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Waygate from Caster to Area

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Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
I've played SotDRP, and am now currently working on Vuen's D&D. One thing I would like to mimic from SotDRP is it's fantastic waygate ability.

Here is how SotDRP's waygate function works:

A unit is given the ability 'waygate' using the skill input function of SotDRP.

That unit then uses the waygate ability to select an area to teleport to, much like your typical teleport spell only with the target being the ground.

Units can then right click the "caster" and use them much like you would a waygate.

Since VD&D is quite similar to SotDRP this would be a great skill to have. In other words I was hoping someone could show me how to create it. I can modify and do a little bit of Jass, but I hate using the GUI.
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Level 9
Jul 26, 2005
His problem is making the ability. how hard can THAT be to understand?

The easiest way to learn it is by looking at Eleandor`s ladder system. its in the spell section, in pending spells.
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