Arctic's... uh Gallery?

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Jun 22, 2006
Maybe not gallery at the moment. I am quite proud of this drawing, so I am posting it here. Did it in a dark browned sharp pointed pen, took me roughly 4 hours. The head was done with a black pen, took me roughly 30 minutes.

The actual drawing looks more detailed, I took a picture of this using a digital camera. Sorry for poor image quality lol, I'll find the time to scan it and my other drawings, if anyone likes pen drawings like this.

Give me some feedback! Any constructive criticism is welcome!

p.s contrast is raised by 20% so pen lines are more clear and distinct,
Yes I do draw things not inspired by other things too.

Edit : Second update, the two drawings are done in pencil, the sea monster took me roughly an hour while the freak took me 45 minutes or so. Done with mechanical pencil. Yes I have doodly lines. (I haven't touched my pencil in 3 months!! lol)

'Finger of death' done with markers and pen. Took 1 hour.

As usual, a digital camera is used to capture the drawings.


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