HotS Luxoria Minions, Mercs, and Bosses

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Nearly a full suite of the Luxorian Army from Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard Entertainment.

Luxoria is a sub-zone of the Nexus made up of two Battlegrounds: Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen. Most of the NPC units are featured here:

Sky Temple
- Minion Melee
- Minion Range
- Minion Banner
- Minion Catapult

- Merc Camp Melee
- Merc Camp Caster
- Merc Siege Giant
- Merc Boss (although this might actually be switched with the Crypt version)

- Temple Guardian Crocodile
- Temple Guardian Crocodile Range
- Temple Guardian Jackal
- Temple Guardian Jackal Range
- Temple Guardian Snake
- Temple Guardian Snake Range

Tomb of the Spider Queen
- Minion Melee
- Minion Metal Spider
- Minion Banner
- Minion Catapult

- Mount Mecha Spider
- Crypt Spawn

- Merc Siege Giant
- Merc Boss

A huge number of these units actually share skins.

The names of the units are extremely odd in the game files and I'm currently unable to locate the Crypt Merc Melee or Crypt Merc Caster. The Spider Queen is a huge mess and is largely unsuitable for use.

This is basically a personal project of mine brought to completion even though it's not entirely complete, but it is complete enough to my satisfaction. Luxoria was one of my favorite sub-zones and makes a huge supplement for Nerubian and Scourge armies.

Please note: The vast majority of these units are constructs/golems/artificial life forms and will typically explode into a pile of sand; they're not really meant to be revived, although you can set them up that way.

Sky Temple Banner Man (Model)

Sky Temple Boss (Model)

Sky Temple Catapult (Model)

Sky Temple Crocodile Guardian (Model)

Sky Temple Crocodile Guardian Range (Model)

Sky Temple Guardian Snake (Model)

Sky Temple Guardian Snake Range (Model)

Sky Temple Jackal Guardian (Model)

Sky Temple Jackal Guardian Range (Model)

Sky Temple Melee Minion (Model)

Sky Temple Merc Caster (Model)

Sky Temple Merc Melee (Model)

Sky Temple Range Minion (Model)

Sky Temple Siege Giant (Model)

Sky Temple Siege Giant Missile (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Bannerman (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Boss (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Catapult (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Crypt Spawn (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Mecha Spider Mount (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Melee (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Metal Spider (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Siege Giant (Model)

Tomb of the Spider Queen Siege Giant Missile (Model)

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Jun 25, 2021
How may I download these awesome models? I downloaded other model before and everything works. I seem to have a little trouble with these. Is there one more texture needed?
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