Jass NewGen WE HELP

Level 6
Nov 14, 2010
Okay guys another question, I use Jass NEWGEN WE I cannot hit the test button without this popping up
I then said, oh well moved it to my map list under Downloads, now when I open wc3 up pull up the map and hit "Start Game" First of all, No player slots, Second of all, I hit Start game, acts like it will go to load and wanna know what happens? KA BANG Back to the menu that u hit start game at! As you can tell I am very, very annoyed with this because I'd like to be able to play my map to test some features and well I cant so if anyone can help me I would be grateful.
For preventing the error, find the item in the toolbar that says "Reinventing the Craft". Click it and make sure that "Enable Reinventing the Craft" does not have a checkmark next to it.

If there is no item in the toolbar that says "Reinventing the Craft", then modify the wehack.lua file to the one described in the link that mckill posted.

Hopefully, that should resolve that problem. To prevent the second problem (where it does not properly play the map), you must make sure you save your map twice consecutively before testing. (click save, wait for it to finish saving, and then click save again) Then the problem should be fixed.