How you can help!

Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
A mapmaker never works completely alone. This thread is for whenever assistance is needed when a new version is being created.

Current help needed:

1) Artificial Intelligence writer.
Artificial Intelligence is needed for future versions to add a whole new dimension to this map. Either play the map as a single-player experience, or add a CPU player to 4 human players on! Are you an experienced AI writer, and interested in offering your help to the MTG project, don't hesitate to reply!

2) Find that model maker!
Currently, the red spell "Gratuitous Violence" uses the "Enraged" buff custom model. Having downloaded it a long while ago, I didnt see any credits .txt file in its' folder on my harddrive!
+REP for whoever can find the maker of this buff, and offer a link to the page proving he's the creator, so his name can be added to the credits.
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