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Human Far Sight

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Retake on the Far Seer's Far Sight icon, more fitting for human usage. Works well as a vision and/or true sight spell icon.


Update: Re-did the icon, now completely from scratch, except for the ring border. Added an alternate style which has mountains in the background.

Inspired by:


Original take: Mainly a recolor of the icon above


Remake: Created from scratch, except for the circling border, which is copied and recolored


Alternative: The above one, but with mountains in the background.


Edit: Removed spaces from file names.

Edit: Improved sharpness of the new ones.

Keywords: landscape, terrain, land, hill, mountain, sky, light, beam, true sight, vision

Human Far Sight (Icon)

Human Far Sight new (Icon)

Human Far Sight new alt (Icon)


Multimedia Team
Level 20
Feb 19, 2015
It's a good looking icon, but in majority it is mostly a recolor and do not contain enough of edits. Due to rules, it will be moved to Substandard Section, but you can always update it, and I will rewise the decision. If you feel that this icon shouldn't be in Substandard Section, you can always make a post about it in Staff Contact.
Level 6
Jul 6, 2012
Ok, I re-did it from scratch, except for the circling border. I added 2 versions, one with mountains in the background, and one with just the hill, like the original one.

I keep the old one here as well, because I still think it's a fine icon and closest to the original it is based on.


Arena Moderator
Level 36
Jul 22, 2015
Still not good enough for approval?
Most Reviewers / Moderators tend to "Unfollow" the thread after it's been moved, so if you want an icon re-reviewed, you can just Report the icon or make a post in Staff Contact and we will get to it! You could also just send a message to the Reviewer themselves.

Out of curiousity though, do you think it's necessary to keep all the versions you had in the Bundle? o_O I could see the 2 most recent staying, but I'm not sure about v1 since the v2 is ultimately an improved v1.