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Kwaliti's gallery

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So, I noticed that everybody had a gallery except me. I'll be posting my shizz here.

Pencil work




Digital art







I'll try to update this as frequently as possible.
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Jul 9, 2008
To be honest, I can't tell what the first two drawings are, so I too will blame your phone :p. But they do look detailed if I could see what they were.
Not much to say about teh first face, except that it seems very 2d and skewed. Its like his bones are at an angle. I really like the second face though. And you should make an Icon of that axe... I don't know why Ive never been able to draw wood...
ANYWAYS, the death knight is REALLY COOL. you should computer color it or something.

The WIP's: You should zoom out on that leg so im not itching to see what the rest of the sketch looks like :D
the warlock is AWESOME. Can't wait to see what his face looks like :D
Keep it up, those are awesome. Wish I could draw :{

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Deleted member 157129

I like the Death Knight, good detail. The Warlock is also looking interesting so far. Obviously you got a tablet, but what program(s) do you use? Looks like it could be Photoshop, but a lot of tools are great as long as you've got a tablet. I discovered lately that Painter Essentials is pretty awesome for pure drawing as long as you've got a tablet.

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Pretty decent. I think his right hand (our left, upper) is a bit small though, and the underarm is too long and appears to be broken (still same hand), probably because of the odd curve on the golden edge of the gloves.

Looks like he caught his beard and is going to use it as a whip!
Anyhow, nice work!
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