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  • Hey Vestras, I downloaded moonlight map studio and I have one problem. When running the setup, it says you need a .NET framework V 4.0.30319
    Is there any way around downloading the .NET framework or is it a must?
    Your msn is sending me spam messages :/

    phewww +o( unbelivable, is that you??? who ever is really similar to you lol ...


    Yeah, but probably some time because it needs some interface work ;) . I'll probably show it when its read. The bottom is just a program I made which is on gradient mode, can't write much since its on a heap.

    Gradient test with my program.
    Cool, currently it I have made a designer mode. Currently I will be returning to it, not sure when. I'm busy with all of the situations lately, but I will try ;)
    Yeah, a programming language like triggering GUI, but off course code mode. I will try to make my own programming language (which can be converted to VB.Net or C# code when compiled).
    Looks nice, making a .NET programming language in GUI ;). Good luck with it, looks like some useful tool for JASS.
    maybe they implemented some new ribbons/particle emitters
    I thought the same. But the typical structure of model's file should remain (except new fields). What about textures? The WoW:WotLK texture format (BLP 2) implies DXT 5 compression with alpha shifting (don't know much about that shift), but also supports paletted images (and probably jpegs) as texture content. I hope, this "backward compatibility" will remain. But blizzard can add new flags for some types of textures.
    Well, that's just a thought at the moment.

    I asked about formats, because I'm working on BLP Lab.

    ♫ Arnej - They Always Come Back (Original Mix) ^^
    just downloaded Coldharbour Recordings vol. 6
    I was thinking to make the (takes nothing returns nothing) display when you click the item.

    I agree , it needs something that would unwrap parameters and return of the method.
    =) In other words, I agree with you.

    HTML & PHP - in general, I didn't practised much with it. Java - don't know.

    How do you think, what file formats will be in diablo 3 and sc 2? Will Blizzard use the same model & texture format as in WoW? Because I don't see, which improvements can be made with their file structure.
    Would have to know your opinion.
    Well, it would be not so obvious coding, but I agree, it needs something that would unwrap parameters and return of the method.
    The indenting between expression type (method, var) and name (zomg, hello, onTimer) would be nifty =).

    By the way, do you have work in other projects (programs, maps, campaigns, spells, etc.)?
    2. I mean, that I use e.g. code that opens PSD (photoshop files), because I don't want to write something, if I can use better variant.

    3. hmm...

    5. Skype - "shadow.daemon".

    6. Add all variables & methods of this structure & delegate structures. The table could look like:


    integer abcd
    timer time
    integer ppp
    Hello takes nothing returns nothing
    onTimer takes nothing returns nothing
    zomg takes integer a, integer b returns nothing[/stable]
    0. Well, the standard cut-copy-paste, find-replace. Also, would be nice to have quick line navigation (some kind of edit box "input line # to go").

    2. Me too, but sometimes I just haven't enough time & knowledge to reproduce huge amounts of code.

    3. Really, I don't know, what reason could make this bug. Have you tried to debug by commenting lines one by one?

    5. I only have ICQ# and Skype.
    Well, the interface looks empty a bit. Moar buttons & menus, please.
    Also, would be good to have code completion (combo box dropping out below the text cursor, with the list of possible expressions) and some essential "code templates depository".

    Why not to use highlighter made by someone else? It possibly can get rid off some code work.
    Meanwhile, I think your S/H (syntax highlighter) works inefficiently. As I understood form the code, it scans all text on every key press, right? Obviously, it should lag a lot, especially with 12382 lines of code.

    // AdicHelper :D how did you found this tool?
    You gonna mod Starcraft II?
    ofc, and Diablo III too =)

    I'm prefer to use oh-my-dear Delphi 7 (I won't use .NET, because I just don't like it).

    I don't know, if there will be some type of JNGP for SC2 world editor with similar integrated features in it... Your app seems quite rough now, but it's potential awesome. I always wanted to have Jass code structure like in Code Explorer of Delphi.
    Hi =)
    Well, mostly in Delphi.

    btw: DJ Eremit - Tanz Der Seele (YOMC Club Mix) <3 давай!
    yeah, downloaded it yesterday, nice tune =)
    Nice ^^
    I got some skies for christmass, not twin-tip, but they're good enough ^^ I don't do much parks, I mostly ski in the forest with powder snow and such, some jumps too :)
    Ski like "langrenn"? No, not for a year or so :p
    Although I do go to Brokke quite a few times in the winter to go downhill-skiing (Slalom/Alpint).
    well i fixed it a bit, it should load fully after some refreshes, the problem is the high trafic on the site.

    Atleast now the links won't break.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Thanks for the Jass Tutorial! Really gave me some interesting mapping ideas and tought me some really useful stuff. ^.^
    Not really right now, but I'll contact you when I have another thing that needs to be done.
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