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I got a Call of Duty like map... But I need your opinions and ideas...

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Level 17
Aug 20, 2007
So, I found somethings to implement in my AOS map, which is generally my first kind of map...

*Perks are items, you have 3 slots and you can have 3 grenades and ect... But you cannot change the perks after the game and some of the perks are different depending on the class

*Salary (per minute) is grown by the amount of damage you give to an enemy unit... Meaning that kill steal is not much of a problem anymore

*Special abilities are given to people with a number of HERO kills... Meaning 3 hero kills is a free UAV!

*You can do UAV, which spawns an Unmanned Air Vehicle that can roam around with a really good sight (Also, if possible, detects hidden units)

*You can do a Helicopter spawn, which shoots a minigun and uses the missile ability ect... Can be destroyed easily with an RPG, if anyone would want to sacrifice that item slot...

*Tanks are in the game and doesn't really contribute to non-armored units like soldiers

*You can transport yourself using a helicopter for some understandable amount of money, and if the helicopter is somehow shot down, you die! But that's rare and the helicopter would be 2x stronger and 2x faster? Also, if you do shoot down something with cargoed units, their hp is your additional salary! Nothing is left out!

*Heroes' level abilities are not something magical, and is based on things like Rocket Volley, Gun Spray, Toxic Rocket, Sure shot, and ect.

Now I need your opinions and ideas...
Level 7
Jul 6, 2008
I would think that perks should be the abilities, and the guns you choose should be in the item slots.
Level 12
Aug 10, 2004
well gun attachments are pretty simple if you use orc battle standard

There shouldn't be an attack besides a knife

Standard ability is-fire gun (Cluster Rocket, Quick, doesn't home, has cooldown)
different weapon abilities is below

Rate of Fire-Engineering upgrade (Decreases cooldown of gun eventualy to 0)
Sprint-Defend, can't cast spells, increases speed (negative amount)

Thats all I got
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