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Latest WoW comic developments.. *Spoilers!*

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Jan 15, 2009
I don't know if anyone else here reads the World of Warcraft comic series, but it's a whole package of awesome and it keeps getting more and more interested.

For background info, Varian Wrynn is the main character with the Night Elf Broll Bearmantle and the Blood Elf Valeera Sanguinar as the main supporting cast. It explains where he has been all this time and is really building him into a prominent warcraft figure. His son, Anduin Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore have had significant roles so far, too. I could write everything that has happened in the past 14 issues but I wanted to write about the most recent developments in the latest issue and previews of what's to come.

In Issue #15, after we see Varian finish off Onyxia, it cuts to a Forsaken mage in Thunder Bluff's pools of vision named Stasia Fallshadow. We learn that an Orc Shaman had discovered a scroll somewhere between Hellfire Peninsula and Shattrath City and had brought the scroll to her to decipher it. She kills him after learning of the value of the scroll, a prophecy about the "savior of Azeroth" and enters the pools to find his location.

We learn that the Half-Orc Garona, who is later confirmed as also Half-Draenai, was pregnant at the time she was forced to kill her good friend King Llane Wrynn (Varian's daddy) though not under her own will. It's said that her hybrid son's survival is a "miracle". She names her infant son "Med'an" and leaves him with her friend, Meryl, a Human sorceror that has been undead for a millenia, through his own power and will to survive. He trains the boy (now a teenager) in Duskwood to fight and control his incredible power. Knowing his location, Stasia sets off to find him, accompanied by an Orc and a Tauren (Grimtotem probably?)

Meanwhile, Varian and Anduin are being led by Jaina through Dustwallow Marsh on the way to Theramore. Anduin sees Orcs and says that they look "cool". Jaina suggests that they reschedule Varian's summit with Thrall, that was interrupted by the plans of Onyxia prior to the World of Warcraft. Varian says that there is no point, as a child he saw the Orcs burn Stormwind Keep and overrun his country, and saw his father murdered by an assassin who was supposed to be his friend (Garona). He says he didn't trust them then and he doesn't trust them now. Jaina says that the demons manipulated the Orcs and instigated the war, and that Thrall is a good person who wants peace. Anduin says that meeting Thrall would be great, and that he's heard Thrall is extraordinary, and that establishing peace is something a King should do. Varian says that there is no more outright war between the Humans and Orcs, so what more can Thrall want? Anduin says thats what he can find out, and Valeera (is apparently there too) and says that it can also be about what Varian wants, and that it is also wise to know your enemy. Varian agrees to the meeting reluctantly, and then offers Broll and Valeera a permanent place in Stormwind (which would make Valeera the only known Alliance Blood Elf).

We switch to Meryl and Med'an in Duskwood while we notice the silhoutte of Garona watching from the shadows in a tree, while behind the bushes are a few other shadowy figures. The group jumps out from behind the bushes, apparently having been hired by Stasia to kidnap Med'an, there is an Orc, Tauren, Ogre, Troll, Forsaken, and a Night Elf (strangely enough) among them. Meryl fights with powerful magic, taking down a couple while Med'an isn't using any and is getting beat up. Garona shows up and kicks some butt while telling Meryl to get out of there and get the boy to safety. Med'an says she is familiar to him and asks who she is and Meryl says that she is "nobody". Garona is suddenly stopped by some kind of spell that Meryl describes as Eredun (Burning Legion magic). Med'an runs back saying that the Burning Legion will kill her while Meryl says that's "Unlikely". Med'an discovers her gone and all of his attackers dead and covered in blood, disappointed that there are none alive to tell him what they wanted.

It cuts back to Varian and Jaina who arrives in Theramore and is greeted by Aegwynn (Medivh's mommy) and Jaina uses her amulet to signal Thrall and then teleports to Razor Hill where she will meet with him.

In Orgrimmar, Thrall looks annoyed as he listens to Garrosh Hellscream and Rehgar Earthfury (who employed Varian, Valeera, and Broll as Gladiators) argue about whether to trust humans or not. Garrosh says it is madness but Rehgar says that they share common enemies so cooperation with the Alliance is in the best interest of the Horde. Thrall notices his amulet that is glowing and says that the discussion must be saved for another day and that he will depart from Orgrimmar for a short while. We see Orcs in the background talking while Thrall walks away. One says, "Did you see? The amulet glowed... and Thrall leapt to his feet! Rushing off to meet the Human Female like a trained hawk recalled to its master." The other gossip says "His alliance with the human shows weakness. He's lost the fire and passion he once had. He has no heir! We need new blood! Garrosh Hellscream knows how things should be..."

The comic then says "Jaina Proudmoore waits calmly for Thrall to answer her call, as she would answer his. And when he arrives, she realizes that he has missed her as much as she has missed him." Thrall arrives by zeppelin and thanks Jaina for taking him away from a recurring argument. She tells him that Varian has been restored to his throne and has agreed to meet with him in Theramore, and explains what he has gone through until now. Thrall says that his people are growing impatient with the peace and with him, and that it's not a good time to be away from Orgrimmar. Thrall says that he will do it but he has a bad feeling about it.

First of all, Garona is back, and we finally have an answer on what the non-Orc side of her is, she's half Draenai. They draw her without any Draenai features, except for glowy eyes. Med'an is drawn with dark blue hair, the same glowy blue eyes, and two small pointy tendrils matching his green skin. His face looks more Draenai looking than Orc, he does have the fangs on the bottom row of teeth, but they only show when his mouth is open. It looks in some scenes that he has tiny horns in front of his hair, but that isn't consistent in all the drawings.

Med'an is obviously being groomed for a large part in the future of Warcraft. He is probably who Metzen was talking about as the next guardian if the Order of Tirisfal is reinstated. I really think that the father is Khadgar, they were pretty close, and it would explain why he is powerful with magic. Sargeras probably factors in as well. It was Sargeras after all who possessed Medivh and she seems to have some kind of connection with the Burning Legion at this time.

The other interesting part is the Horde coming apart. Garrosh is rising to power within the Horde, and he's becoming a hero for those Orcs that want to get back to fighting. Garrosh already challenged Thrall once prior to the new expansion, and would have defeated Thrall in the duel had the Scourge not invaded Orgrimmar. Saurfang's exchanges with Garrosh in Warsong Hold also hint at where things are going.

As for the small bit about Thrall not having an heir? And then immediately after talking about Thrall and Jaina missing each other? Hint, hint!
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Jun 13, 2007
Yeah, I read a few of the previous comic. But they're making some disgusting things, a ORC+DRAENEI+HUMAN KID?
and if Thrall and Jaina get a kid... oh my God. That's just disgusting xD

You'd get a goblin
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