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Warhammer 40K drawings

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So anyways, i just realised there is an art section in this website. i didnt realise for the past 2 years. hmmm...
anyways, recently i have been working on my marine models but before that i have been drawing. like since forever.

when i was a kid i drew dinosaurs
first real project i did when i was a kid was to draw all 151 pokemon. and i mean draw in a painstakingly way, not some scrible with crayon. i done that.
then i had a project where i drew digimons. i liked digimons.
then i went back to drawing pokemon, drawing the 151 rbg pokemons and also part of the gold pokemons. then i got bored of it so i quitted.
then i drew starcraft stuff, mainly zerg.
then some warcraft stuff. abomination looks kinda ok
then some random fantasy stuff.
now i draw Warhammer stuff and here they are.

Avatar.jpg Avatar of the Eldar Carnifex.jpg Carnifex of the Tyranids
Chaos Raptor.jpg Chais Raptor Defiler.jpg Chaos Defiler
dreadnought.jpg Space Marine Dreadnought KhorneBerserker.jpg Khorne Berserker of the World Eaters
Terminator.jpg Space Marine Terminator Typhus.jpg Typhus of the Death Guards

anywhos, right now, i am drawing a Chaos Terminator. its gonna be big as a 3xA4 papers put together. a big picture indeed and probably a personal best
i used to make some skins for fun u know. just plain boredom.
so anyways i decided to make a vampire bat skin.
this is what the skin looks like
and this is what the model looks like after some modification
however, i dont know how to make the transparent bits transparent so the wings look like a massive polygon.
then i realised, because of this problem, i cant get teamcolour to work either along with some other stuff. so i gave up making skin.
Level 9
Jul 17, 2007
Nice pics, but they are not really interresting.
Technicque isnt bad, but some shades or a bit coulour would give it a better taste.
Some proportions look bit strange, but all in all good pics ;)
Edit: Only the khorne berserker axe looks strange xD not all ^^

Btw: U draw them out of your head or you copied it from an allready existing picture?
i use all kinds of info. for example, the khorne berserker, the crouching pose was inspired by the front cover of fire warrior. the helmet is that of a normal berserker. the arrow decoration on the boot it from a chaos lord in the game and so it the covering hanging down the belt.
however, the knee pad and the belt buckle, i just drew that up.
and i drew it kind of in a resting position. the feeling of tranquility. ironic because its a khorne berseker we are talking about.
the rest of the drawings is mostly base on one drawing i find on the internet and i add and take away and modify bits of it. in case of the carnifex, that is almost copied from the internet except i added some spikes and saliva. so is typhus, except the picture i was working from was so tiny, i made some bits up. like the right thigh. i dont think its correct.
and the reason i did put it in like a battle scene, to make it interesting, is that i wanted the drawings to be occupied only by a single entity. not distract with an extra space marine or a ripper.
the chaos terminator i am drawing, however, will be of a charging battle scene against some guardsmen. its gonna be a pain in the ass since i dont like guardsmen i am gonna have to draw more than one

i use fireworks and convert it in viewer.(i know, i am no pro) what should i be using?
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Nice little coloring book you have there. :p You should make a full book and sell it.
Level 1
Jun 12, 2016
Hey I hope you dont mind me asking but im doing a youtube account and im thinking about using a couple of your pictures in my intros i do, i wont say they are mine and ill send ppl your way I was just asking if its alright if i use them?
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