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How to make buildable waygates?

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Level 11
Dec 13, 2008
Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to create buildable waygates? In other words, a worker ingame would be able to create one waygate, then build another waygate, and connect the two.
The reason being, is my map has a race that can build Mole Machines, and they are supposed to transport units great distances in an instant (due to them being a waygate)

Any answers or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
You would use a either a False or true variable or integer at 0 1 To check whether it is built or not or w/e Also unit variable .

So basically its triggered as previously said where you order the unit to cast the waygate abillity. The waygate abillity is effectively how waygates work. If you wanna test this just play Sotdrp and use 'waygate on a unit then u can target it and it becomes a teleport simple really.

First you want to create 2 variables
Waygate (Unit array)
Bolean (Bolean array)
Bolean default should be true
Each should have an array size of 11

2ndly Make your first trigger
IT should go like this

Event: Unit finish constructing unit
Condition: Unit type=Waygate
If Bolean[Playernumberownerofconstructedunit-1]=True
Then: Set Waygate[Playernumberownerofconstructedunit-1)=Constructed unit
Give Constructed unit Waygate abillity.
Set owner of constructed unit as neutral passive
Set bolean [Playernumberownerofconstructedunit-1]=False
Else: Set bolean[Playernumberownerofconstructedunit-1] = True
Order waygate to use Abillity waygate on Position of Constructed unit
Give Waygate abillity to constructed unit.
Order Constructed unit to cast waygate on
Waygate Playernumberownerofconstructedunit-1]
Set owner of constructed unit = Neutral passive

And there you go


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
Ok so this is a very easy way to do it it is maybe not perfect as you want it, but if you want it any other way be more specific.
so this will make your units to enter a building and teleport them to the region wich you can place infront of the building.

1. go to object editor

2. create a new custom building (mine is just named farm)
2.1(optional) change the Art - model file
2.2 change the range cast to a longer range

3. use those triggers

Trigger 1

  • Buiding learn skill
  • Events
  • Unit - A unit Finishes Construction
  • Conditions
  • (Unit-type of (Constructed structure)) Equal to Farm
  • Actions
  • Unit - Add Unload Instant (Entangled Mine) to (Constructed structure)
  • Unit - Add Load (Ships) to (Constructed structure)

Trigger 2

  • Building use waygate thingy
  • Events
  • Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time
  • Conditions
  • Actions
  • Unit - Order Farm 0000 <gen> to Unload All At (Center of Region 000 <gen>)
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