Map Idea

Level 8
Oct 28, 2007
I have this idea for a map. You can use it if you want to:

Wizards and Warlocks (Possible Name)

The idea is heroes start with the following spells. These spells are then used to make spells.:

Prevents 75% of the damage taken in the next 1.5 seconds

Fires a bolt. If it collides with an enemy, summons an lesser spirit with 75 life and dealing 15-25 damage. Each attack from the spirit also drains 10 mana.

Fires a bolt, dealing 100 damage when it collides with an enemy. Is destroyed if it impacts an ally.

Fires a bolt. If it collides with an ally, target regains 50 life. If it collide with an enemy target takes 25 damage, is slowed by 25% for 3 seconds and has -4 armor for 2 seconds.

If the cast casts 3 spells. It gains another temporary ability which is removed after casting and the caster can only have one at a time. The ability he gains is based on the last three spells he cast and this resets his last casted spells. These spells also has a long cooldown to ensure that the user changes his spells constantly.

Examples of spells:
Abjurationx3 = Arcane Shield (until moves 50% of damage taken goes to mana)
Abjurationx2+Evocation = Turning (all nearby missiles are deflected)
Abjurationx2+Conjuration = Force Wall (Creates a wall of force...Each segment can absorb 100 damage)
Abjurationx2+Transmutation = Stone Skin (absorbs next 75 damage)

Evocationx3= Anti-matter blast (Deals massive damage,very slow)
Evocationx2+Abjuration = Contingency (Next normal spell is greatly amplified)
Evocationx2+Conjuration = Force Cage (Creates a shield around target, making it invulnerable but disabling it)
Evocationx2+Transmutation = Reverse Gravity (Cause All units and missiles in area to fall upwards if effected by gravity)

Conjurationx3= Gate (Summon a powerful demon, dealing damage to nearby units)
Conjuratoinx2+Evocation=Molten Boulder
Conjurationx2+Abjuration= Shield Golem (Creates a golem taking 25% of the damage of the caster)
Conjurationx2+Transmutation=Polimorph (Fires a bolt, turning target into an harmless animal)

Transmutationx3=Flesh to Stone (Fires a bolt dealing 100 damage and slowing target by 50% for 3 seconds)
Transmutationx2+Abjuration= Anti-magic field (Prevents all unit in area from casting spells and destroys all projectiles inside area)
Trasmutationx2+Evocation = Ethereal Jaunt (Fires a bolt, increasing the ms of target by 100%, but causing it to take 300% damage form spells)
Transmutationx2+Conjuration= Shadow Conjuration (Creates a shadow minion. The shadow is invisible until it attacks)

Abjuration+Evocation+Conjuration = Blade Barrier (Creates a barrier of blades, dealing dps to units within(
Evocation+Conjuration+Transmutation= Void (Creates a void in matter,sucking all nearby units and missiles to it)
Conjuration+Transmutation+Abjuration= Maze (Trap target in a otherworldly maze banishing it and returning after a few seconds)
Transmutation+Abjuration+Evocation= Disjunction (Creates a bolt, stripping target of half its mana and all its buffs)