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Nov 22, 2010
Aug 7, 2007

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    1. Rui
      Don't leave us! ='(
    2. Crius
      Thanks! Still pretty new so I just saw your post >.< Still trying to learn my way around.
    3. -Kobas-
    4. karland90
      oh btw i found an interesting solution: remember your idea about the heros being "beat up" instead of being just killed in the first place? well it seems "phoenix morphin (egg related)" is the perfect ability for this.
      when the heros hp reaches 0 it will replace the unit type to what ever unit i choose (e.g. beaten troll) and give it timed life. after that it wil turn back to the initial unit.
      now i wasnt sure about this, since phoenix and it's egg are just regular units (non-heroes). but it appears that it does not lose items, levels, abilities or any other valuable data about the original unit!! :D
      also when i click the hero icon (F1) then it selects the alternate unit for me (beaten up). of course it wont lose the hero icon either (with morphing into non hero)

      a win
    5. karland90
      are you familiar with JNGP?
    6. Jamgun
      And thank you for the small "hint".
    7. Jamgun
      Wut lol?
    8. -Kobas-
      Dude I finished map here go :razz:

      Click, click on this, omg man, just click, what are you doing CLIIIIIIIIIICK, omg why he can't click :sad:
    9. -Kobas-
      Dude, ground is done, now only to place doodads!
    10. -Kobas-
      Ok i uploaded some pictures Pastebin

      I was wrong, 100 KB was enough for import!
    11. -Kobas-
      Dude 1 small note, i use JASS New Gen because it allows me to place over 15.000 doodads. And I will have them a lot, Also i will import from 300 KB to 500 KB custom doodads and models for terrain!

      P.S. if I save map with JNG you will be no able to do same in just WE because of doodads limits!
    12. Fire.Troll
      i cant find map development lol post link?
    13. Anachron
      please tell me if you get errors or wait a bit so I can get home and make a proper system with the ability to test it :d

      the system automaticly creates a hashtable links between 2 elements, the builder and the structure. with the call getLinkedUnit() you can get the other unit, for example, if you call getLinkedUnit(builder_unit) you get the structure unit, and other way around.
    14. Anachron
      your requested system. Please tell me whether this is working or not. i did not test this.
    15. Firelord213
      U WEEL DAI.

    16. Don-Para-
      fear the seizure banana
    17. Riptokus
      NOOO! Anything but that!
    18. Banana Sword
      Banana Sword
      Hai! If you don't respond, I'll... Tropic Thunder you!
    19. Banana Sword
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    Elenai: Asked for the answer to a question. Refused to respond until he received it. Received it and didn't like the answer, refused to respond until the follow-up question was answered. Still has not answered the question he was asked quid pro quo. Ignored by me until he has the moral courage to do what is right.
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