How to Support The Hive

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Jun 30, 2016
Hello everyone,

People often ask how they can support the site, so I am making a thread about it with quite a few options to do so. There are more ways than you may think.

  1. Donate via PayPal
    This one most of you know by now. It's the most direct way of supporting the site. Click the gift button in the top right of the site.

  2. Disable ad blocking
    The Hive is mostly supported by ads. If you are blocking them, you are actually taking money away from the site. Just loading the ads without clicking actually makes a difference. (My goal is to not have annoying ads with sound and popups. If you see one of those, tell me the link and send a screenshot.)
  3. Rent a virtual server
    The Hive makes use of servers hosted on Linode. If you have plans on renting a server, you can do it through our affiliate link and we get a few dollars if you decide to keep your server. Click this link and we will get some credit.
  4. Buy a domain
    If you have plans on making a website and buying a domain, you can buy a domain in a way that gives the Hive some credit. Simply do it through this link.

Thank you for even thinking about supporting this site,

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