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Level 9
Dec 26, 2007
IotM is an 5 vs 5 AoS map, it has 6 lanes, and 12 Heroes.
Buy many items, wander through the mountains as you watch your friends die by your side, and find hidden bases to take over!


”A normal day at the Moonfolks town. We never even imagined that it could happen. But it did happen, how terrifying it then is. The Nightsmen attacked, though we never dreamed of, that they would wander through the land of Tarzitan just for taking over our small village Antalazian. But they did, and we ran into the mountains, and our king, Elrar, established a small base. Most of our people had been killed, but we were still enough to create a army. All war able men took their armor, weapons and courage with them, and so the battle begun.”
“A week after, we were surprised. The Nightsmen surprise attacked us. We haven’t heard them at all. Strange.. Their ghouls attacked our unprepared men, and most of us died. At that moment, I was a Captain of the army. I killed their general with a slash in his neck, and ran away. I still regret it today. I was a coward. A week after, I went back for food at the base, maybe the Nightsfolk left some. But, when I approached the Base, I was surprised. Our king and some men was still alive. They were about a hundred. Some men ran to me, and said “We defeated them! We defeated them! But we fear, that it is not over. We fear, that that was just a taste of what the Nightsmen can do.” I said “Do not fear, my men. We will fall with pride.”




What is so special about this map?

What I think is special, is, that it got 6 lanes, that you can capture many bases, each with different "races" to spawn, and the 12 imported models being used for the Heroes.

If you do not think that the things explained above is interesting, then please, come with ideas to make it special.

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