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how to make unit unselectable (temporary)

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Level 11
Jul 17, 2013
What i need to do is to make my hero not click able for 2 seconds, after 2 second passes unit can be clicked by player again. what i have tired is adding locust ability to my unit via custom script but the problem is my unit stays unselectable forever, even when i remove locust
Not sure if it works, but tried morphing it into an alternative unit with Locust?
Otherwise, hiding it and creating a temporary unit with locust?
That or hide and create a special-effect of the unit.
Note that you'll need to teleport away the special-effect before destroying it in order to avoid visible death-animation.


Warcraft Moderator
Level 65
Aug 10, 2018
You MAY be able to pull a weird trick with Skins:
  • Set Variable YourUnit = some unit
  • Custom script: call BlzSetUnitSkin(udg_YourUnit, 'nzin')

That should set a unit's skin to the "zone indicator" model or whatever rawcode you plug in. I used the zone indicator since it's hidden/unselectable (unless already selected). Note that skins might cause unwanted side effects or desync crap.

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