Human Kingdoms Banners Reforged

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All we miss Kul Tiras banners in Rexxar Campaign.
It is very cheap and simple to add it using the general human banner with Lordaeron sigil.
Also I did similar to Dalaran and Stromgarde.

If somebody has idea what details I can get from existing in-game textures to assemble banners for:
Stormwind, Alterac, Gilneas, Ironforge, Wildhammer - please comment.

Dalaran Banner Reforged (Model)

Kul Tiras Banner Reforged (Model)

Stromgarde Banner Reforged (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Great additions to the doodad pool, but they all clip badly. Some slight modification to it will make this bundle approvable. Great use of ingame textures by the way.
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Jul 26, 2008
Can I ask why there is sometimes a huge discrepancy between the size of various "Reforged" assets?

I mean, one of your other models is 28mb large (link below), while some of your other models are smaller than 4mb

Dranai Female Reforged

Was just curious, since I noticed some other reforged models from other users also had a large range in terms of MB (I know this current one is of a doodad so probably not the best comparison, but others are unit models and manage to also stay low in size).
Well, the reason is that models have LODs.
Level of detail means that almost all meshes have 3 copies with a lower amount of polygons.
Each of these meshes has ids of LOD from 0 to 3.
Usually, when I add something to a model I just set LOD 0 to new mesh and don't add lod 123 in order to save filesize.
The second thing is a portrait - The portrait in Reforged is the full copy of the main model - with 1 LOD.
But it could be optimized by cutting off parts that are not visible in the camera view.
The third is additional textures. I think the main reason. Dranai female had replaced textures, textures are heavy. Each texture kit has to have 3 files at least to complete the material (diffuse, normal, orm)
Fourth is the complexity. Doodads are the simplest - 1 animation and few polygons. Units and buildings are heavier due to bones, animations, attachments, particles, etc.
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