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Khadgar, legendary mage of the Second War, apprentice to the Guardian Medivh, and a member of the Sons of Lothar.

By for the most time-consuming of the Sons of Lothar models, due to the fact that I decided to make 3 distinct versions of him. I made this decision because of the abundance of different character designs Khadgar has gone through throughout the years of Warcraft. I have tried to cover as many different concepts (book descripts, WCII icons, concept art etc) as I could - I have not included his WoW look however, since we already have models depicting that on this site.

The result varies a bit in quality, but overall I am pretty pleased. Old Khadgar is probably my favorite of the 3.

Special thanks to @The_Warchief for helping with particle effects and overall support!

  • September 5th 2022 - Optimized model by removing unused keyframes and fixed minor bugs (it now passes sanity check)

Khadgar (Model)

KhadgarOld (Model)

KhadgarDraenor (Model)

Level 36
Jul 26, 2004
Woaaaal Such an epic character ! Lovely animations ! Finally they comes out ! Bro , miss you much ~ Wish we can meet again some day !
After seeing these models I think today must be the most lucky day in this week . :)
Now I will await your orc chieftain packs .
Thanks man! How are you? I hope to be able to go back and visit China one day, we could meet up :)
Definitely like all versions despite the fact that it is difficult for me to get used to the visual style but I can't stop admiring the animations and the character of the hero 💛
Thanks! The visual style is something I have given a lot of thought. On the one hand, it's important to make a custom texture fit the existing art style - on the other hand, many vanilla WC3 textures are downright ugly, and I'd rather make something I think looks good (not to mention develop my texturing skills). Balancing those two goals is a fine line, and one I may sometimes cross, but I try to do my best to mimic the art style. Hopefully it's not too jarring :)
edit: Dude! Did you honestly add an animation that transforms him from young to old? :D That's crazy.
The only downside, if you can even call it one, is that the skin and animations are superior to everything else in WC3.
Also his hands might be slightly too big.
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Yup, the young-old transition was something I had in mind since I first started thinking of this model :D
Regarding the quality, this is kind of the same sentiment as the one above - hopefully you'll understand why I go the route I do with my models. The hands might be a wee-bit big yeah :p