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Chronicles of War

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Mar 21, 2008
Chronicles of War

Two Villages have been at war for centuries. They have long forgotten why they fight. But the villages do not care why they fight, all they know is that the other village is evil. Both the villages are short on men and resources. Both know this, but refuse to negotiate. But that was before they arrived. I was only 15 when they came and I was training to be a warrior to fight in the war.
One evening some strange men and women wandered into our village. They claimed that they could end our war once and for all. We asked them how and they responded that they had their ways. We let them fight for us but as we confronted the other village they to had their own heroes. We charged into battle and bodies went flying. The heroes and both sides were destroying what ever came into their reach. But still no one could win. Both sides were forced to retreat. As we fell back we realized that the heroes had died.
One year later 5 children showed the ability to use the same power those heroes had used. We had a new weapon of war....

Chronicles of War
is an AoS. Chronicles of War Allows the player to help destroy the enemy town, if he wants to, or he can help gather supplies for the war effort, or he can do quests, or he can work on trying to build war machines.
CoW(chronicles of war) allows players to play different styles of gameplay, allowing you to play how you want.

1. Professions
2. Quests
3. Gather Supplies for the war effort
4. Influence how your side fights
5. Upgrade your troops to better their abilities
6. Play how you want
7. Expand your base (capture different bases)
8. Many different heroes
9. And More!

Overview of CoW:
Tileset: Village
Size: 192x192
Players: 10 (+2 CPU's)
Heroes: 12 (right now)
Teams: 2
Hero Type: Warlock (summoner), Assassin (stealthy), Warrior (brutal), Brute (vicious), Noble (holy), Mage (magic), Zealot (holy/brutal/magic), Peasant (builder), Town Drunk (comical), Ranger (Ranged/Stealth), Priest (Holy/Healer), Archer (ranged)

Thats all for now.... will add more later...
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Level 6
Sep 13, 2008
Another AOS why not. It all sounds good.

Only problem I see is the plot. Two towns would have killed each other by the time centuries hit. Give them a reason for a sudden feud. Maybe uncovered ruins between them. It would add to the environment too.
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