Hidden buff - For custom/triggered auras

Level 9
Feb 27, 2019

Today with some tests I figured out a way to add an hidden buff (on 1 unit, or like an aura). I wanted to share it with you, ans ask if you see issues/risks with this ?

I can see many uses for this thing:
- For triggered/custom abilities:
- To add an hidden aura buff and check it in your triggers.
- To add a hidden single-unit buff.
- To simulate buff levels without weird buff-stacking & display issues (particularly for auras).
- Use the periodic events for triggered effects ("unit attacked", "unit damaged" or with Bribe's Damage Engine).​
- To dynamicaly add a standing visual effect with "[TargetArt] Art- Target".
- To create systems:
- Implement a system with range/aura events: start, refresh, end.​

How-to (aura version):
Modify or copy the "Building Damage Aura (Tornado)" ability such as it does 0.01 damages in 900 range:
  • [DataA1] Data - Damage Per Second = 0.01
  • [DataC1] Medium Damage Per Second = 0.00
  • [DataB1] Medium Damage Radius = 900.00
  • [DataE1] Small Damage Per Second = 0.00
  • [DataD1] Small Damage Radius = 900.00
  • [Area1] Area of Effect = 900.00
  • [BuffID1] Buffs = <my custom buff>
  • [targs1] = air, friend, ground, self
  • (Optional) [TargetArt] Art - Target : if you want a standing visual effect. Other arts are not taken into account.
Add it to your aura source unit (via editor, trigger when unit learns another aura, etc...). Also works if you make it a multi-levels ability.

How-to (single-unit version):
Same process, but set radius to 1, and allowed targets to self.

- The aura source has no ability button displayed (no need for a disabled spell book to hide the button).
- The aura source & targets have no buff icon displayed.
- "Unit has specific buff" returns true if I test the presence of my custom buff.
- Impacted units don't move away, nor loose hp, nor have portrait flashing red, ...

- Every second, impacted units fire a "Unit attacked" event, and "Unit damaged event" with 0.01 damage of weapon type=unknown, attack type=spells, damage type=force. You can nullify the damages and prevent the 2nd event thanks to Damage Engine by Bribe with a trigger like:
  • InvisibleBuffCorrector
    • Events
      • Game - DamageModifierEvent becomes Equal to 1.00
    • Conditions
      • DamageEventPrevAmt Equal to 0.01
      • DamageEventWeaponT Equal to WEAPON_TYPE_NONE
      • DamageEventAttackT Equal to ATTACK_TYPE_SPELLS
      • DamageEventDamageT Equal to DAMAGE_TYPE_FORCE
      • ((Owner of DamageEventSource) is an enemy of (Owner of DamageEventTarget)) Equal to False
    • Actions
      • Set DamageEventAmount = 0.00
I also wonder is Healing Ward Aura doesn't also create an invisible buff (only target art is visible, no buff button).
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