Stormwind Banners (and blank human banner)

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This is a collection of the doodad-prop human banners retextured to have the Stormwind insignia. I have also included a banner with no insignia that has team color. This would be fitting as a modding resource or if a simple team colored banner were desired (perhaps for a moba or other team based game).

These models were created using the Retera Model Studio. All geosets and textures are from Warcraft 3: Reforged. Some textures were edited in GIMP by Symphoneum. The Stormwind insignia is from World of Warcraft. Please credit Symphoneum if used in a project. Feel free to use the models as you see fit and have fun!

Human Banner Blank 0 (Model)

Human Banner Blank 1 (Model)

Stormwind Banner 0 (Model)

Stormwind Banner 1 (Model)