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HotS Alterac Pass Mercs (Gnolls and Giant)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Heroes of the Storm Mercenaries from the Alterac Pass map by Blizzard Entertainment.

This pack includes:
- Gnoll (with flail)
- Gnoll 'Alliance Catapult' (axe and shield)
- Gnoll 'Horde Catapult' (axe and shield)
- Mountain Giant (with alternative skin)

These are the final units present on the Alterac Valley battleground. The Gnolls generally carried the same animation so they were not difficult to do (the most difficult thing was the fact the flail was not obeying gravity, which is probably supposed to be handled by the physics engine). The Gnolls are fairly contemporary units, while the Mountain Giant here is more comparable to the Ogre Creep in Warcraft 3 than the actual Night Elf unit.

The Mountain Giant's Attack Slam animation may be a little too slow for general shockwaves. Spell animation is meant to depict him throwing a giant snowball. Death animation is adapted from the War3 Mountain Giant.

By default the Mountain Giant's team color is... a bit lacking. An alternative skin is attached if you want to go the other extreme with it.

"The Stormpike clan bows to no one, especially the Horde!"
"If the Alliance won't leave Alterac on their own, the Frostwolves will force them out!"

"Alliance Catapult" Gnoll (Model)

"Horde Catapult" Gnoll (Model)

HotS Alterac Pass Mercs (Gnolls and Giant) (Model)

Mountain Giant (Model)

Mountain Giant Skin (brighter Team Color) (Texture)