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Level 19
Oct 18, 2008
All units in my map have the ability to carry and use items. This creates a bit of a problem when the footman with a scroll of fire rain looks just like the others.

I request models to replicate the sparks appearing overhead units who pick up items in Tzar. As originally, there should be yellow sparks for spell items and blue for enchanted weapons. There will be hundreds of units and many of them could have items so it also needs to be lightweight as possible.

Level 20
May 29, 2013
These are amazing. Can you increase the spawn frequency by half so one gets made before the last one dies, and make them get a little bit bigger in the couple of frames where they are at their maximum size?
How about these?
By the way, making particle emitters is really simple with Magos' War3 Model Editor. Even if it doesn't work on your PC, you can still easily edit existing particles with only MDLX Converter and Notepad.


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