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  • Hey dude can I ask a Permission to use your head of your
    Us_Ranger model
    but don't you worry I already give you a credit
    Hey, if you share those dynasty / samurai / ninja models I'll share with you the icons I have, I could even create icons for those chars who's icons I do not own if you wish.
    i'm having a hard time modifying it..!T_T
    can you make a model for me??
    survivor model in left 4 dead,,
    same animation.
    get it??have you tried it??please?

    if you can't do it.its ok..
    hey dude..can i modify your GLA rebel and your US ranger "texture"?? just fitting your model in my project..but i'll give you credits for cooperating..would yah??..thanks
    Oh Okay, Hope You'll do well on your exam.

    You go to your profile and look for Customize Profile.
    It's near your avatar in your profile.
    I'm in love with your models :3
    Excellent work you have there.
    Have you ever thought of a cop/SWAT model?
    I noted theres none but a crappy swat 1.
    SWAT and Cops models are ownage.
    But theres almost none :/
    Yeah you are right but in case that I don't build anything... You forgot Humvee is also early unit I cant fill it with 3 defenders and 2 rangers and put it in guard mode at beggining of my base.... or just put few defenders... or that base cannon or even patriot's missiles can follow even technical! Dont forget about it. Also Airforce can do it with Combat Chinook. If your enemy is laser or super weapon then your technical has no chance to survive.. You cannot reach base with that crap you need something bigger. because dont forget that human player is not computer player... You will probably face smarter guy than stupid computer.
    hehe but Nuke is not useless... You remember that radiation is deadly to workers who will try to rebuild structures from holes! And tunnel networks are one of most useful things in game... But man GLA has scrap tanks so they are not thread to USa or China anywas via tunnel networks... But China commander in chief Can transport Paladins and Overlords via Tunnel network... This can be deadly..
    ,,Greetings general, do not think I cannot see your spies flying over my base! Please look as you wish because maybe this is the last time you ever see my stronghold! As you can see my defenses are trouble and my toxic weapon systems will poison your troops long before they can reach me! prepare to tell your grandchildren of your defeat this day!"
    versus... Dr. Trax:,,Hehe you cannot defeat my Toxins, General!" ,,Toxin troopers, Attack!" ,,More victims..I mean, volunteers for my experiments"
    I have U.S RAnger model & RPG trooper model but i can't upload it coz i don't have get permission yet from other author.( I use other model as base model)

    post me if u want
    I want :D :D
    wah gw kesulitan bikin AI-nya, soalnya gag ada attack. jadi pas ai-nya patrol, trus ketemu musuh gw suruh shoot, bisa dia ngeshoot musuhnya, tapi uda gitu dia diem trus --a
    Reputation (+1):
    (Bundle) Looks like terrorist, but it's a great model. Indonsian modeler rules. Now you've 10 rep
    - tu keknya leak di location/group, ato unitnya gag diremove.
    - boleh kirimin aj via email [email protected] ato pastebin di sini jg bisa. tar gw coba bikinin. lw pake world editor biasa ato Newgen ato WE unlimited?? gw biasanya bikin triggering pake JASS. klo uda ngirim kasi tau gw.
    manteb bisa modelling jg?? eh mapnya mo dibikinin AI ga??AI yg simple aj sie, mo nyoba maenin map lw gag ad lawan, gw gag bisa cr8 hehe
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