Orc Clan Banners Reforged

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Banners of all known orc clans.
Tried to make them unique as possible.
All have stand and death animation.

Thanks to @ShadiHD for help with texturing Stromreaver banner)

Upd: Frostwolf added

Upd2: Warsong red and Twilight Hammer Classic upon request.

Blackrock (Model)

Blacktooth Grin (Model)

Bleeding Hollow (Model)

Bonechewers (Model)

Burning Blade (Model)

Dragonmaw (Model)

Frostwolf (Model)

Laughing Skull (Model)

Shadowmoon (Model)

Shattered Hand (Model)

Stromreaver (Model)

Thunderlords (Model)

Twilight Hammer (Model)

Twilight Hammer Classic (Model)

Warsong (Model)

Warsong Red Banner (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Team colour would be awesome, but they are canonicaly accurate, so... Great bundle, works ingame, are optimized.
Level 14
Oct 25, 2006
Hey there!


Do they have teamcolor? It might sound silly because for instance Blackrock is red (end of story), but these flags could be used for more than just regular orc clans.

In any case, this'll be much useful!