Kingom At War

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is strategy map like azeroth wars u take circles gain periodic income and things like that.You can see explonation in game,just press f9.Ill add credit for model makers i used lots of model in game.Biger and cheaper armies are better then smaller strong armies.There are over 60 difrent units with spells.Also because battles were ending to fast i aded evasion 40%,some units have it 60% like assasins.Blue human has intresting door sistem i made,they should also help red that present people.Also i didnt wanted to ally with evryone so only humans(both factions),elfs and Mages can ally.
Because it would be irational to let church and undead ally.
If Mages ally with some of factions they will get some extra free buildings in their cities and villages.They should prepare for undead invasion,because they are imperior race with some of best units in game.Also if you are playing with undeads dont lose your libaries they cant be build again and spellcasters that can be trained are invaluable.Orcs should use their ships to conect orcs from islands and base near undeads there is alternative drop-off boat zone.Human should stop bandits immediately when game starts because they can make problems later.Bandits have two enemies at the same time so they should be careuful.Also smart things is using assasins against archers.Elfs should focus protecting their capital from bandits and even orcs that can come from sea so masing ships sounds like good idea.They should focus first on bandits capital near their start position.Villagers should not be underestimated because they can make mases of cheap units and mix with hunters and captains.mages should help humans preventing undeads become to strong and at the same time defend their south base from elfs.And its necesary to destroy undead base near their main base.Dwarfs have good start postion that they should use.They should try to defend their base on east side from undeads that can prove it self realy useful.They should focus on orcs,humans or even maybe undeads.

Some important things:
-Remeber ships play important role ingame so use them us much as plausible.
-CHEAP UNITS ARENT USELESS they can be great for masing.
-You dont have to fight all the time.Fight smart dont fight hard.
-You need both good wood and gold income to use.(i have some problems with -income,ill fix it soon)
-dont forget to upgrade especially orcs.
-Humans should buy items for thir elite(also you will need good wood income)
-Units can use up to two items,while heroes 6(they drop on death)
-Masing is good idea if you have lots of gold(you will be able to mass longer with cheap units)
-Level up heroes they become useuful later ingame.

-Fixed ranger cold arrows(now they have mana) and they have higher damage now.
-decrease Frost nova strenght and increased their food cost(from 1 to 2),and Magician Fire Strike aoe.
-Added new path to undead base.
-New orc base in mountains.
-Fixed some sounds and descriptions.
-Small bandit base added.
-Improved terrain a lot.
-Added two more Skeleton Knights to Undead.


Kingom At War (Map)

10:48, 27th Aug 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected