[Idea] Warcraft Kombat

Level 4
Jul 25, 2008
I have had this idea for the past 3 weeks, and i really want to see a fighting game on BNet, but i lack the skills to make it. So i think i'll just post my idea.

After years of fighting, the races of Warcraft challenge eachother to a death tournament, to show once and for all who is the superior race.

So far i have had up to 64? fighter ideas, right now I will post 5 for now, if any1 wants to work on it and is really interested i will post the rest :thumbs_up:.

Stoma: A shaman warrior from the orcs, Stoma is capable of lightning attacks.
Punch - the standard attack.
Kick - the standard attack.
Jump - a standard evasive skill
Lightning Strike - a skill that shocks the enemy, knocking the enemy unconscious for 1 second.
Blink - Gives Stoma a 30% chance to evade all attacks and increases his attack speed by 25%.

Overload - Shocks the enemy over 3 seconds, he will explode into a thousand pieces.
Honorable Death - Beheads the enemy.
Tornado - Creates a tornado around target, spinning him until his bones fly off in all directions.

Sir Godric - Human combatant equipped with a large hammer, has slow attack speed but can destroy his enemies.
Hammer - A special attack that deals high damage.
No Ability - Has no other standard attack.
Jump - The standard evasive skill.
Retaliate - A light protects Godric for 3 seconds, after he is hit he will lose this buff, but if he is hit he will deal damage back to the enemy.
Purge - A long casting AoE ability that deals tremendous damage.

Fatalities -
Hammer Blow - Squishes the enemy with Godric's oversized hammer.
Mountain Strike - Uppercuts the enemy knocking him outside the arena.
Judgement - A beam of light will strike the enemy, melting off his skin.
Cavalry Charge - No one said the humans were honorable, a wave of knights charge the enemy fighter.

Aelina Swiftree
A nightelf combatant armed with her bow and faith with her goddess.
Bow + Arrow - Shoots an arrow.
None - Has no second ability.
Roll - A fast roll forward.
Frost Arrow - A chilly arrow, if it hits it will slow down the enemy fighter by 55%.
Rapid Fire - Makes Aelina attack at incredible speeds, but she cannot move.
Diversion - Creates a duplicate of Aelina that may draw fire.

Fatalities -
Needle Shot - Fires hundreds of arrows at her target.
Last Kiss - Aelina kisses her target on the cheek, then a giant tree gets jealous and squashes the enemy.
Exploding Arrow - Fires an explosive arrow, the rest is a given.

Slasher -
A ghoul combatant from the undead scourge, Slasher makes quick strikes but has low defense.
Punch - the standard attack.
Cut - deals damage over time.
No Dodge - sadly ghouls are not known for their deftness.
Cheap Attack - Knocks the target out for 1 second.
Body Throw - Slasher has learned the Hunter's attack in L4D, and will pounce on the enemy for a few seconds.

Fatalities -
Nom! Slasher will eat the enemy alive.
No guts no glory - Will rend the enemy.
Ghoul Attack - Slasher will call his buddies to kill the enemy.

He is your shooter!!! A dwarf combatant armed with a rifle.
Bayonet - Will stab the enemy, deals low damage.
Fire - Blam!
No Dodge - yea.... dwarves aren't known for their quickness.
Ale - Will heal Eagleye, also lowers damage for 3 seconds.
Concussive Shells - Has a 5% chance to knock out the enemy.
Reload - Will raise Eadleyes attack speed for a few seconds.

Fatalities -
Headshot! Self explanatory
Tiny - Eagleye calls upon his bear pet, Tiny, to thwart his enemy.
This.... is....mah....boomstick!!! Unleashes a wave of fire at eagleyes enemy, burning him into a crisp.
.01 Cal Shot - Eagleye fires his proto-gauss rifle, ripping the enemy completely apart.