hero wars tournament

Level 6
Sep 4, 2007
This is a map with lanes like gang wars but will be more like hero wars so many heros to pick at start.

There will be 4 or 5 lanes so 1v1 1v1 1v1 1v1 1v1 everytime someone wins they face the next person or before them who has won and when only one player is left that play has won.

there will be a lot of things from hw elite with permission from pay123, as well as things not from hw.

There will be new items, abilities, units, towers. I will try and make it so you can move fast with each 1v1. Like having set towers so you cant max your towers to make game last a long time. You will be able to build a bank to help your income as well as being able to send units.

I will make all the heros have their own abilities so no hero will be the same on either side light or dark.

This map will be good to help new players get to know hero wars better. I will be basing it on roc for now and tft later on. So a version for both.
Level 12
Aug 10, 2004
honestly... if you don't need to... don't make it tft...

Id like it if more maps were both just because once in a while I'll get a new comp and not have either CD key :/