Dead Fish

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Well, here's an undead version of the challenge fish model with Misha. I was bored, so I made this one too. Now, if you complained about polies in the other one, there's more in this one. Well, enjoy.

Dead Fish (Model)

I really, really do find the polycount to be overly high... but the quality is good and people can decide for themselves how to use it.
Level 25
Jun 5, 2008
...and fish anatomy is nowhere to be seen.. Ouo ya know their spinal column is in the middle of the body and that the bones are all vertical, and that they don't have 'arms', just fin bones

still, it's a good one x3
Fish anatomy would be impossible to achive without either a really good skin, or an insane level of polies.
Also, I don't know how fish anatomy works, so I just made something that looks cool. XD

Oh and had I placed the spine in the middle, then nothing would really show ingame.