King of the Dead

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
A Skeleton model for the Modeling contest #33.

It's a hero model, but deleting the hero glow can also be used as a unit.
It can be both ranged and melee hero.

The file size is big because of duplicated mesh for the death animation. Just for clarification, before anyone mention it.

Give credits if you use it and enjoy!

PS: Sorry about the crappy in game screenshot, I'm having a lot of problems lately with all of my warcraft 3 versions and I am not in a mood to tinker with those anymore.

King of the Dead (Model)

Portrait (Model)

I tested it for the Contest and it works. Congratulations. Setting it to Approved.


Arena Moderator
Level 37
Jul 29, 2008
Always glad to see people still modding Classic. Also Undead! Some serious scoliosis, tho. ; )

Love me a good skelly boi, and especially maintaining the fun Birth & Death anims. Dissipate is borked (at least in the Hive Viewer). Also it's cool that you got inspiration from Reforged; didn't even notice the new Altar looked like that. : )

I kinda feel like the bloody-cup & associated animations sorta pigeonhole this guy out of a number of uses, but then again this is a Contest entry so it has to follow the theme.