HotS Frostwolf General Drek'Thar + Minions

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Heroes of the Storm Frostwolf General Drek'Thar and his minions by Blizzard Entertainment. These are the Horde crew featured on Alterac Pass.

This pack includes:
- Frostwolf General Drek'Thar
- Orc Grunt
- Troll Headhunter
- Orc Raider
- Blood Elf Priest

Drek'Thar is the Horde boss on the Alterac Valley map and is converted to a Hero. He is fully functional, although he doesn't really act like a Shaman like you wold expect (since he is the matched pair of Vanndar Stormpike so Drek'Thar acts like a Warrior, just like on the WoW battleground).

The Raider has an Alternate animation set where it has no weapon. This is how it is featured when captured by the Alliance in a cage.

The minion units don't have actual mouths, so they don't move.

ED 9/13/2021: Disabled Stand Ready from the Blood Elf Priest (it isn't actually used). Added an alternative Blood Elf priest that dies like a regular Warcraft 3 unit (the other one is still here). Added a smaller Drek'Thar that isn't Boss sized and is more comparable to the other Heroes in size.

"The spirits of the Nexus grant us strength! For the Horde!"

Blood Elf Priest (conventional death) (Model)

Blood Elf Priest (Nexus death) (Model)

General Drek'Thar (Boss sized) (Model)

General Drek'Thar (conventional sized) (Model)

Orc Grunt (Model)

Orc Raider (Model)

Troll Headhunter (Model)

Level 19
Apr 12, 2018
Just a fair note, the only unit that's "the same" (death ragdoll is not the same) between the Alliance and the Horde is the Night Elf Druid (Banner) so the Alliance equivalents are basically doing an entirely new model. And of course instead of a Human Knight it's a Dwarf Ram Rider.

The Raider model is huge because it's actually to scale with the Grunt.

The Gnoll mercs and bruisers (internally labeled 'catapult') will be done separately.