My Progress study drawings that started from sucky ones

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Jan 21, 2011
You are an inspiration to all of us!

You have made such an improvement over the years. I myself had only started to try and go digital just recently, I'm certainly getting some neat tricks from your works :D

Trying to update myself with only the current page on this thread, that world eater looks sick m8!
It almost looks like a Magic: The Gathering card if you ask me.
Thank you! i'm glad you're at least picking up something :) haha thanks! i loved that world eater as well <3

Wow, your art is really amazing!
Thank you! i try my best :)

I don't have any finished ones currently but i have a lot of stuff i haven't uploaded here :)
i was gonna make a comic and was planning on worldbuilding but unfortunately i got piled up with deadlines and projects
ComicBackground.jpg this was the only background i had made for it, it was supposed to be filled with people and lots of floating lanterns :)

Canyon.jpg This was japanese inspired i had made back in 2017 i planned this to look more mystical and mysterious but didn't have the necessary design skills to incorporate what i wanted
so i let this be

Backtoash.jpg This was probably the most detailed portrait i had ever made and took me like 8 hours to finish. I don't really like rendering realistic faces hahaha
but it seemed like i get more clients paying for it. The hair was all over the place here but i learned a lot about the hairs

Agne Arkani.jpg this was the character sketch i did as one of the characters in my comic
i'll just update his design a little more because i already like it as it is :)
Agne Arkani.jpg
Level 16
Jan 21, 2011
thank you! i try to harmonize the lights and not make it confusing to the viewers :D
a lot of wips and the last one was an office type of room i designed

some skywhale concept wip
Airwhale1.jpg Airwhale2.jpg

a town inside the mountains, this is gonna be my big personal proj

commissioned Moroccan architecture office with western furniture
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