring to have no one to play with :(
I'd play but i have no disc space on my computer, this needs newest version of WC3 and the Reforged bullshit makes it harder for me.