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An old skin, it is blurry and not very original (some of you may criticize me: 'zomfgzor, you've ripped off werewulf's idea! cheater!', but I haven't done that, this skin was made MONTHS before hers, so don't complain about it), this was my first try on making 'furs', as you can see, I haven't been sucessful, so any hints will be welcome ;P.I'll share it with the comunity, since I have no more use to it, but i just ask you one little thing: GIVE CREDITS IF YOU USE IT, OR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!!!Thanks and hope you like itPS: the icon is not the best, but it's at least acceptable.

Leon, Leonin, lion, animal, hunter, warrior, batlemaster, blademaster, blade, master, battle, war, barbarian, grom, hellscream, hell, scream

Leonin (Texture)

17:15, 30th Jun 2008 Dan van Ohllus: [Approved] I find this quality good enough to get approved.




17:15, 30th Jun 2008
Dan van Ohllus:
I find this quality good enough to get approved.
Level 6
Apr 15, 2004
As you said, you need a little help with the fur, but its still good. A new flag is highly recommended, though.
Level 9
May 7, 2005
i like it, for a "first fur" try its pretty good

no complains about the icon either, congratulations
Level 5
Mar 5, 2005
I wish you could do this skin on the blade master with the sword :/
*hint hint* might do a better one in a blademaster someday, if i get bored :D

i like your style..i mean it serious..
if you were here..at my house alone..
we'd be booze buddies..

booze \m/,

only if you bring van candy
me wanta c more skins from u hao! ^^
actually i don't have so much more skins, I'm working on a taurenish dude to replace this hero's spot on my map, but anyway, thanks ^^