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Hero of The Empire v1.26C

Hero of The Empire

By Inmortal Siegfried

Map Info:

In this game you must defend your empire and destroy the one of the enemy. The enemy empire: The forces of the dark , have a slight advantage at the beginning and this advantage is growing all the time, you must surpass this advantage, for that you have a hero with five abilities that it can level up until level 9, more than 400 items that you can buy , find or create, 32 diferents towers that you can build and units that you can hire.


Unique Heroes:The Game have some unique Heroes like one that have 57 forms and more than 250 abilities or Worker Hero that can do more than 200 differents things between upgrades, unit trained and build building or Blacksmith hero that can create more than 160 uniques items or Team Party that can be up to 7 heroes playing at the same time and lots more.
Differents Strategies: There are a lot of differents strategies that you can do with every Hero, for the amount of abilities, levels and items.
Change Armor and Attack Tipe: All the heroes begin with a normal attack tipe and armor, and it can changed with items to Hero, Chaos, Dragon.
Complete Descripcion of Attack Tipes and Armor Tipes : All the attacks tipes and armor have the information of the percentage of damage that it does or that it recive of all armor and attack tipes.
Infinitely Growth: You can become stronger all the time with level up and buying or finding items more and more powerfulls.
Random Creeps and Bosses: Some creeps and bosses come random , in this way you can enjoy play it a lot of times.
Tricks: There are several secrets on the game.

Some Fan Videos of the game
























Anticheat System by Kitabatake.


-Corrupted Blade by Elaniel
-Glacial Sword (original name: Frost Sword) by Elaniel
-Mugen (original name: katana) by TurtleRacingcar
-Hero Armor(original name: Royal Armor) by NFWar
-Masamune by Dentothor
-Katana(original name: Sword) by Golden-Drake
-killer Blade(o.n:TideShamanRitualLance) by Peekay
-Giant War Axe(original name: UpgradeAxe2) by bananaHUNT
-Soul Edge(original name: UpgradeAxe3) by bananaHUNT
-Ground smash(original name: fire impact) by FrIkY
-Stim Pack(original name: mana injection) by Hybred
-Marine Icon by NFWar
-Assassin Blade-Dagger by NFWar
-Decapitator(original name: Axe of Terror) by PeeKay
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: WaterOrb) by Elfsilver Lord
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: WaterBolt) by Darkfang
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: Sphere of Water) by Peekay
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: CrystalBlade) by Static
-Sword and Shield(original: StormDefense) by Peekay
-Blue Axe by nara-shikamaru.
-Cleaving Attack(original: Attack2) by real138
-Berseker(original: DarkChampion) by 67chrome
-Dragon Slayer(original: DragonBlade) by KelThuzad
-Blue Axe Misile by JokeMaster
-Explosive Blood (original: BrBlood) by CrazyRussian
-HeavyBoots by Peekay
-Veterand Armor PeeKay

Change log:


-New NPCs add to the Empire that can provided rewards or advantages for a price.
*This NPCs can die.
*Bounty Huntress: can provide 12 different bounty the cost gold and can provide rewards once you complete them.
+Bounties can be sell for half of his price in case you can not complete the bounty anymore or you change your mind.
+Bounties can not be completed by using abilities that not give you charges for Holy items.
+Bounty Huntress also protect the empire like a tower
*Emily: can provide permanent stats in exchange of items that you buy(Click on her and check her item for more detailed information)
*Garrizon: can provide greater permanent stats in exchange of items that you find(Click on him and check his item for more detailed information)
*Centurion: protect the castle, have high spell damage reduction and avarage evasion can use up to 4 items(units items) easier to heal than towers, items on centurion can be a very strong and fast solution for desperation scenarios.
+If Centurion die while having your items he will drop them.
#Most of this rewards are a one time things to give a good advantage for single players or very small teams but a small one for big teams reducing the big advantage of this two by a little.
-Jaina Ultimate now has several new effects based of what of her abilities you use next.
-Jaina Ultimate give bonus hit points until you use one of the new effects but give less spell amplify and has less duration.
-Jaina has a new skill named Pyro instead of Set Fire.
-Jaina Divine Shield effect change.
-Shadow Hunter have a new ability instead of Fast Blades, he can still access to a stronger version of his old fast blades only when he change his attack type to Hero.
-Shadow Hunter Serpent Ward level 9 has slightly more attack speed, damage and HP.
-Arcane Wizard ability Arcane Blast has less cooldown in the last level.
-Kael ability Forked Lighting has less cooldown in the last 2 levels.
-Sorcerer's Amulet item now is expensive, give more stats and ability damage change from intelligence to Spell Power the healing part is still the same.
-Tournament Mode now don't give the started extra gold but give High amount of gold after each tournament is finished.
-Some mini changes in red barrels droops to avoid big level skips and a few higher stats tomes for some barrels.
-Mediev ability interfici now have less second cooldown in the last levels but more in the first levels.
-Thrall Fulmination ability deal less damage and has an extra % mana cost after casting the ability but has less cooldown in the last two level.
-Priest ability Rejuvenation extra effect now give one bonus or Strength or Intelligence depending if target is an allied or self but now bonus are higher.
-Add some missing descriptions on few new heroes abilities like Selene Lighting Blast mini slow effect in the last 2 levels now is showed in the description.
-Fix 1.26b new items wasn't giving spellpower bonus and aura ability wasn't affecting the owner.
-Fix Diabolo War Axe and Diablo War Axe was giving the abilities of their previous form now they give the correct one of the description.
-Fix Selene unique skill Antimatter ability was dealing the correct one but floating text show a wrong damage most of the times.
-Fix some bugs related to new heroes abilities.
-Fix several bosses abilities wasn't working properly or not working at all.
-Some items abilities now have color lyrics on the ability name.
-Few new heroes skills that hasn't special effects(art effects) now have.


-New Special Hero Minos(Tank).
-New Special Hero Selene(Mage).
*This new heroes have 24 custom Skills to chose and 5 custom stats to chose 2 in each level.
*Can be build as you want and be what you want but each of them have more tools for their class.
*This new heroes offer a lot of content: Just one of this heroes have the content of 7 normal heroes.
*Each have 12 unique Class skill that can reach up to level 11 and are stronger than a level 9 normal hero skill but this heroes not have the advantage of a Ultimate skill(A very powerful skill that required only 4 skills points to maxed).
*Heroes can have the stats you chose but in exchange they auto increases of basic attributes per level is very low.
*their abilities have not a level skip requirement allow to focus in a single skill if is what you want.
*heroes have 5 slots for his normal hero skills and have special ones that not take and slot one of this abilities can be level up unlimited times.
*All of this allows this heroes to have an unreachable number of convinatations with skills and stats or just with his skills.
-New Stat Spell Power.
*All Heroes has an amount of Spell Power: Intelligence + Level x 4 + base SpellPower.
*base SpellPower is: all the extra spell power coming from items, skills, special stats.
*Only abilities that said based in Spell Power make use of this stat, your hero could have this abilities or you can buy or find an item with this abilities.
*Since Spell Power does not increases any attribute like HP, dmg,mana,RG abilities based in spell power are generally stronger than the ones based in normal stats like Strength, Intelligence.
-New Command to check your amount of Spell Power -spellpower
-Several Old Items now give this new Stat as an extra bonus:
*Ultima all levels.
*Diamond of Knowledge all levels.
*Battle Trident.
*Scepter of Malevolence.
*Blessed Scope.
*Byatis Coxa.
*Byatis Scythe.
*Holy Grail.
*Medea Rod.
*Scepter of Chaos.
*Darkness Mask.
*Helm of the underworld king.
*Absolution Ring.
*Beast Collar.
*Thunder Scepter(last level only)
*Water Orb.
*Amulet of Protection.
*Wand of Wizard.
-New hidden recipe(custom)
-Sapphire has 7 new evolution(7 new items to find)
-7 new items to buy:
*Battle Trident Evolution 2.
*Exodus Evolution.
*Gigant War Axe Evolution 2.
*Diabolic War Axe 2.
-3 new beyond legendary items to find(Blue Lyrics).
-Several Drop chances has changed.
-Some items has higher chances to be dropped.
-War Axes with AOE abilities(not Cleave) now work on range heroes as well like Diabolic War Axe, Giant War Axe, Sturdy War Axe.
-Item Boss hunter have two new abilities based in his charges.
-Item Boss hunter limit charges greatly increases.
-Item The World is my Prey ability does not interrupt auto attack anymore and work find with Cleave and other similar abilities.
-Item hunter has higher stats.
-Item Hunter ability now deal Pure damage and has higher damage, heal is the same.
*Item Ultima not longer has AOE damage.
*Item all levels of Ultima has higher damage less cooldown and now is showed on the description.
*Item Ultima last level deal bonus damage based in spell power
*Item Ultima recipe is expensive
*Item Ultima now has the same name in all levels only the lyrics color change on each level.
*Item Ultima now give Spell Power bonus in all levels.
-Item Exodus now give Spell Power bonus
-Item Exodus has an evolution that increases his base damage and greatly reduce cooldown also has better stats.
-Item Gladiator Armor has a lot higher stats but is lot more expensive.
-Item Battle Trident now give Spell Power bonus and recipe is expensive.
-Item large War axe has less cleave % and area.
-Item Ikki-Thousen has less cleave % but higher strength bonus
-Item volcanic Sword ability Volcanic Burn has higher damage, chance and range.
-Item volcanic Sword now give mana regeneration instead of it attack speed bonus.
-Item Royalty attack and move speed reduction now has its own name as an ability to avoid players confuse this reduction as part of his other ability
-Item Gem of the End has better explanation of how to use his ability(up arrow on your keyboard)
-Item Dominici Shield Block ability change now has half % of Block but damage reducing is more than double than before.
-Item Chronos ability has higher mana cost and cooldown.
-Item Sinister Edge change bonus and ability.
-Big changes on Azaran Locksley Holy item.
*Price and charged required are reduced allowing to obtaining this item faster.
*Give less damage bonus.
*Ability now give a lot less damage and have less duration but has a lot less cooldown as well.
#The reduce of cooldown allow you to gain a lot more base damage with the ability becoming even stronger than before at the end, since is cheapest can be obtained faster,but the item is a lot less explosive/game changing when you just obtain it.
-Greatly increases EXP gained from all Experience Tomes.
-Mediev Final Wisdom ability now give a lot higher bonus in all levels but this bonus does not increases any damage.
-Thrall Malediction ability now has higher damage in all levels but higher mana cost as well.
-Thrall Devastation ability now increases more damage per cast and fix his critical damage was dealing damage of a previous factor.
-Thrall Fulmination ability has changed all his previous values now it deal a very high amount of Spell Power.
-Medusa has higher move speed and better attack cooldown(higher attack speed).
-Medusa Multiple arrows ability now has his special effect starting in level 2 and improve per level.
-Muradin ability Dwarf Stamina now give armor bonus in all levels and has an special effect in level 9
-Blade Master ability Tornado increases damage of the tornado in all levels reduce duration now it scale per level, has a new effect of also slowing attack speed by 90%, changes mana cost in all levels, increases Bladestorm damage and duration in the last level.
-Defender Shield Slam has less cooldown in all levels.
-Defender and Berseker ability Revenge now has higher damage in all levels except level 1 and higher mana cost in the respective levels.
-Berseker ability Rage re-scale damage taken of this ability going up in the first level and greately decreasing in the last levels.
-Berseker ultimate ability Cutter now deal more damage in all levels.
-Pandaren ability Enlightnment has less cooldown in all levels except level 1 and fix text giving the correct information of the actual bonus (300%).
-Half Demon Wizard ability Healing wave has less cooldown in all levels except level 1.
-small changes in some red barrels bounty.
-Minimum changes in terrain.
-All crush abilities deal less damage except God Slayer.
-Dark Dragon(Dark Forces Boss) has a new passive ability: has a small % to deal 1% of target current HP as normal damage(this ability grows overtime).
-Some Dark forces Creeps has more armor.
-Fel Ravager has less evasion chance but has a lot more armor.
-First Mage has more armor
-Blood Elemental has more armor
-Lord of Darkness has more armor
-Agiel has more armor
-Naga Empress has more armor
-Kelthuzad Hex has less duration but less cooldown as well.
-Funeral Blow Blood Grunt ability add description of special effect of the ability in learn tooltip.
-Change icon of item Amulet of Energy to fix visual bug.
-Fix a bug that can cause someone been unable to do anything when two players try to learn the God tome abilities or the Ring of Talent at the same time.
-Fix a bug of Sacred Hammer paladin Skill.
-Fix Item Dominici Shield Learned ability was healing 12 x level instead of 6 x level as it suppose to.
-Fix Funeral Blow cooldown description was showing the old one before not the reworked
-Fix arthas bash learn wrong description
-Fix Goliath ability destructive strike was showing a wrong cooldown in the last level.
-Fix Muradin ability Storm Bolt was showing an incorrect cooldown in the last 2 levels.
-Fix Mediev ability Blaze showing a wrong amounth of intelligence multiplier.
-Fix Lapis(Party Tank) gaining damage from Azaran Locksley (Holy Item).
-Fix Some bosses like Earth-Borer and Titan wasn't giving his correct gold bounty.
-Fix Centaur-Impaler ability impaler Spikes was not increasing chance of resetting explosive arrow cooldown.
-Fix Some bosses escaping from their areas.
-Fix Kael can not destroy items easily.
-Fix some recipe descriptions saying different than the actual item.

Changelog 1.25D

-4 New Black Items to find.
-Dante has a new Ultimate ability and still keep Divine Speed to chose what ultimate use.
-Dante Decisive Strike has a new effect, has lower cooldown in the last level but less stun duration in all levels.
-Dante Ultimate ability Divine speed has less cooldown in all levels.
-Archer Sky Shot ability has a new effect.
-Satir ability Steal Damage has better cooldown in the last 2 levels and better mana cost in all levels.
-Arcane Mage ability Fulguration has less cooldown in the last 3 levels but higher mana cost.
-Goliath ability Goliath Slam has less mana cost in all levels and less cooldown in the last level.
-Dark Ranger ability Shadow Bow has more damage bonus in the last 4 levels and higher duration in all levels.
-Dark Ranger ability Venom Curse has less cooldown per level, higher damage reduction in all levels and less mana cost in the last 2 levels.
-Monk(little child form) ability Meditation heals more in the last levels
-Paladin now shows in hero description and in Devotion Aura first levels description how to change this ability.
-Water elemental ability Water bolt now deal half of his damage but has almost half the cooldown as well.
-The Heart of Searinox Now is expensive and give higher stats.
*Normal now give 200 all stats.
*Orange now give 380 all stats.
*Red now give 500 Strength.
*Green now give 530 Agility.
*Blue now give 550 Intelligence.
-Necklace of Divinity(Blacksmith item) now give more stats.
-Necklace of Magnificence(Blacksmith item) now give more stats.
-Blood Elemental(Neutral boss) has slightly less damage in his abilities and his charged attack takes more time to charge.
-Blood Elemental has slightly more armor.
-Death Hood(Neutral Boss) has more mana and mana regeneration.
-Naga Empress has slightly more mana.
-Death hood and Naga Empress has more range vision at night.
-The New bosses that have regeneration out of combat now also regenerate their mana.
-B Elemental(Naga Empress Summon) has half of his hit points, less armor and slightly faster attack speed.
-P Elemental(Naga Empress Summon) has half of his hit points, less armor, less regeneration and slightly faster attack speed.
-Y Elemental (Naga Empress Summon) has half of his hit points.
-Death Knight Dark forces boss now is stronger.
-Ancient Corrupted Treant Dark forces boss is stronger.
-Lich Dark forces boss is stronger.
-Now when forest Neutral creeps are teleporting to their fixed area they heal In some others areas too.
-Brigandine item text now is in red lyrics the part of using the recipe to evolve since several players confuse of how to evolve this item.
-When you are chousing an hero now you can see all his name in yellow lyrics
*hotkeys are still working with the first letter some.
*Fix Some hotkeys that was not working before(Some heroes may have the same hotkey)
-Fix Game freezes Exclusive of newest warcraft 3 versions caused for some heroes abilities.
-Fix Wendigo Ultimate skill Ice Field was dealing less damage than suppose to.
-Fix Monk ability Empower was giving less armor and regeneration than it suppose to.
-Fix some abilities having an old description like saying the damage of previous versions and not the current one.
-Fix Party Team Tank(Lapiz) keep getting the permanent damage bonus from Holy Bows.
-Fix Beast Master Battle Roar and Ferocity targeting also his towers.
-Fix Some buff having different descriptions with their abilities.
-Fix God Heal ability having a different cooldown in his description than his actual cooldown.
-Fix Dragon Clan ability Dragon Skin not giving bonus HP.
-Fix some Learn descriptions on Little child abilities showing a different description than the actual description per level.

Changelog 1.25

+New Neutral Bosses.
-Level 55 Wildking can be found after killing Lock on the same place.
-Level 96 Earth-Borer can be found after killing Wildking on the same place.
-Level 107 Glacial Wolf can be found after killing Apocalypses on the same place.
-Level 119 Death Hood can be found after killing Faceless One Deathbringer in a different place.
-Level 127 Blood Elemental can be found after killing Glacial Wolf on the same place.
-Level 128 Naga Empress can be found after killing Death Hood on the same place.
-Level 157 Magic Creator,The first Mage can be found after killing Naga Empress on the same place.
-Level ??? ????????? ??? ?? ????? ????? ???????
-Level ??? ??? ???? ?? ????????? ??? ?? ????? ????? ???????
-5 New legendary items to find.
-4 New Beyond items to find.
-New items ability learned skill.
*this ability allows the hero to learn one of the ability of the item after complete certain condition.
*once you learned and you still using the item both abilities work fine together.
*If 2 or more heroes are learned the same ability one of them will learn it faster and the others slower.
*Once the hero has learned the ability having the item does not interfer with others heroes learned it.
*Most abilities learned provided a 200 hp bonus beside the ability unless the ability learned is a stat.
-Increases drop chance of the 6 new items of 1.23c version.
+Most God Skills are stronger but has higher mana cost.
-God Blessing of Battle increases regeneration per second.
-God Thunder Clap has more damage.
-God Blizzard has more damage.
-God Rejuvenation increases regeneration per second.
-God Thunder has more damage.
-Most Gem of The End skills are stronger:
-Death Nova has more damage.
-Last Edge give more damage bonus.
-Unstopable has 2 seconds more duration and 75 seconds less cooldown.
-Army of The End give more armor slightly more regeneration and more Area of Effect.
-Item Orb of Time ability deal more damage heal more and has better cooldown and mana cost.
-Item Medea Rod give more strength and agility bonus.
-Item Medea Rod ability has less cooldown.
-Item Frozen Helm of Chaos give higher hit points and mana bonus but reduce less attack and move speed to enemies.
-Item Halberd of Sorrow ability has less cooldown.
-Item Eternal Ledger has less cooldown.
-Reaching ultimate form with the 3 Holy items now cost more gold and charges.
-All red barrels rewards has change slightly.
-Change some Dark Forces Building rewards and add a few more building that can drop Tomes.
-Beast Master ability Battle Roar now give has an extra effect: regeneration and give higher armor bonus in the last 2 levels.
-Beast Master Ultimate ability Best Mastery has a new special effect in his last level, give higher bonus to his beasts in all levels but less strenght and intelligence to the Beast Master.
-Maiev ability Impulse increases regeneration bonus in all levels and change duration in all levels, level 9 is higher than before(also fix damage was giving less than suppose to)
-Dante Unholy Power give more damage in the last 5 levels.
-Panda ability Guard has less mana cost less cooldown but less duration as well.
-Buzan ability Power and speed now give more move speed in the last 3 levels.
-Ninja ability Thousand Knives now deal more damage in all levels(higher increases in the last 2) but has less area of effect and less chance in the last levels.
-Ninja ultimate ability Assassin Hit deal higher damage in the last 2 levels but has higher mana cost.
-Blood Grunt ability Funeral Blow has a new effect of dealing extra damage based on Blood Grunt current life but now have higher mana cost.
-Blood Grunt ultimate ability has a lot less cooldown(4 times less in the last level) but deal less damage as well.
-Arthas ability Uncommun Power has a new powerful effect only on level 9, has more strength bonus per level but less agility and Intelligence.
-Arthas ability bash now deal a lot more damage but has less chance in all levels.
-Arthas ability Sword Mastery has less attack speed bonus but more move speed bonus in the last levels.
-Grom ability Overgrow now has a new effect of dealing damage in an small area and a mini stun, also has lower cooldown and less mana cost.
-Grom Ultimate ability now has a new effect of giving armor bonus and has more damage in the last 2 levels.
-Grom ability Halo Strike has a new effect but deal less damage and has higher cooldown.
-Wendigo Frozen Seal now deal damage based in his total hit points(higher %) instead of target has less cooldown but less duration as well in the last levels.
-Wendigo Ultimate ability Ice field now increases hit points damage ratio per level and has less cooldown in the last 2 levels.
-Wendigo Ultimate ability Ice field strength passive bonus now is higher in all levels.
-Far Seer Ultimate ability Fulminations deal higher normal damage but less % damage.
-Greatly Increases Dragon Clan ability Mutilation damage but now damage type is normal instead of been spell.
-Dragon Clan has a new ability instead of Armor Demolish with the same name.
-Dragon Clan ability Tharos Fury now deal pure damage type and has higher mana cost, damage has been rescaleted accordging to it.
-Dragon Clan ability Dragon Breath has less duration and burning damage.
-Dragon Clan ability Cutting Scales now Deal Normal damage type instead of spell, give more armor bonus in the last levels.
-Berseker ability Skin Breaker has less damage and higher cooldown in the last levels.
-Tower Defiler has less attack speed.
-Corrupted Tower Level 2 has less attack speed.
-Dark Forces Boss Death Fury Critical Strike(critical strike that only come out when is at low HP) has a lot less damage but has higher chances.
-Dark Forces End game Boss Michael has a new ability.
-Dark Forces End game Boss Messantiga End Laika is stronger.
-Neutral Boss Mortaar the ogre now charge his skills with his own attacks as well but less with enemies attacks.
-Neutral Boss Mortaar The Ogre now cast Divine Skin more offen.
-Neutral Boss Titan has some minimum changes.
-Neutral Boss Omega deal less damage with his abilities Omega Judgment and Omega Finishing Blow.
-Neutral Boss Omega has 2 new abilities that only use in some cases(abilities has the same fire effects that his current ones)
-Neutral Boss Omega is slightly stronger, has more level give more XP and has different conditions to find him.
-Neutral Boss Agiel now use his ability Armor Collapse more often but more predictable.
-Neutral Boss Dragon Turtle change behavior.
-Neutral Boss Dragon Turtle has less damage return against range attackers.
-Bosses Drop chance change
*Black Knight.
*Faceless One Deathbringer
*Mortar the Ogre
*Shadow Arthas
*Several others minimum changes.
-Shadow Arthas Shadow now disappear alone after some time and some others minimum changes about Shadow Arthas.
-Fix Shadow arthas regeneration out of combat some times not working.
-Fix Black knight some times killing himself with Doom ability.
-Fix Legacy recipe giving different stats than the actual item.
-Fix Kael not able to destroy barrels.

Survival Mode

-Greately reduce Bahamut Regeneration.
-Increases Darigaz Regeneration.

Changelog 1.24 - 1.24c

-14 New Items to find.
*6 of this items are beyond legendary items.
-Barrels now have chance to drop items when you destroy them.
*Red barrels high chance.
*normal barrels low chance.
-New mini boss.
-Several Drops chance has change.
-Wraith abilities Rain of Fire and Soul Migrations now charge Holy items on cast based in their levels(not bows)
-Archer abilities Sky Shot and Frost Arrow now charge both Holy Bows items on cast.
-Sky Shot rescale cooldown higher in first levels but lower in the last one.
-Soul Migration has less cooldown in the last levels.
-Byatis is slightly stronger.
-The Salamander is slightly stronger.
-Black Knight is slightly stronger.
-Neptune has more hit points and slightly more attack speed.
-Titan has more hit points and more damage but less regeneration per second.
-Team Party no longer get bonus base damage from Holy bows items.
-Team Party member Duen now get a permanent bonus base damage when she get Azaran Locksley item.
-Azaran Locksley and Sacred abilities now share cooldown.
-Slightly Increases mana cost of Azaran Locksley ability.
-Slightly Increases mana cost of Sacred ability.
-Fix Wraith not improving a skill with holy item.
-Fix Azura not improving a skill with Holy item.
-Fix Guardian Angel having the bonus without the Holy item.
-Fix Berseker Feel my Pain ability still working with droping items.
-Fix holy intelligence item was not giving the 1 Intelligence bonus on cast.
-Fix After Schock(Jaina Schock ability improved with Holy item) secundary effect:target is death before damage(level 15 or higher) was not increasing Jaina Intelligence.
-Fix some abilities Learn tooltip giving diferent information than the normal tootip and the actual ability.
-3 New Special items to buy.
*Several items in one making a total of 9 items.
*All new items provide a level up bonus.
*All Final forms Provide an strong ability that have an extra effect of increasing an stat permanetly.
*Items are very cheap for his power level however they need kills to evolve.
*Some provide others special effects like one of them improved skills of Intelligence heroes.
-3 New Beyond Legendary items to find.
-Horses now have a biggest stock maximum but longer stock replenish.
-Pack horses now can be attacked by allieds getting a very low damage and they will move(this prevent getting stuck with allieds pack horses and also give a chance of saving an allied pack horses)
-Item Death Scythe(b) has more damage.
-Item Adamantium War Hammer.
-Item Two Tons war Hammer has more damage.
-Item Double Edge has more damage.
-Item Demonic Charm has more damage and more hit points bonus.
-Item Helm of the Underground King increases HP Regeneration bonus.
-Item Hunter has more damage.
-Item last 2 forms of Sapphires has higher damage bonus.
-Item The Word is my prey has more damage.
-Item Divine Armor ability:Divine Protection improve armor, regeneration and cooldown.
-Item Runic aura give more damage.
-Item increases damage bonus of Gem of The End ability last Edge.
-Item Increases damage bonus of God Skill Tome Blessing of Battle ability.
-Assassin has better attack cooldown.(faster attack speed)
-Dark Knight has better attack cooldown.(faster attack speed)
-Dragon Clan has better attack cooldown.(faster attack speed)
-Orb of Darkness has changed now have the normal rules of destroying Castle or Doom to win or lose.
-Paladin has a new ability Sacred Hammer only when he change his attack type to hero or Chaos.
-Paladin Devotion Aura ability now have 2 more levels with greater bonus but the targets changes on this levels.
-Murgul ability Road to Greatness now has less cooldown in the last 3 levels.
-Firelord ability Wave of Fire has less cooldown in the last 3 levels and special effecst looks more sincronized with the damage.
-Panda ability Divine Punish has less cooldown in the last levels.
-Half Demon Wizard ability Hell Magma has less stun duration and cooldown reworked has less cooldown in the last levels but higher in the first levels.
-Necromancer Death Soul ability has higher cooldown in the first levels but less mana cost.
-Necromancer Corpse ability has been removed to made space for new abilities(new abilities could be used anyway but was confusing)
-Necromancer Howl of Terror ability now can create corpses and reduce more armor in the last levels.
-All upgrades from Facility(Worker Building) cost less gold on high levels and some has more levels.
-Abomination last form has a new ability Poison Blast instead of Disease Cloud.
-Abominations ability Meat Brath has less cooldown in all levels.
-Abominations(now only 7th form) ability Disease Cloud has more damage in the last 4 levels.
-Abomination Flesh Absorption has changed, now it give bonus armor and hit points per kill.
-Berseker Double Edge ability has less cooldown.
-Far Seer Devastation has bigger damage increases per cast and lower cooldown in the last 2 levels.
-Overgrow ability has less mana cost and cooldown.
-Crush does not afect level 180 bosses or with higher level anymore.
-Titan has a new passive ability.
-Titan has higher move speed and has more resistance against attack speed reduction.
-Black Knight Shock ability damage now goes throw spell shield(spell shield only avoid stun of this ability now).
-Shadow Arthas is stronger has 2 new passive abilities and higher level.
-Shadow Arthas has less normal damage but his bash deal higher damage.
-Lord of Darkness is sligtly stronger.
-Fel Demon both mana abilities are stronger and has a new active ability.
-Kelt Skeleton Mage has a new active ability.
-Kelthuzad ability Ulimos has more hit points.
-Burning Hell Skeleton has a passive bash ability.
-Fel Guard armor aura has a lot less range than before.
-Makura Tidal Lord is stronger.
-Dire Mamut is stronger.
-Most Survival Mode enemies are stronger.
-Defender has less starting move speed.
-Defender increases less Intelligence and Strength per level.
-Defender Damage Breaker now deal more damage but is based in current life instead of Total HP.
-Defender Immortal ability give less regeneration in the last levels.
-Defender Sacrifice ability deal less damage in the first levels, last level is the same.
-Defender Sacrifice ability has less area, more cooldown, more mana cost in the last 3 levels, more damage to self and less stun in the last level.
-Defender Divine Thounghness healing now happens before the lost of Strength and can not use Dark Blast during this ability.
-Defender Mega Heal ability has less area of effect and has higher mana cost in the last 3 levels.
-Berseker and Defender ability Furious Stomp has more cooldown and has less duration in the last 3 levels.
-Berseker Feel my Pain ability does not work anymore if the hero drop items during the effect.
-Far Seer Fulmination ability has more cooldown and higher mana cost in the last levels.
-God King and Army ability now give 2% rege instead of 3% and duration of self regeneration is half(others bonus duration are the same).
-Absolute Item decrease spell damage reduction from 70% to 50%.
-Slayer Armor Item decrease spell damage reduction from 70% to 60%.
-Supreme Item decrease spell damage reduction from 75% to 60%.
-Helm of the Underground King Item decrease spell damage reduction from 75% to 70%.
-Arcane Scepter ability hex has less duration and higher cooldown.
-Merlini(Item) Ability Divine Skin has more cooldown.
-Spell Shield(Item) has more cooldown.
-Zeral Amulet has less hit points bonus and less stats bonus and now have blue lyrics.
-Gem of The End abilities now can not be casted while you are dead.
-Wendigo ability Frozen Seal has more cooldown.
-Little Child ability Reaper Lighting has more cooldown.
-Dragon Clan Mutilation ability deal less damage.
-Dragon Clan Tharos Clap ability has more cooldown in the last 3 levels.
-Dragon Clan Tharos Fury ability deal less damage and has higher mana cost in the last 2 levels.
-Gaia Awakening can not drop Gem of The End anymore.
-Add Evasion Do not stack text on Slayer Armor to avoid confusions of Dodge and Evasion been a different ability.
-Some items now have an special effect when evolve.
-remove some warning messages of deaths caused by some items like Demonic sword and glacial sword since they was fixed long time ago.
-Add some text to avoid confusions like on Legion Doom Horn option to give secondary bonus to the not considered summoned units.
-Change/Fix Battle Experience ability was showing decimals on damage.
-Change/Fix Berseker ability was showing decimals on damage.
-Change/Fix Feel my Pain ability was showing decimals on damage.
-Fix -Closeline comand if the comand was input before late creeps start to coming they would still come.
-Fix Black Knight regeneration out of combat 5th time is a charm.
-Fix Black Knight Shock ability not showing the Thunder effect when someone is killed by this ability.
-Fix Truth ability Atlas Law was reducing the small amount of damage to all enemies instead of reducing higher amounth to higher level enemies
-Fix Maiev Blind Spot ability was not working against an specific Dark Forces boss(level 14 Kobolt).
-Fix Assassin Dagger recipe description(change max level 4 to max level5).
-Fix Furios stomp ability sometimes become a green icon.
-Fix Panda ability Divine Punish text was showing slightly less damage than it should(Only the text).
-Fix some Hero abilities showing in different places than it should.(Example Centrius Feral Spirit)
-Fix several others bugs.
!!Special thanks to yy19980428 that report most of the bugs fixed in the last versions.

Changelog 1.23d

-3 new items to buy (Assassin Blade upgrades)
-Assassin Blade give more damage.
-Assassin Dagger give more damage and recipe cost more.
-Decapitator(pure Damage) give more damage.
-God Blessing of Battle change % regeneration for high normal.
-God King and Army give 3% Rege to the caster instead of 4%.
-Michael has more normal damage but not have starting ancestral damage anymore.
-Michael does not have Michael Cross anymore(passive ability that deal massive damage after charge during very long time)
-Michael has a new passive ability that increases his damage with every hit(bonus damage type is spell).
-Small changes in bosses coming after Michael.
-Death Touch(Death ability to kill any neutral unit) can not kill some bosses now.
-Berserk Wildkin(Azura unit) regeneration aura give a normal high regeneration instead of %.
-Berserk Wildking has better stats.
-Truth ability Atlas Law does not reduce attack speed anymore, reduce a lot more damage than before to units of level 100 or higher,but less to lower level units.
-Azazel is slightly stronger as well his abilities Fireball, Finger of Death and Armageddon.
-Apocalypse is slightly stronger.
-The Salamander is stronger as well as his passive ability salamander Scales.
-Byatis is slightly stronger and her ability Poison Nuke is stronger.
-Forgotten One is stronger.
-Agiel has more hit points.
-Lord of Darkness is slightly stronger.
-Kelthuzad sleep ability has a new powerful effect that only happens when he attack a sleeping unit.
-Kelthuzad is stronger and his minions:
*Fel Demon is stronger.
*Fel Guard is stronger and his Armor Aura.
*Kelt Orc Skeletal is stronger and now has a kind of Crush ability.
*Hell Ghoul is stronger.
*Kelt Skeletal Mage is stronger.
*Plague Zombie is stronger and his both abilities.
*Burning Hell Skeleton Explode ability now deal less real damage but now deal some % damage,this way low hp heroes has less chance to get one shot for this ability.
-Some neutral units can not scape from his area anymore and increases difficult in another area.
-Fix abilities the 3 first abilities of Ring of Talent was working previously.
-Fix Illidan, Blacksmith and a few others heroes bugged when using the last 3 of the abilities coming from God Skill Tome.
-Fix Defender ability Immortal was giving a lot more or a lot less regeneration than it suppose in some cases.
-Fix Vampire Lord controlling Death Knight cause fatal error, fix as well any other fatal error caused because of Mind Control abilities.
-Fix Berseker Rage could damage allieds.
-Fix Fighting Mastery could damage allieds.
-Fix Medusa Multiple Arrow sub effect could damage allieds.
-Fix Medea Rod and Eternal Ledger abilities sharing cooldown.
-Fix Death Cape and Merlinis abilities sharing cooldown.
-Fix Some bugs with Tauren one that can cause a Fatal error.
-Fix Dragon Skin.
-Fix Dragon Blood description and actual bonus wasn't correct in the last levels.
-Fix Armor Demolish was allowing one hit less than it suppose to.
-Fix Red Dragon can not be attacked by certain units.
-Fix Dragon level 9 Dragon Clan Tasks wasn't working correctly.
-Dragon Slayer now can be cast against Red Dragon(Orb of Darkness games).
-Dragkur last evolve cost less charges.
-Perpetual task of killing makuras now give less strength as reward.
-Buff special effects of God King and Army now should been seen in all units affected by it instead of only the caster.
-Change items place in shops God Skill Tome change for Bloody Edge.
-Line of Gem of The End "by pressing right arrow" now is in red lyrics to avoid confusions of how to use the chosen ability.
-Several others fixs.
Survival Mode:
-Remove an effect on high level enemies units that give them expiration time when they are controlled, instead some of them hasn't had they survival mode abilities.

Changelog 1.23

-23 New abilities that can be used for any Hero
*You buy or find an item that contains this abilities and consume the item to chose one of them.
*Some abilities comes random in the menu to chose.
*Abilities are divided in 3 groups, 2 actives and 1 of passives.
*The Same hero can only use 1 ability of each group except from passive.
*The same hero can have any number of passive abilities but not the same twice except the stats one that can have any number of this.
*Passive abilities: Rain of Fire, Forket Lighting and Heal can only be used for one player a second player chosing this abilities will take it from the first player.
*For the first version all heroes can use all abilities but in a future version Team Party will not be able to use 2-3 of them and Blade Master one of them.
*Only For the God skill Tome group skill if you chose an ability that your hero has already malfunctions are expected, this does not affect the custom abilities, like Blessing,Blast,kings this abilities work well even if your hero has something very similar to them.
*the other active abilities group are activate when you press right arrow on your keyboard this abilities work find with any other ability and can not be refreshed.
-New Semi-Special Hero(with more content than previous ones).
-New Items to find.
-New item to buy.
-Beast Mastery now give more stats to summon units but less to Beast Master.
-Spirit Hawk last 2 levels has higher attack speed.
-Dante Divine Speed reduce even more speed.
-Muradin Avatar give more Hit points in the last 2 level.
-Muradin Storm Bolt has less cooldown in the last 2 levels.
-Banshee Life Drain drain more hit points in the last level but cost more mana.
-Buzan Celular Evolution give more stats but cost more mana
-Buzan Thorns now has higher strength damage ratio and normal meele damage in the last levels but has less Range normal damage and can not damage building anymore.
-Impulse has more bonus damage and regeneration in the last levels but cost more mana
-Interfici increases intelligence damage ratio and reduce cooldown in all levels but reduce damage damage in all levels as well.
-Blaze has more intelligence damage ratio and level but have less normal damage and more mana cost.
-Steal Damage now steal more damage in the last levels but cost more mana.
-Water Elemental ability Water Bolt now deal damage based in total hit points and some others minimum changes.
-Holy Light and Sword and Shield abilities has a new effect when they are casted on a unit that has Rejuvenation
-Tranquility heals more but has higher mana cost.
-Curse of The Dark Star now active automatic if it has enough damage to kill the target, works normally if not.
-Pandaren Slam has less cooldown in all levels
-Divine Punishment has less cooldown in the last 2 levels.
-Increases Enlightenment bonus ratio in all levels and fix incorrect description of the ability
-Blood Grunt Hyper Regeneration has bigger bonus in the last 3 levels, less cooldown but higher mana cost.
-Berseker Hidden Power does not reduce his strength anymore.
-Berseker Battle Experience now deal pure damage, damage has scaled according to it.
-Berseker Fell my Pain deal less damage and now Berseker must to be alive for the ability to work.
-Little Child forms:
*Both Heavy Armors reduce more damage in the last levels.
*Block have higher chances in the last 3 levels.
*Reduce cooldown of Critical Pick 3 in all levels.
*Light Armor 2 give more bonus armor in the last 3 levels.
*Light Equipment 2 give more attack and move speed in the last levels.
*Speed give more attack and move speed in the last levels.
*Endurace Aura now give Move speed bonus as well(fix tooltip Learn was giving incorrect information)
*Erradicate has more damage in all levels except first but has more mana cost and cooldown.
*Reaper Lighting has less % damage but higher normal damage and higher cooldown.
-Dark Forces Bosses.
*Razormane Chieftain has more hp,rege and attack speed.
*Gnoll Overseer has more HP,rege, armor and attack speed.
*Vampire has more HP, rege and attack speed.
*Siege Golem has more hit points.
*Death Knight has more hit points and attack speed.
*Ancient Corrupted Tree has more armor and rege.
*Lich has more hit points, damage and attack speed.
*Nosferatu has more hit points and more life steal but less normal rege.
*Sapphiron has more hit points.
*Black DRagon has more hp,rege and attack speed.
*Bahamut has more damage, hit points and regeneration.
*Death has more hit points and damage.
-Neptune has more hit points and some small changes.
-Survival Mode:
*Mind Controled units with level 55 or higher in survival mode has not infinite duration anymore instead have a very long duration.
*Nosferatu has more hit points.
*Dark Forces Dragons has a new ability.
-Fix several bugs(around 30).

Changelog 1.22E

-Add (Orange) to a hidden recipe to avoid confusions.
-Fix Crush can damage allieds if you attack them enough times.
-Fix Mithril Glaive can damage allieds.
-Fix some bug with Sinister Edge
-Fix Ferocity(item) units keeping AS bonus after drop it.
-Fix new item Truth ability was reducing armor instead of attack speed.
-Fix some wrong tooltips abilities descriptions.

Changelog 1.22D

-New Neutral boss level 105 Mortaar the Ogre
-New Neutral boss level 160 Neptune(God)
*Gods are not affected by Crush or Soul Steal, level 200 or higher are considered Gods
-3 New beyond legendary items to find
-2 New hidden items(kill Doom to get them).
-Fix Mithril Glaive special effect, was not working previously
-Necromancer skeleton warriors are stronger
-Necromancer skeleton mages last levels has stronger abilities and attributes are slightly better.
-Necromancer Death soul is stronger, has less cooldown and more mana cost in the last levels.
-Blue Axe now have a third effect
-Dark Knight Berserker ability has a new effect, rescale cooldown and duration and more mana cost.
-Arcane Wizard Reaper ability have less cooldown in all levels but less base damage in the last 2 levels.
-Naga Multiple Arrow ability level 4 has a new effect.
-Both Venom abilities of Zombies forms deal more damage.
-Both Entomb abilities of Zombies forms heal more in the last levels, has less cooldown and bigger mana cost
-Replace Scorge ability(stop working in the last versions) from Necromancer last form(Death) for Venom.
-Necromancer forms Shadow Strike has more damage in the last 2 levels.
-Black Mages forms Thunder has more damage in all levels, less cooldown in the last 2 levels but effec duration is lower in all levels.
-Black Mages forms Crushing Wave has less cooldown in all levels.
-Admiral ability Infinite Growth has less cooldown in most levels.
-Admiral Imbued Sword ability increases more damage and cooldown reduce per level.
-Increases Muradin Avatar duration and reduce cooldown.
-Lava Spawn does not split anymore fixing and bug in were they paralize, instead now you summon 3 of them (except in levels 3,4,5 and 6.)
-Lava Spawn level 9 has faster attack speed, more damage, more hit points, small changes in others levels.
-Volcano has more damage and more cooldown, increases stun duration, bonus damage to building is lower.
-Kael Forked Lightning has less cooldown in the last level.
-Kael Entangling Roots has less cooldown.
-Magroth Blessing has been removed from the game momentary since it does not work as it suppose.
-Legacy recipe has change Pipe of Insight for Scroll of Dexterity
-Legacy has some stats changed.
-Increases bonus Damage and Hit Points from Circe Book ability, also give an extra bonus in the last stack(this extra bonus is not showed on the item description)
-Ferocity(summoned item) has attack speed bonus reduced.
-Mud Golem (neutral creep) do not have slow ability anymore instead have bash ability, a lot more armor have higher level and give more experience(have survival mode bonus now)
-Rock Golem(neutral creep)has more armor now
-Unbroken Darkweaver has a better Critical Strike.
-Lord of Darkness has a new ability.
-Forgotten is slightly stronger.
-Change some missions rewards.
-Item hunter heal less now.
-Agiel now drops one extra item.
-Several drop chances has been changes.
-Fix an Unbroken ability (war stomp) that only uses in some cases.
-Fix Final Disease some times does not go for the empire after killing an enemy(this happens only in the last versions).
-Fix Soul Theft ability effect showing more time than the actual effect in the last version.
-Fix Mission complete announce does not showing real lyrics color of item justice.
-Fix Dark Knight Ultimate not stuning when you change your attack type.
-Fix Arcane Wizard was unable to change his attack type to Hero and Chaos.
-Fix Circe Book ability first HP bonus not working when a unit has Nature Path equip.
-Fix Mega Heal ability was healing an average of 20000 instead of 30000.

Changelog 1.22c

-New Beyond legendary item to find.
-Eradication Relic has more hit points bonus and ability deal more damage.
-Change one of the bonus of one of the forms of Cross.
-Michael and stronger line bosses has more spell damage reduction
-Rescale ''Battle Experience'' ability mana, cooldown and damage(damage is lower on the first levels but the same in the last one)
-Health Stone upgrades now only heal allied does not heal self anymore.
-Death Enrage is slightly stronger.
-Updated Partner lists in game and home page.
-Picking Wendigo not longer comes with the warning since several version ago wendigo is able to use all items.
-Fix Awakening talent not working correctly in 1.22 versions.
-Fix Berseker Skin Breaker dealing damage of old versions.
-Fix Goliath returning to his old ability Impale when changing attack type.
-Fix Stamina Hotkey having an incorrect hotkey.
-Fix Infernal Flames can be released against allied.

Changelog 1.22b

-Hunter has some stats increased and his ability deal more damage(healing is the same).
-Fix Justice wasn't healing owner on kill.
-Black Mages has their old Ice Road abilities but stronger.
-Teleporting to Revenant Area no longer is countered for Revenant ability.
-Small changes on Gaias Awakening abilities.

Changelog 1.22

-22 new items.
-10 New Missions:
*Missions are in game Quests that provide rewards like Gold,EXP,Items, Unique Items, New missions and more.
*You can do 1 mission per game, you activate this mission at the start of the game, get your first mission by killing Doom.
-Infinite new bosses similar like Green Dragons but with Gaia:
*Each time you killed this new Gaia a new one appears.
*New ones has different size, color, all stats and abilities are better and have a better drop chance.
-Hidden items:
*Are recipes that you can unlock by completing Missions.
*This are not considered tricks, can be used as much as you want in public replays but will not be reveled on the forum for now.
*Player that have problems doing missions can check this items on others players replays, or can unlock them for a cheap amount of Exchange Points.
-Black Mage has a new ability instead of Ice road named Ice road as well.
-Little Child Black Mage ultimate form has a new ability instead of Ice road named Ice road as well.
-Little Child Black Mage 7 form has the strong old Ice road of ultimate form instead of his.
-Ignite Scepter has a new ability named Hell Blaze as well.
-Goliath has a new ability
-Goliath Ultimate now is based in his total hit points
-Little Child Zombie forms has 2 new abilities instead of Scourge abilities named scourge as well.
-New command to close lines when a player leave and there are less than 4 players(-Closeline(number of the line))
-Improve game performance
-Increases base damage bonus of Demonic Speed Illidan ability.
-Increases damage of Cutter berseker ability in the last 2 levels.
-Increases healing of Tranquility in the last levels.
-Several drop chances on most high level bosses has been change.
-Increase abilities and some items that give normal bonus damage:
*Increases damage of Killer Instinct
*Increases Equipment Upgrade bonus damage in the last 2 levels.
*Ultimate Fighting Style has more damage bonus in the last levels and bigger critical ratio.
*Increases damage of Fast Blades.
*Increases Divine Power bonus damage.
*increases damage bonus of Steal Damage.
*Increases Impulse damage in the last 3 levels.
*Increases damage bonus of Battle Roar.
*Increases Ares Sword bonus damage.
*Increases bonus damage and damage from ability of Neptune Trident.
*Pure Damage Decapitator has bigger damage bonus.
*Increases damage of Superior Creature Claws.
*Increases damage bonus of Volcanic Sword.
*Increases damage bonus of Masamune.
*Increases damage bonus of Ancient Dragon Claws.
*Increases damage bonus of God Slayer.
*Increases damage bonus of Adamantium War Maul.
*Increases damage bonus of Ares.
*Increases damage bonus of both Death Scythe.
*Increases damage bonus of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi.
*increases damage bonus of Darkness Mask and hit points.
-Skin Breaker damage now is pure, has less damage in the last levels and has bigger cooldown in the first levels.
-Reduce % damage of Reapear Lighting and increases normal damage.
-Reduce % damage of Fulmination and increases normal damage.
-Reduce damage of Frozen Seal.
-Reduce damage of Hallo Strike.
-Reduce damage of Death and Decay.
-Units in Revenant area normally do not take damage when are attacked from outside of his area.
-Unbroken has a new ability War Stomp that only use in some cases.
-Unbroken has slightly more hit points and more regeneration.
-First forms of Final Disease has more damage.
-Revenant has a new powerful ability that only uses against heroes that cast spells from outside of his area to his area.
-Fix Unbreakable giving more bonus than suppose, to Divine Thoroughness.
-Fix some units getting 2 extra inventory slots with Kan staff.
-Fix some tooltips incorrect information.
-Some tricks has change, players that unlock them and never used on a public replay can request a new one(with the PM I send to you)
-Team Party Priest Adriels Blessing give more armor, heal more, increases duration, increases attack speed, rescale cooldown and now strength bonus is permanent(bonus complete change of course)
-Team Party Mage Fire Shield has less damage in all levels, bigger heal on the first levels but lower in the last ones and less cooldown at max level.
-Team Party Priest Armor Refinement rescale mana cost, has lower cooldown and lower duration.
-Hearth of Devil has different color lyrics according to his quality
-Dragon Head has a new icon.
-Cutter ability has a new icon.
-Artemis Flute has a new icon.
-Slayer Armor has a new icon.
-Furious Stomp has a new icon.

Survival Mode

-Fix some bugs.
-Slightly change Death knight abilities.
-Remove clemency for Death Knight
-Watch Tower has more hit points.
-Spirit Tower has more hit points.
-Skull Tower has less armor, more regeneration, a lot more damage and a lot more hit points.
-Black Citadel has more regeneration, more damage and more hit points.
-Ancient Hidra is stronger
-Razorneff is stronger
-Zatan Priest is stronger
-Gnoll Overseer is stronger
-Siege Golem is stronger
-Nosferatu is stronger
-Dragons are stronger.

Changelog 1.21d

-New Legendary items to buy.
-2 New legendary items to find.
-New beyond legendary item to find.
-New Sacred item to find.
-Increases Lord of Darkness Armor in 230.
-Increases Agiel Armor in 340.
-Regeneration out of combat of Titan, Black Knight and Shadow Arthas activate faster.
-Titan abilities are stronger and have small changes.
-Delete a sheep sound coming from Black Knight Shock ability on 1.21 versions.
-Others smalls changes on Black Knight.
-The Salamander now has resistance against Death and Decay ability.
-Reduce Duration of Death and Decay.
-Reduce armor reduction of Mark in the last level.
-Reduce Frost Nova Cooldown in the last 2 levels.
-Increases move speed % bonus of Perseus.
-A few abilities do not affect illusions anymore.
-Prey on now deal normal damage instead of spell.
-Immortal ability now give % bonus in all levels.
-Divine Toughness has a different cooldown in each level,mana cost increases in the last levels.
-Divine Toughness bonus strength reduced from 5 to 4.
-Change Mega Heal special effect.
-Reduce heal of Mega Heal only in level 8.
-Several drop chances have been changed.
-Reduce cooldown of Hell Blaze.

Changelog 1.21c

-2 New Heroes with 15 abilities each.
-New legendary item to buy.
-2 New beyond legendary items to find.
-2 New neutral bosses.
-Experience system return to the original(this fix some issues)
-Add Partners List to the in game Quest(F9).(soon coming on the site too)
-Several Drop chances changes.
-Slightly increases Clarity potion cost.
-Priest(Light Forces unit) ability fire bolt no longer cause mini stun and now chose random targets.
-Reduce Exp given for Cleverness Texts in low levels in high levels still give the same (level 29 or higher is considered a high level)
-Reduce charges required by ''The World is my prey'' to evolve.
-SubMachine Gun now takes damage return when attacks Bahamut.
-Increases Hit Points bonus of Buzan ability Celular Evolution in all levels.
-Reduce cooldown of Celular Evolution in the last levels and increase mana cost.
-Increases armor bonus of Paladin ability Devotion Aura in the last 3 levels.
-Increases damage and mana cost of Jaina ability Blizzard in the last levels and rescale cooldown in all.
-Reduce Cooldown of Jaina ability Shock in the last levels.
-Reduce Cooldown of Admiral ability Infinity Growth.
-Reduce Cooldown of Dark Mage ability Lighting in the last levels.
-Increases damage and mana cost of Dark Mage ability Soul Annihilation in the last level.
-Increases damage of Fire Lord ability Soul Burn in the last levels
-Reduce cooldown of Fire Lord ability Fire Wall in all levels.
-Increases damage of Fire Lord ability Volcano in all levels.
-Reduce Life Drain interval wraith ability and increases amount in the last 2 levels slitly.
-Reduce Cooldown of Wraith ability Soul Migration in all levels.
-Reduce Cooldown of Wraith ability Curse in all levels.
-Reduce Cooldown of Arcane Wizard ability Arcane Blast in the last levels.
-Little Child Forms:
*Frost Bolt 1 reduce cooldown in all levels
*Frost Bolt 2 increases damage and mana cost in the last 3 levels.
*Water Shot reduce cooldown in all levels.
*Forket Lighting 3 now can still level up after level 9.
*Thunder increases damage in all levels and reduce cooldown in the last 3.
*Finger Death increases damage and mana cost in all levels.
*Flame Strike reduce cooldown in all levels.
*Ignite Greatly reduce cooldown in all levels.
*Shadow Strike increases mana cost and duration damage in the last 7 levels.
*Frostbite increases damage and mana cost in the last levels.
*Increases attack cooldown of Abomination ultimate form(means: attack speed is reduced)
*Exterminate increases requiered hit points per level, reduce stun duration and add a new effect.
-Several Changes on Team Party.
*Some items ability that affect only one hero affect all party members like Battle Flag, Battle Hearth(this has already been implement in previous versions).
*Party Leader have one extra Item Slot.
*Troll,Mage and Dulius have one extra Item Slot.
*Now all members steal experience when are around(This fix some lag issues and Dsync caused by Team Party)
*Rhazin Fighting Style reduce critical chance.
*Shields UP reduce duration.
*Target Adquired reduce armor reduction in the last levels.
*Sacred Bow increase cooldown.
*Critical shot reduce chance and ratio in the first levels.
*Sonic arrow stun duration now is 3 in all levels, now ability only shows armor reduction duration.
*Empower reduce damage bonus in the last 3 levels.
*Reduce Duen range to 600.
+Overall Team Party should be a lot slower than before but can be even stronger than before at the end of the game
-Slitly changes terrain in some lines.
-Forest Troll Warlord have more hit point, armor and give more gold bounty.
-Azazel is stronger.
-Increases Byatis armor from 350 to 390.
-Ligeia is slightly stronger.
-Ligeia Forket Lighting and Panthom Bird deal more more damage.
-Ligeia Panthom Bird ability now stun and damage are synchronized.
-Agiel has more Armor.
-Agiel Carrion Beetle deal more damage.
-Agiel Impale ability deal more damage.
-Forgotten is slitly stronger.
-Kel'Thuzad Hex ability have damage amplification(only normal attacks) for the duration.
-Kel'Thuzad now summon 2 Ulimos when he is about to die.
-Kel'Thuzad has more armor.
-Vrykolaklaus has more armor.
-Unbroken has more armor and attack enemies on his sigh.
-Revenant has more armor.
-Darigaz is stronger, has more level give more exp and gold bounty.
-Darigaz Breath of Fire
-Illusions no longer can use Crush ability.
-Lich has spell damage reduction ability.
-Fix a weird bug that cause priest(worker unit) to die when enter to the game.
-Fix Bahamut get stuck sometimes.
-Fix a bug of Death been very slow on Survival Mode.
-Fix Thunder Scepter recipe asking for another item when you buy the recipe alone.
-Fix Infernal Flame Strike gold bonus(was giving more than suppose to).
Fix Demonic Sword, Glacial Sword, causing death of some heroes sometimes when you pick it, like Wendigo, Berseker, Buzan, Worker, and hero buff with Murloc Ultimate.
-Unbroken Darkweaver do not spaws hero illusions anymore instead he has a new passive ability bonus damage to his attacks.
-Demonic Sword has a new bonus.
-Change Demonic sword Shockwave, reduce chance in 20%, increases damage for more than 200%, reduce accuaracy and increases AOE.
-Change Glacial Sword Frost Nova passive.
-Glacial Sword and Frost Sword now have cold damage on hit(attacked units get attacks and move speed reduced).
-Frost Sword have more stats bonus but do not have Frost Nova ability anymore.
-Darigaaz don't have Breath of Fire anymore.

Survival Mode:

-Death Knight is stronger.
-Ancient corrupted treand has more hit points.
-Nosferatu is stronger.
-All Dragons are stronger.

Changelog 1.20c

-Improve game performance.
-Change ability Magic Sight for a new ability with the same name in order to fix a bug.
-Rescaled cooldown of Sonic Shuriken.
-Serpent Wards are stronger in the last levels, have less cooldown but bigger mana cost.
-Bahamut now give a gold reward to all players when someone kills him.
-After Bahamut die creeps doesn't spawn anymore(wasn't tested).
-Change System that make stronger Black Citadel and Skull Towers, time, Armor, base damage instead of bonus.
-Fix a weird number that appears in forest.
-Fix Thunder Scepter recipe asking for another item when you buy the recipe alone.
-Fix spelling mistakes from Heroes Barracks thanks to Dinho_senos.

Changelog 1.20b

-Fixed Black Knight regeneration out of combat.
-Fix Fel Guard Armor Aura(Kelthuzad minion) only allied take the bonus now.
-Fix some abilities tooltips having old information.
-Fix some items tooltips having old information.
-Fix Michael Killing Dark Forces units.
-Fix Kael Changing to old abilities when changing attack type.
-Fix some items abilities share the same cooldown.
-Some minimum changes in neutral units.
-Reduce gold bonus from Fire Skin(Infernal Ability) effect.
-Add some warnings in some abilities.

Changelog 1.20

-New item evolution(several items in one).
-New neutral boss: The Salamander(appears after kill kel'thuzad in a different location)
-New neutral boss: Black Knight.
-New item to buy.
-2 New items to find.
-Infernal Fire Skin has a new effect beside the old one.
-Priest Holy Light have a new effect beside heal.
-Changes in Azura Pandemonion Portal:
*Increases Cooldown in all levels.
*Increases Mana Cost in all levels.
*Savage Vampire appears only on level 2 or higher.
*Centaur OutRunner appears only on level 3 or higher.
*Centaur Impaler now appears in level 2 and 1.
*Fel Stalker appears only on level 2 or higher and now is stronger.
-Fix some color codes
-Fix some abilities have differents positions in Research and Normal.
-Fix nuetral units scaping from revenant area.
-Fix Demon Lord Finger of Death cast to allieds.
-Fix some abilities wrong descriptions on Learn Tooltips.
-Fix some heroes descriptions metioned their old abilities instead of new ones.
-Fix and change system that make heroes drop items when player leave the game(no tested)
-Correct some tooltips.
-Ninja nows can walk on water.
-Now units takes damage when attacking Unbroken Darkweaver out of his region.
-Increases Searing Arrows(Archer Ability) damage and mana cost in the last 3 levels.
-Rescale all stats of Kael Mana Shield.
-Increase damage and mana cost of Orb of Annihilation(Kael Ability) in the last 2 levels.
-Reduce Savior (Item) damage return from 187 x level to 145 x level.
-Sacred Battle Axe has less cleave damage but better AOE.
-Sacred Battle Axe has more damage bonus.
-Bone Axe has cleave damage reduced during Execute.
-Increases Armor bonus of Tidal Charm now this bonus stack with all others armor auras.
-Rescale Flame strike Cooldown.
-Resharpen (team party ability) has less maximum stacks in the first levels same in higher levels and less coldown in this.
-Little Child Forms abilities Changes:
*Obliterate has stronger but less knights, increases duration and reduce cooldown in the last levels.
*Endurance Aura has better attack speed bonus but not move speed bonus.
*Speed ability increases in the last level.
*Switch Commander ability Cleave for Thunder Clap.
*Remplace Comander ability Devotion Aura for a new one ''Holy Aura''
*Thunder Clap now reduce more attack speed in the last levels.
*Battle Roar give more damage and armor in the last 2 levels but cost more mana.
*Increases damage in all levels and chance in the last 4 levels of Pulverize.
*Increases Dark Resistance bonus in the last 2 levels.
*Increases Madness power bonus in the last 2 levels.
*Increases ''Offense and Defense'' bonus in the last 2 levels, reduce coodown and increases mana cost in the last level.
*Increases Ultimate Strength bonus in all levels.
*Increases Restaure bonus in all levels.
*increases Storm Bolt damage and mana cost in the last levels.
*Rescale Fire Bolt cooldown.
*Increases block damage of Bones Property in all levels.
*Increases block damage of Refined Armor in the last 3 levels.
*Increases Enchantment Equipment Armor and Life Regeneration bonus.
*Increases Swordman(8) base damage.
*Increases Terminal damage in all levels.
*Reduce Venom(2) cooldown in all levels and increases mana cost in the last levels.
*Reduce Cooldown of Entomb(1) in all levels.
*Increases Entomb(2) heal in the last levels and reduce cooldown in all levels.
-Agiel Armor has increases from 800 to 1000.
-Omega Armor has increases from 800 to 1000.
-Shadow Arthas Armor has increases from 300 to 500.
-Forgotten Armor has increases from 600 to 800.
-Forgotten Tentacles has 2 new passive abilities.
-Some others survival mode bonus do not keep when unit are control.
-Change Marine Description related to the changes of 1.19.
-Change Animation of Ground Smash(Infernal ability).
-Horses can not return damage anymore.
-Several neutral bosses drop chance has been change.
-Small changes between neutral units.

Changelog 1.19c

-New item to find.
-Several Hotkeys that can cause issues has been fixed.
-Some bug fixed.
-Infernal Juggernaut now should be affected by spells that only affect organic units.
-Some Droop chances has change.

Changelog 1.19b

-Untouchable and Commander Wish recipe now have the correct tooltips.
-Fix True commander wish
-Fix True commander wish not working with allieds.
-Fix Frost Armor of Nether Drake(Azura unit) and change it slithly.
-small changes to Azura Pandemonion portal.
-Reduce Cleverness XP bonus in the first levels but greatly increases on higher levels.
-Fix Inventory of units looks wierd after casting 3 times Kan staff ability on them.
-Fix Multiboard.
-Several tooltips fixed.
-Several minior changes.

Changelog 1.19

-13 New items to buy.
-2 New Sacred items(Teal Lyrics) to Find.
-2 New Beyond Legendary items to Find.
-Remade Pandemonium Portal, all the units of it and add new units.
-Pandemonium Portal give Azura a new sub ability.
-Archer have a new Frost Arrow ability that replace the old one.
-Raynor Stats Change:
*Now Raynor can go up to 460% attack speed reaching a faster attack speed than any other hero Except Admiral(normal max is 400%)
*Now Raynor stars with low attack speed and damage.
*Now Raynor star with higher stats but win less per level.
-Remade Raynor Rocket
-Raynor has a new ability instead of Vital Point.
-Satir Ability Armor Break has a new effect.
-Agiel Now comes after Forgotten now is a level 130 boss and is stronger.
-Byatis conditions to appears are the old Agiel conditions.
-Increases Sacred items drop chance.
-Increases resisntance of Blade Master Tornado.
-Small changes in Light Warrior Hardened Skin ability.
-Increases Paladin base damage.
-Increases maximum level.
-Increases Hell Lighting damage in the last level and change hotkey.
-Changes Hell Magma AOE , mana cost ,improve special effect and change hotkey.
-Increases Blind Spots effect.
-Reduce Cooldown of Ambush in the last levels and reduce agility damage in all levels from 7 to 6.
-Reduce Cooldown of Shadow Needle in the last levels.
-Increases Cluster Rockets damage in the last 2 levels.
-Increases Equipment Upgrade effects in the last 5 levels.
-Medea Rod ability is stronger and has better stats.
-Demonic Charm ability is stronger.
-Increases cost from decapitator recipe
-Decapitator ability is stronger and now it can't be removed until duration is over
-Increases damage of Decapitator(Red).
-Increases Commander Wish attack speed aura bonus.
-Untouchable damage return ability now works against range units as well is stronger and recipe is expensive.
-Increses cost of Legion Doom Horn.
-Increases ''all stats'' bonus of Legion Doom Horn from 60 to 90.
-Increases Hit Points and Armor Bonus of Legion Doom Horn.
-Increases Dragon Claws Droop chance in most of the Dragons.
-Shadow Arthas: Reduce his base damage, increases his hit points, regeneration, increases his clone base damage.
-Change Agiel casting conditions.
-Increases Agiel regeneration slitly.
-Greatly reduce Omega normal attack damage.
-Omega has a new ability.
-Increases Omega normal regeneration.
-Now Thereus can't use circe book if he doesn't change his attack tipe before.
-Plague Treand has less damage, more hit points, XP,Gold,level and has a defensive ability instead of Entangle Root.
-Fix Lich automatic die on Survival Mode.
-Fix some neutral units not having Survival Mode bonus.
-Fix heroes level up from 43 to 50 very fast.
-Fix missiles dissapears on Azazel area.
-Fix End game bosses getting stuck and dont moved.
-Fix double text when kill towers.
-Fix Death not using his AOE ability sometimes.
-Fix some tootip mistakes.
-Several minimum changes.
*Some normal hero items has always work for Summoned units this version add some more:
-Work in all versions:
Volcanic Sword: Only Flame Strike.
God Slayer: Only Crush.
Sacred Battle Axe: Only Crush.
Slayer Armor: Only armor and move speed bonus.
Elite Rune Armor: Only heal ability.

-New items that work on Summoned units:
Blue Deity: Get others bonus instead of ''All Stats''.
Heart Container.
Savior: Only damage return ability.
Untouchable: Only damage return ability.

Changelog 1.18H

-Fix Bosses coming on Tournament Mode.
-Fix Mur'gul ultimate affect Anduim(Party Member)
-Murgul Overlord Changes:
*Greatly reduce damage of Hidro Bomb ability.
*Increases Hit points, level and Armor.
*increases Gold bounty and Exp bonus.
*Now have better drop chance.
-Increases Drop chance of Enchanted items.
-Correct Scroll of Dexterity price(has a big one by mistake)
-Creeps normally dont go to forest boss area.
-Add some teleports for neutral units , to avoid this units escaping from their areas.
-Apocalypse has more hit points.
-Small changes in Death and Kelt'Thuzad.

Changelog 1.18G

-4 new items to buy
-New ability for Archer
-Remake Murloc Overlord (neutral boss)
-Change Light Forces and Dark Forces Bosses Spawning Sistem(Dark Forces creeps have already this new sistem from long time ago).
*This is going to fix Light Forces mega waves caused when someone is reconnecting.
*Fix Bosses comming in differents times caused when someone is reconnecting.
*Fix Light Forces wave not going all together.
*Improve Performance of the game on late game.
*Several others minior fix/improve.
-After 6000 seconds of game time low level units do not drop items anymore.
*Low levels units does not incluid Draenei Stalker, Satyr Soulstealer and some level 20 mini bosses that can drop some items for recipes.
*Player Teal(3) can disable this function with the command -LL(use it only if is needed like if Blacksmith need some items)
-Horses now can drop most of the undropeable items.
-Add texts of abilities that not stack on items.
-Fix Little Child and team party multiboard level.
-Fix changing attack tipe cause Multiboard showing an increases of level.
-Fix Boss Hunter Malfuction with Illusions.
-Fix Perfect Topaz ability not working well when more than 1 player cast it at the same time.
-Perfect Topaz ability now is stronger and have less duration.
-Bloody Mugen Trick has changed, (people that unlock this trick can resend my PM to me and I'll give you another trick)
-All Team party dont get bonus from Mur'gul Ultimate instead only Team Leader get the bonus.
-Now leavers droops his items from his heroes and his horses dies.Test
-First 3 Dark Forces boss now have a text of his killer as the others.
-Neutral Bosses now have a text of his killer.
-Reduce Arcane Scepter sell price.
-Increases duration of Arcane Scepter spell damage amplification by 3 seconds(not the attack speed reduction) this is not showing on Tooltip.
-Correct a mistake of the amount of the spell damage amplification saying on Arcane Scepter.
-Cursed Golem now used his ability again any number of enemies.
-Remove lag caused for Blacksmith first ability on the first time you used, now this lag comes when you chose BS.
-Holocaust ability Increases damage, mana cost, reduce cooldown and now cooldown is showed in item.
-Kel'Thuzad and Shadow Arthas regeneration out of combat take less time to happen.
-Increases Shadow Arthas debuff and movement.
-Kel'Thuzad minions are slightly stronger.
-Remove teleport from the forest boss area.
-Reduce damage interval of Hell Strength(means deal more damage), reduce strength bonus and starting damage.
-Fix FelGuard aura(Kel'Thuzad minion) do not affect enemy heroes anymore.
-Fix Hell Strength(Infernal) targeting Disease Cloud.
-Fix Fulmination(Far Seer) targeting Disease Cloud.
-Fix some remain problems with Dark Ranger using poison orbs.

Changelog 1.18E

-4 new bosses.
*First one comes after you kill Knightmare on the same place.
*For the third one you will need a condition similar to the way to spaw Agiel.
*This new bosses dont have a text when they appears.
-6 New Legendary items to find.
-3 New beyond Legendary items to find.
-New item ability: Enchanted Stat.
*Give the stat mentioned in the item even if your hero is not the one that have the item, your horse could have the item and your hero will recive the Enchanted stat.
*For team party it give a random one, droop and pick up again the item with your horse until it give to the member you want.
*If you change your attack tipe droop and pick up again the item.
*Right now Enchanted Stat is only on items to find but there is a good chance that will be on items to buy as well in future versions.
-Increases chances of Typhos bash ability.
-Byatis now can remove a few more buff but still is vulnerable to almost all of them.
-Forgotten One have a new defensive ability.
-Omega now have Drop changes has more hit points and more level.
-Change Illidan Vampiric Aura:
*Increases life steal bonus in the last levels.
*Now give base strength bonus.
*Is now longer an Aura, now only affects him.
*Rename the ability as Life Steal.
-Vampiric Aura(Little Child ability) increases bonus in the last 2 levels.
-Vampiric Bite(Little Child ability) increases bonus in the last 6 levels.
-Rescale Holy Light(Priest ability) Cooldown.
-Priest ability Sword and Shield:
* Reduce Cooldown in all levels
*Increases Armor bonus in the last levels.
*Increases Mana Cost in the last levels.
-Increases regeneration per second and mana cost of Restauration(Priest ability) in the last 3 levels, also change special effect.
-Increases regeneration per second of Rejuvenation(Priest and Little child ability) Total heal is the same.
-Rescale Frost Nova (Medusa ability) and now have a new effect.
-Remade Dexterity(Archer ability) now give agility bonus and base damage.
-Change Archer Trueshot Aura:
*Increases Damage bonus in the last levels.
*Now gives base agility per level.
*Is now longer an Aura, now only affects her.
*Rename the ability as Trueshot.
-small changes between heroes basic stats.
-Ninja have a new ability instead of Command Aura.
-Paladin have a new ability instead of Curse.
-Increases hit points regeneration per second and mana cost of Inner Fire(Paladin ability) in all level.
-Infernal have a new ability instead of Infernal Strength.
-Decreases stun duration of Explosive Blood(Blood Grunt ability) in the last 3 levels.
-Reduce % damage of Reaper Lighting(Little Child ability). Increases normal damage in the last 4 levels.
-Reduce hit points bonus from Apocalypse Head from 25000 to 18000.
-Reduce Sacred Battle Axe Change to Crush from 10% to 5%.
-Minor changes in Spell damage reduction of some late bosses.
-Fix Hidromancer forcing some heroes to use their abilities in him like Unholy Knight Impious Strike
-Fix Lighting(Dark Mage ability) special effect, was showing on your position instead of the target point.
-Some drop chances changes.
-Small changes between creeps abilities.

Changelog 1.18c

-New bosses now have bonus regeneration out of combat and more spell damage reduction.
-New bosses now have the spell damage reduction that suppose to have.
-Fix Death returning to base instead of going to destroy Light Forces(report if Death have a wierd behaviour)
-Fix Death one pasive ability didnt working at all.
-Now Death has True Sight.
-Fix Azazel dont want to return to his area.

Changelog 1.18b

-All commands and modes now are showed ingame in quests(F9)
-Fix all Ranged Scout towers range, before doesn't increased range in any level.
-Fix timers windows(most probably)
-Fix Plague Treant doesnt respaw sometimes.
-Fix Armors Improve(Worker Upgrade) wasn't working.
-Fix 2 of the new bosses spawns toguether.
-Fix Unholy Gloves ability sometimes debuff faster on some units.
-Rod of the Holy Start ability now can be casted on your own units.
*Team Party
-Fix party members increasing level because of illusions.
-Fix Archery ability doesnt giving damage after level 9.
-Fix Boulder Covering doesnt giving HP bonus after level 1.
-Change Command(Lider ability) level bonus to party members from 3 to 2 and change also requiered level .
-Party members now level up 1 level for each 4 levels of team leader instead of 3.
-Rescale Heal of Fire Shield.
-Reduce effect of Shields Up in the first 3 levels and reduce AOE in all levels.
-Sonic Arrow: increases cooldown, change mana cost in all levels, reduce armor reduction and rescale duration.
-Reduce Sacred Bow duration from15 to 10 seconds in all levels.

Changelog 1.18

-New Special Hero Party Team.
-3 New neutral bosses.
-6 New beyond legendary items to find.
-New Command Zoom out/in tipe -Cam + a number between 500 and 4000.
*Example -Cam1347 (no spaces)
-Change Azazel area terrain, doodads and space.
-Increases the range of ''Scout Range Tower level 3''.
-Fix Easy Mode (dont working on latest versions).
-Add a pause during Little Child Lag.
-Fix Rogue Wizard wasnt dropping items.
-Plague Treand(nuetral unit) dont have Cloud Disease ability anymore.
-Increases damage and mana cost of Frost Arrow(Archer ability) in the last level.
-Increases Bash(Arthas ability) damage in the last 4 levels.
-Increases all Little Child Bash abilities damage in the last 4 levels.
-Increases Vital Point(Marine ability) damage in the last 2 levels.
-Increases Clean Cut(Blade Master ability) damage in the last 2 levels.
-Increases damage of Elite Rune Gloves ability and correct damage tipe description.
-Increases damage of Elite Rune Sword ability and correct damage tipe description.
-Bear(Rexar summon):
*Increases Bash damage in the last 3 levels.
*Increases hit points in the last 2 levels.
*Can't be controled anymore in level 9.
-Grom Counter Attack ability:
*Increases Armor Bonus in the last 3 levels.
*Strength damage ratio is lower in the first levels but higher than before in the last levels.
*Increases cooldown in all levels, level 9 cooldown is 0.3 higher.
-Increases Stun duration of Dwarf Stomp(Muradin ability) and now can be removed like a normal skill.
-Increases Golem(Necromancer ability) Hit points, mana cost, cooldown and duration in the last 2 levels.
-Increases area of effect of Ikki-Thousen cleave.
-Reduce Execute(Assassin ability) damage ration in the last 3 levels.
-Some BlackSmith Axes has reduced cleave damage during Execute(Assassin ability)
-Piromancer do not cancel his Flame Strike by himself anymore.
-Increases damage Overlord War Stomp but reduce stun duration from 6 seconds to 4.5.

Difficult Change.

-Greatly Increases bonus experience and gold bounty from Spirit tower.
-Greatly Increases bonus experience and gold bounty from Skull tower.
-Experience System Change:
*Neutral units now give the same EXP than Dark Forces.
*Level 2 to 5 units give more EXP.
*Level 7 to 19 units give less EXP.
*Level 20 or higher units give lot more EXP.
-Neutral units now deal bonus damage agains towers.
-Chaos Damage deal 20% more damage to Dragon Armor tipe.
-Chaos Damage deal 20% less damage to Medium and Large Armors tipes.
-Spell Damage deal 15% more damage to Dragon Armor tipe.
-Dragons and Death normal debuff now have a cooldown.
-Dark Forces Dragons are stronger.
-Ancient Green Dragon are stronger.
-Darigaz have 2 new abilities.
-Bahamut have a new ability and now have spell shield.
-Death have 3 new abilities.
-Divine speed(Dante ability) effect now can't be debuff.
-Sky's Blessing(Centrius ability) now can't be debuff.
-Power Reduction(Satir ability) now can't be debuff.
-Diabolic Scimitar(item) ability now can't be debuff.
-Frozen Helm of Chaos(Item) Frost Aura now can't be debuff.
-Frost Aura(Wendigo ability) now can't be debuff.
-Increases difficult to close lines.
-Death Knight Dark Forces Boss is slightly stronger.
-Ancient Corrupted Tree Dark Forces Boss is slightly stronger.
-Lich Dark Forces Boss is slightly stronger.
-Nosferatu Dark Forces Boss is slightly Stronger.
-Reduce Final Disease Gold Bounty and bonus experience.
-Increases difficult to close lines.

Survival Mode

-Life Drain ability of Vampire is stronger.
-Razormane Chieftain is stronger.
-Zatan Priest is stronger.
-Gnoll Overseer is stronger.
-Siege Golem is stronger.
-Death Knight is stronger.
-Ancient Corrupted Tree is stronger.
-Lich is Stronger.
-Nosferatu is Stronger.
-Blue Dragon and Dark Dragon now have armor bonus like every other unit(before they didn't by mistake).
-Blue Dragon and Dark Dragon are stronger.

Changelog 1.17f

Change the remove items System for a command.

-This have a delay to avoid accidents.
-Any player can put the command again to increases the time of the items removed if he needed.

Changelog 1.17e

-New Sistem that remove items on the floor:
*Remove only items to find.
*Do not remove Legendary items or stronger.
*Do not remove Gem Fragment.
*Do not remove some potions and some useful items.
-New towers tipes for worker that cost mana instead of gold(weaker than the gold cost towers ofcourse)
*Total of new 10 towers of this new tipe.
-10 new upgrades for worker, 9 of them have over level 15.
-New ability for Ranged and meele worker units.
-New commands to change you Hero color.
*-CRED and -CBLUE, only works one time each of them.
-New commands that allow to see your total kills so far.
*-K to only you see yours kills or -KA for All players see your kills(have 3 seconds delay)
-Agiel is stronger.
-Agiel and Omega have more spell damage reduction.
-Fix Easy mode dont working like it suppose in last versions.
-Fix Dark Orb Mode Ghost appears multiple times(suppose to only appears when you lose your hero).
-Increases damage bonus and mana cost of Divine Power (Paladin Ability) in the last 3 levels.
-Remade Demonic Speed(Illidan ability)
-Killer Instinct(Illidan ability)
*Increases damage bonus in the last 5 levels.
*Increases regeneration in the last 3 levels.
*Reduce duration in the last 3 levels.
*Increases mana cost in the last 5 levels.
-Rain of Fire(Illidan ability)
*Is not a Channeling ability anymore, instead now have 1 second delay.
*Increases damage in the last 5 levels.
*Increases mana cost in the last 3 levels.
-Change Merge ability Hotkey.
-Add Hotkey to Death and Decay.
-Light and Dark Forces creeps dont spawn anymore after ''Death'' die.

Changelog 1.17d

-4 New items to buy on Secret Shop.
-2 New legendary items to buy.
-New Ability for Centrius ''Sky's Blessing'' replaced Acid Dead.
-New Ability for Centrius ''Disarm'' replaced Star Fall.
-New Ability for Satir Soul Stealer ''Speed Absorption'' replaced Shadow Strike.
-Correct hotkey on the description of Healing Wave(Little Child form ability)
-Change Hotkey for Frenzy(Little Child form ability) to ''Z''.
-Change Rejuvenation(1)(Little Child form ability) Hotkey and reduce cooldown in the last 3 levels.
-Remade Avatar spell from Caparace Armor to fix a bug that cause fatal error.
-Fix some Blacksmith bugs like forge commands not working or specials amors not chaging Blacksmith armor tipe.
-Add a warning message when Sinister Pact or Anfibius Growth effect will end.
-Flame Strike(Little Child form ability):
*Increase Full Damage on the last 3 levels.
*Increase Moderate Damage on the last 3 levels and duration on the last 5 levels.
*Increases Mana cost in the last 3 levels.
*Increases Casting Time in all levels.
-Ice Road(Little Child form ability):
*Increases Damage on the last 3 levels.
*Reduce cooldown on the last 3 levels.
*Increases Wave Distance in all levels.
*Increases AOE in all levels.
*Increases Mana Cost in all levels.
-Increases Flame strike(infernal ability) Full damage and mana cost on the last 2 levels.
-Increases Armor Break(Satir ability) armor reduction in the last 2 levels.
-Increases Damage Ratio of Assassin Path(Satir ability) in all levels.
-Increases Satir Move speed.
-Reduce Satir attack cooldown to 1.80 (this means that Satir attack faster now).
-Holy Aura(Dark Knight ability) now increases Dark Knight base damage besides the others bonus.
-Reduce Holy Aura(Dark Knight ability) move speed bonus in all levels.
-Increases damage of Explosive Blood(Blood Grunt ability) in all levels, also improve special effect and fix floating text decimals.
-War Cry(Blood Grunt ability) now heal the Blood Grunt when use it.
-Increases Base Mana of Far Seer in 27.
-Increases Damage of Fire Wall(Fire Lord Ability) in the last 2 levels and reduce cooldown in all levels.
-Correct description on Centrius Mind Control saying that can control wraiths.
-Divine Protection(Divine Armor ability) now give the double of hit points regeneration per second.
-Increases Muradin Base Armor.
-Increases Battle Attributes( Muradin Ability) Armor Bonus in all levels.
-Increases Dwarf Stamina(Muradin ability) Hit points bonus and Mana bonus in the last 5 levels.
-increases Avatar(Muradin ability)Hit points bonus in the last 6 levels, give spell damage reduction and increases mana cost.
-Remove Decimals from Storm Bolt(Muradin ability) floating text.
-Decrease Cleave Attack damage during Execute(Assassin Ability), only for Giant War Axe and Ikki-thousen.
-Centaur Impaler can't pick Michael Shield anymore.
-Increases Damage and mana cost of Avalanche(Wendigo ability) in the last 2 levels.
-Decrease passive strength bonus of Ice Field(Wendigo ability).

Changelog 1.17c

-Add difficults in descriptions for the 3 new heroes.
-Change difficult in description for Unholy Knight.
-Fix Black Arrow malfuncion with Venom rod
-Fix Cannon towers destroying trees
-Give resistance to ''Death and Decay '' to Azazel, Apocalypse, Agiel and Omega.
-Vrykolaklaus have more life steal, attack speed, his critical is slitly stronger and have more spell damage reduction.
-Faceless One DeathBringer now triggering his mana shield with his own attacks instead of the attacks of the enemy.
-Typhos has a new War Stomp ability.(used only agains 3 or more enemy units)
-Fix unbroken Darkweaver wasn't creating illusions from the enemy.
-Increases Piromancer Wall of Fire damage.

Changelog 1.17b

-Fix unable to enter to Behemot area.
-Fix wierd teleports when you trying to enter to forest bosses area.
-Fix Malfuncion Dark Arrow and Choro Spear.
-Fix Water Elemental level 9 unable to summon new ones when is controling by enemy(this was only until you kill the Water Elemetal of the enemy)

Changelog 1.17

-New Agility Hero Dark Ranger.
-New Strength Hero Pandaren Battlemaster.
-New Intelligence Hero Far Seer.
-12 New Neutral Bosses.
-14 New Legendary or stronger items to find.
-Bosses do not have "Never Miss" ability anymore.
-Gaia do not have resistance to all buff anymore.
-Gaia have more hit points and HP regeneration.
-Azazel is slightly stronger.
-Azazel has better drop chance.
-Azazel is smarter.
-Apocalypse is stronger.
-Death is stronger.
-Increases Thunder Clap(Paladin ability) move speed reduction in the last 6 levels.
-Increases damage, armor regeneration and mana cost of Inner Fire(Paladin ability) in the last levels.
-Curse(Paladin ability) now reduce move, attack speed and mana cost change from 75 to 95.
-Reduce cooldown of Frost Nova(Medusa ability) in the last 5 levels.
-Increases Gorgon Attribute(Medusa ability) both bonus in the last 4 levels.
-Reduce cooldown and increases armor bonus for Stone Scales(Medusa ability)
-Increases Hyper Regeneration(Blood Grunt ability) regeneration bonus and mana cost in the last 3 levels.
-Dexterity(Archer ability) increases agility bonus in all levels, give move speed in all levels instead of only in level 4, set normal level skip requierement and reduce attack speed bonus.
-Burns to Aches(infernal ability) have the normal level skip requierement more damage and more mana cost from level 2 to 4.
-Fix Blade of Tides buff icon.
-Increases ''Offense and Defense''(Little Child Form ability) bonus in all levels and decrease cooldown per level.
-Increases Fire ball damage slightly of Doom and Azazel.
-Doom not longer has resistance agains petrifaction.
-Arcane Scepter:
*Reduce Mana Regeneration.
*Reduce gold cost.
*Increase mana bonus.
-Drop chance Change for:
*Mighty Green Dragon.
*Ancient Green Dragon.
* Unbroken Dark Weaver.
*Sppiting Spider.
-Increases Michael Goldeness.
-Fix Build Barrack (Worker ability) not working when change your attack tipe.
-Fix a bug of Sorcerer Amulet on Murloc.
-Fix Unholy Knight soul counter malfuncion with illusions.
-Fix Assassin Mastery to dont get damage bonus for killing illusions.
-Fix Necromancer(Little Child Form) duplicate neutral bosses.
-Fix Mana stone triggering when attack allieds several similar abilities as well.

Survival Mode

-Nosferatu is stronger.
-All Dark Forces Dragons are stronger.
-Skull Towers are stronger.
-Black Citadel are stronger.
-Doom have more mana regeneration.
-Increases Doom damage slightly.
-Some others minimum changes.

Changelog 1.16F

-Fix Legion Doom Horn giving damage to allieds heroes.
-Fix Legion Doom Horn recipe.
-Disable some spells that work with Sorcerers Talisman.
-Fix a bug of Curse of The Dark Star(Arcane Wizard Ability).
-Fix some others minors bugs.

Changelog 1.16d

-2 New items to buy on Secret Shop.
-2 New Legendary items to find.
-New legendary Custom item to find.
-2 New legendary items to buy.
-Bosses not nessesasry come together with the Dark Forces creeps wave.
-Change Kusanagi item now give the stolen armor to the owner(suppose to be like this from the beggining)
-Reduce Kusanagi Droop chance.
-Reduce damage bonus of Horn of Stampede of 400% to 200% and reduce duration on Heroes.
-Fix figurine didnt giving the aLL stats bonus.
-Fix memory leaks caused by Unbroken illusions ability.
-Fix memory leaks caused by litle child anti-lag system.
-Fix others memory leaks
-Increases Damage of Soul liberation in the last 3 levels.
-Fix BlackSmith Forge commands sometimes not working.
-Fix Shadow Stealer cant change his attack tipe to Dragon.
-Fix Circe Book and add special effect to the target.
-Reduce damage bonus of Mastery( Assassin ability) for weak units and increases for strong units.
-Reduce damage of Execution(Assassin ability) on level 2, 3 and 4.
-Increases Damage bonus of Ikki-Thousen.
-Increases cost of Ikki-Thousen.
-Decreases ratio and aoe of cleving attack from Ikki-Thousen.
-Unbroken Darkweaver(Neutral Hostile Boss) have some few changes in stats an abilities.
-Several others miniors changes.

Changelog 1.16c

-New legendary item to buy.
-Increases souls bonus of Unholy Knight ultimate.
-Fix Unholy Knight Ultimate sometimes souls bonus of this ability didnt increases strength(with Sinester Pack passive).
-Fix a posibility that commands not work with Blacksmith after change his Attack Tipe.
-Increases Assassin damage limit of Mastery(weak units limit).
-Reduce Execute(Assassin ability) damage ratio on the first 3 levels.
-Fix some items recipe giving stats.
-Fix a bug of Clawed when change his attack tipe to Chaos.
-Fix Centaur Power, bonus having different durations.
-Fix Guardian Angel that having a possibility to increases armor permanetly.
-Add some missing descriptions on items and abilities.
-Reduce probability of Ultimate of Centaur Impaler working with interrupted attacks.
-Correct lyrics color of Sacred Mana Sphere.
-Fix some others bugs.

Changelog 1.16.

-New Strength Hero: Unholy Knight.
-New Strength Hero: Grom Hellscream.
-New Agility Hero: Centaur Impaler.
-New Agiity Hero: Assassin.
-New Intelligence Hero: Arcane Wizard.
-New Intelligence Hero: Murloc Shadow Caster.
-New Legendary item to buy.
-New Normal item to buy.
-Fix DiaboLic war axe hasnt giving the aLL stats bonus.
-Fix Guard Stance(LittLe ChiLd form abiLity) hasnt had the correct cooLdown at LeveL 9, before had 24 , now is correct 22.
-Change Sppiting Spider level from 6 to 5.
-Doom Fire Ball not affect magic immunity anymore.
-Apparition now fly.
-Increases Heal and Damage of Iron Skin, Goliath ability.
-Increases Mounstrous Growth(Goliath ability) hit points bonus in the levels 5, 7 , 8 and 9.
-Increases Damage of Soul Annihilation(Dark Mage ability) on the last 3 levels.
-Set the level skip requierement of Soul Annihilation to normal (8,16,24,32) and increases cooldown and in the last two levels.
-Increases Claws(Little Child form ability) bonus in the last four levels
-Improve all 4 Holy Light of Little Child White Mages and Healers forms.
-Increases Heal Bonus of all 2 Rejuvenation of Little Child White Mages and Healers forms.
-Increases Bonus damage of all 3 Edge ability of Little Child White Mages and Healers forms.
-Increases Heal Bonus of Heal(Little Child Form ability).
-Reduce Cooldown of Iron Bones (Little Child Form ability) staring in level 3.
-Reduce Bones Agility (Little Child Form ability) Bonus in the first levels and increases in the last.
-Reduce Chance but increase Damage Multiplier of Heart Break Shot (Little Child Form ability).
-Increases Priest Heal Bonus of Holy Light and reduce Cooldown.
-Increases Heal Bonus of Priest Rejuvenation.
-Aegaleus have more hit points.
-Aegaleus have a new ability.
-Aegaleus don't have Spell inmunity anymore instead have 80% spell damage reduction.
-Aegaleus dont destroy trees anymore.
-Rogue Wizard Blizzard ability is stronger(Dark Forces Boss).
-Increases Death Regeneration.
-Add special effect to Michael counter.
-Apocalypse have more hit points.
-Azazel is slighty stronger.
-Reduce Defiler(Tower) regeneration per second in 1.9.
-Disable possibility to build in high terrain.
-Fix bugs from Perfect Topaz ability.
-Fix Thief bug with steal speed.
-Fix Mediev Bug with Power Absorbtion.

Survival Mode

-All Dragons are stronger.
-Nosferatu is slitly stronger.
-Doom have more hit points and less attack speed.
-Doom Abilities are stronger.
-Now Death have Survival mode bonus.
-Dark Forces have bonus Armor.
-Vampire lord Abilities are stronger.
-Siege Golem Hurl Bulder Ability is stronger.

Changelog 1.15d

-4 new items to find.
-Death and Michael now have Droop chance and gold bounty.
-Increase Loading time speed in 160% by changing system that avoid lag of little child.
-Now there will be lag on the first seconds when someone chose Little Child.
-Add Windows Timers for each bosses.
-Fix some writing mistakes on Heroes Abilities.
-Fix an writting mistake on Perfect Topaz recipe correct Glacial Scepter to Glacial Staff.
-Fix Smithing(Blacksmith ability) Hotkey ''T".
-Change name and ability of Staff of Death(item to find).
-Increase Food Limit to 170.
-increase bonus armor and damage of Offense and Defense(Little Child form ability).
-Fix Ares Blessing not working with saphire ability at the same time.
-Change cooldown and armor of Ares Blessing and now can stun when you cast it.
-Correct some Merge items descriptions stats(stats changed on 1.15c but description not).
*Hephaestus Helm
*Adamantium Armor
*Elite Rune Sword
-Correct more than 40 spelling mistakes on items(thanks to Goti)
-Add description for Frozen helm ability.
-Fix level 4 of Mana Replenish(obelisk ability).
-Fix some behaviours of Death(boss).
-Now Unbroken make illusions only of heroes.
-Change Jaina Blizzard Hotkey from ''B'' to ''Q''.
-Change Firebolt(Lava Spawn ability) from ''B'' to ''F''.
-Unbroken now respawn on same position instead on the place he die.
-Replace Sprightliness bonus 25% Spell damage reduction for 350 hit points.
-Increase damage of Tranquility (Death ability).
-Change cooldown of Futae no kiwami(Little Child form ability) now have higher cooldown on first levels and lower on lasts instead of 30 for all.
-Reduce Sacred Battle Axe Splash Damage ratio to 10%.
-Correct killer Blade description.
-Fix some descriptions of abilities.
-Increases Damage of Thousand Knives(Ninja ability).
-Increases Damage of Assassin Hit(Ninja ability).

Changelog 1.15c

-New level 101 Dark Forces Boss.
-Final Desease now can be killed.
-New Ultimate item to find, item idea by Nubhunter Team as a reward for defead Survival Mode.
-Other New Ultimate item to find.
-Apocalypse don't respawn anymore.
-God Essense has been replaced.
-Healt ability of Elite Rune Armor reduced by 200
-Fix Splash damage of Frezing Tower.
-Fix Splash damage of Water Towers.
-Fix Splash damage of Glacial Towers.
-Several neutral units droop chance change.
-Reduce duration and flying swords Quantity of Weapon Storm(Blacksmith ability) .
-Increase move speed reduction of adamantium Armor to 30%.
-Reduce HP regeneration bonus and armor bonus from Sacred Helm
-Change Sacred Helm recipe to: Mystic Helm + Neclace of Greatness + Crystal Ball.
-Change Diamond Armor recipe to : Knight Amor + Titanium Armor + Talisman of The Wild.
-Royal Armor change stats and recipe, now is considered an Unlisted Item.
-Change several Unlisted Items recipes for balance.
-Change Several Unlisted Items stats.
-Change some neutral creeps behaviour.
-Fix several Bug.

Changelog 1.15

-New Special Agility Hero: BlackSmith.
-New Intelligence Hero: Wraith.
-More than 160 new items that can be created by BlackSmith.
-New legendary item to buy.
-Disable Single player cheats.
-Increase Hit points regeneration per strength point from 0.06 to 0.08. .
-Increase price of Exodus.
-Increase cooldown of Catastrophe ability in 10 seconds.
-Fix Multiboard showing wrong information when players left (this only happened in special cases).
-Add True Sight to UNbroken DArkweaver.
-Increase Unbroken Darkweaver regeneration slightly.
-Reduce Sacred Gem of War cost.
-Ice Road now affects dragons.
-Goliath Impale now affects dragons.
-Correct some tooltip mistakes or incorrect information.
-Fix Heroes still reviving after lose the castle (orb of Darkness mode)
-Fix Titan Form(Goliath Ability) hotkey.
-Fix Orb of Darkness, now can't be buyed by horses anymore.
-Arthas Illusion(Mirror Image) is stronger in all levels.
-Increase Arthas Mirror Image Cooldown, reduce Duration, set level Skip Requirement to normal (8,16,24,32)
-Increase Cost of lich Book.
-Increase Jaina Divine Shield cooldown in 2 seconds.
-Fix White Mage (Little Child form) not having cooldown.
-Fix buff of Strongest Army(little Child form ability) and change icon.
-Fix buff of Edge( little Child form ability).
-Fix Iron Skin was giving the old passive regeneration plus the new bonus.
-Fix Mana Replenish healing life on level 1.
-Fix Mountain King Avatar Tooltip not showing anything (problem caused by Optimizer programes)
-Bahamut The King of Dragons is slightly stronger.
-Small Changes on Azazel phrases.
-Reduce Spell Damage Reduction of Doom(Final) to half.
-Increase Azazel defence on his last fury.
-Increase Apocalypse hit point.
-Remove Bonus Spell damage from Frozen of Apocalypse and Blue Dragon.
-Increase damage of Apocalypse on his normal attacks.
-Increase Death Knight maximum Damage.
-Increase Lich HP Regeneration and reduce hit points.
-Increase Death Knigh Move Speed.
-Increase move speed of Zatan Priest.
-Increase move speed of Siege Golem.
-Increase hit points slightly of Ancient Corrupted Tree.
-Change Dark dragon life steal.
-Increase casting preference of Lich Frost Nova on heroes.

Survival Mode

-Elder Hydra and Hydra(Ancient Hydra spawns) are weaker.
-Increase Nosferatu hit points slightly.
-Gnoll OverSeer is stronger.
-Zatan Priest is Stronger.
-Gnoll Warden is stronger.
-Rogue Wizzard is stronger.
-Ancient Corrupted Tree have a lot more hit points.
-Razormane Chieftain have lot more hit points.
-Death Knigh have 2 new abilities.
-Doom is Slightly Stronger.
-Dark and Blue Dragons are stronger.

Changelog 1.14e

-New Neutral Boss(level 90)
-Remake Goliath Ultimate.
-Remake Goliath Iron Skin.
-Increases hit points bonus of Monster Grouth in the last 4 levels.
-VAmpire Heroes (Nosferatu and Vampire lord) have a small resistance agains Amplify Magic.
-Dragon Turtle(neutral) is stronger and have better gold bounty.
-Apocalyse take less damage from Dragon Slayer.
-Azazel have bonus regeneration when he is out of combat.
-Increases price of Arcane Scepter.
-Increases Cooldown of Arcane Scepter ability.
-Change amor bonus per agility point of 0.26 to 0.19.
-Increase Katar cost.
-Increase Ares Sword cost.
-Reduce Sell price of Assassin Blade and Assassin dagger.
-some terrain improve.
-some terrain change.
-Increase gold bounty from spider(neutral).
-Increase gold bounty from Plague Treant(neutral).
-Increase gold bounty from Mud Golem(neutral).
-Decrease gold bounty from Makrura Prawn(neutral).
-Decrease gold bounty from Makrura Deepseer(neutral).
-Change some terrain to making an entrance to forest from the 2nd Path.
-Illusions now have the bonus attack speed of the real.
-Change solar Beam hotkey to *E*.
-Fix Dante Divine Speed dont attrack enemies anymore and now reduce the speed of everything like towers and allies also it cant be removed by overpower bosses.
-Fix Jaina Flame strike stop and change all ability stats(cooldown,damage,duration mana cost)
-Change some neutral units droop chance.

Changelog 1.14b

-Change Helm of Battlethirst stats bonus.
-Michael Shield cant be drooped to prevent a bug of infinite rencarnations.
-Improve some terrain of Light Forces Empire.
-Add more villagers.

Changelog 1.14

-20 new items:
*3 new normal items to find
*4 new Legendary items to find
*3 new normal items to buy
*8 new Legendary items to buy
*1 new secret shop item
*1 new item of Survival Mode reward(Portgard Team)
-Increases hit points and armor of Living Shield (Plate Mail Summon)
-Increases Hit points, armor and Damage of Death Helper(Deadly Spear Summon)
-Several grammar mistakes fixed (thanks to Jambo1337 and SandCrawler)
-Adds warning message when you pick heroes that cant use some items( Admiral, Little Child, Wendigo)
-Lich abilities are stronger
-Increase Damage and duration of Doom ability.
-*Increase damage and mana cost of Searing Arrows (Archer ability) in the last 4 levels.
-*Increase damage of Orb of Annihilation(Kael Ability) and Splash Damage (damage)
-reduce attack speed of Centaur Overlord and War Golem.
-Increases Bahamut (Dark Forces Dragon) Maximum damage of Bahamut and hit points by 10000.
-Increases stats and reduce gold cost from Lich's Book.
-reduce stock replenish of circle of nobility.
-Some items are Undroppable when them are in cooldown.
-REduce Cut and Seize (thief ability) gold gain on the first levels, level 9 still the same.
-Thief now increases more intelligence per level and less strength.
-Speed Absorbtion(Thief ability) reduce less attack speed in the first levels, level 9 still the same.
-Soul Theft reduce less damage, have less duration and has less mana cost.
-Amplified Magic (item) reduce less attack speed and has more mana cost.
-Change Arcane Scepter lyrics.
-Increases Azazel mana regeneration.
-Increases Azazel Armor
-Increase Doom hit points and reduce HP regeneration per second.
-Increases Brood Mother hit points and reduce HP regeneration per second.
-Increase ogre lord hit points.
-Add a weak Demolish ability to Harpy Queen(Dark Forces Bosses).
-Add a weak Demolish ability to Zatan Priest(Dark Forces Bosses).
-Increase gold cost of all worker fountains.
-Increase hit points and armor of Fountain of Salvation.
-Reduce Satir soul Stealer Mana Burn range.
-Fix a posibility to stuck with Dante on Behemot area.
-Apocalypse take less damage from Dragon Slayer.
-Barracks and Altar now give armor bonus when its destroyed and increases more hit point and damage.
-Fix Hero armor and Inmortal giving the hero armor type when its picked with horses.
-Carrion Swarm deal more damage and have 2 seconds less cooldown.
-Several Bosses drop chance has been change:
*all Greens Dragons
*Dark Dragon
*Elder Void Walker
*And several Dark Forces bosses

Survival Mode:

-Increases difficult
-some neutral creeps that havent any bonus on this mode now have the normal bonus.
-Elder Hidra and Hidra are stronger(Ancient Hidra spawns).
-Nosferatu is a lot stronger.

Changelog 1.13c

-Add 4 new tricks.
-Azazel have more damage.
-Increases Flag Cannon hit points in the last 4 levels.
-Increases damage of Claws(Vampires ability/Little Child forms)
-Add phrases to Azazel.
-Increases Monk(Little Child Form) Toughness in the last 4 levels and fix the level tooltip.
-Scroll of Spedd is expensive.
-Increases hit points and armor of necromancer golems.
-Change Starfall of Centrius, now deal high damage in a short time instead of low damage for a long duration.
-Change Kael Brillance aura, now give mana regeneration per second.
-Probably Fix a wierd bug of admiral that make the hero uncontrollable (cant be 100% sure because i cant detect the bug)
-Change Adrenaline Control, now reduce more the attack cooldown but dont give HP bonus.
-Fix a green research icon of Bloodlust of white mages forms
-Fix a bug of new versions that make basic tower unbreakable for some bosses
-Fix Vampire Fangs in newer versions (dont suppose to show the aura around the unit)
-Change Hotkey of Monk meditacion to D,(were two abilities with the same hotkey)
-Change one Little Child form Primary atributte (suppose to be like this from the begining)
-fix potion of mana description (number of charges)
-Increases space on fountain area.
-Correct BloodThirsty buff tooltip extended.
-Change Admiral Infinite Growth, now the strength increases instead of reduce cooldown per level.
-Reduce Thief ability Cut and Zeize gold gained.
-Change Solar Beam Hotkey for *R*.
-Fixer Azazel True Sight.

Tournament Mode

-Fix a bug that make tournament stuck when players chosse heroes at the same time (probably).
-Fix worker Flag Cannon dont attack during the tournament.
-new sistem to improve Tournament mode gameplay.
-Change default number of tournaments to 3.
-increase time to set number of tournaments( 8 seconds after put TM)
-increases gold for players.

Changelog 1.13b

-Add new Strength Hero Wendigo.
-Add new Agility Hero Thief.
-3 new legendary items to buy.
-Several new items to find.
-Remake Jaina Ultimate
-Remove Warlock Scepter.
-Optimize map size in 15%.
-Warlock staff now give more stats and is expensive
-Fix several things.
-Grace Time not frost meele units anymore.
-Titan cant be control anymore by Vampire Lord (only Urantia Titan can be control in previous versions.)
-Royal Knight have new ability that give resistence agains Dragons and spells(Summoned units of Commander.)
-Fix icon of Infernal Strength (when you pause game it look green.)
-Modify Infernal Permanent Inmolation, now it work fine with his Ultimate(Burn to Aches.)

Dark Forces

-Team Panda(Dark Forces Bosses) are stronger
-Razormane Chieftain(Dark Forces Boss) is stronger
-All Dark Forces Dragon are stronger.
-Nosferatu is stronger.
-Doom is stronger.
-Add new ability to Doom.


-Apocalipse is stronger.
-Increases Gold bountry of Ancient of Woods(Neutral Boss.)
-Fix True Sight of Revenant.
-Revenant is stronger.
-All Green Dragons are stronger.
-Change several Neutral Bosses Droop chance.
-Reduce Droop chance of Revenant on some items.
-Rock golems cant scape from his neutral area anymore.

Survival Mode

-Increase difficult.

Tournament Mode:

-Improve sistem that make players that left the game fight, now cant fail.
-fix a posibility that players get stuck on the rest zone after the tournament.

Changelog 1.12F (changes from b to F)

-2 new items to buy in normal shops.
-2 new items to buy in secret shop
-1 new legendary item to find.
-Add new ability to Necromancer Fausto.
-Increases cooldown of all Diamond Hardness(Saphires abilities) of 40 to 56 seconds.
-Reduce Frost Aura attack speed reduction of frozen helm, it was increases by mistake in last version.
-Increases cost of Emerald recipe.
-Reduce agility and intelligence bonus of all Emerald.
-Azazel have bonus damage(green damage).
-Increases Damage of Azazel Finger of Death in 40%.
-Increases Armagedon(Azazel Ability) area of effect.
-Increases cooldown and mana cost of Shadow Legion(Blade master Ability).
-Increases Gaias resistance slitly
-add a new ability to Revenant that use agains multiple enemys.
-Apocalipse now have bonus regeneration when he is out of a combat agains heroes.
-Apocalipse now can use Ice Age agains few enemies instead of using only agains 3 or more enemies.
-Improve especial effect of all Ice Age abilities.
-Increases Final Weapon Damage bonus and reduce Armor bonus.
-Increases Dragon Slayer cost.
-Reduce Dragon slayer agility and strength bonus.
-Change item Droop chance of Revenant.
-Change item droop change of forest troll, forest troll Berseker and Spiders.
-Minimun changes in droop chance of other neutral bosses.
-fix hotkey of Thunder(ability of Little Chield wizzard forms)
-Increases mana cost of Divine Skin( Buzan ability)
-Increases Cooldown of Divine Skin.
-Several bug fixed.

Survival Mode:
-Increases dificult of Survival Mode.
-Fixed a bug in Survival Mode that some bosses die when spawn like final boss and dragons.

Tournament Mode
Differencs since the beta version
-A lot of sistems that prevent abuse.
-Add music for the fights( set the music volume high to listen)
-Sistem that make players that left the game fight each others to prevent the game get stuck.

Changelog 1.12b

-2 new legendary items to find.
-Fixed command -ms with all Little Child Forms.
-Fixed Tizona ricipe giving the full bonus.
-Fixed Apocalipse can be control.
-Fixed Bahamut dont sometimes dont fight in 1.12.
-changed Droop change of several units.
-Draenei Stalker is stronger.
-Increases cost of circle of nobility and reduce stats by 1.
-Little Child:
*Remove lag when Little Child change form(unfortunately this increases loading time of the map).
*Increases levels requiriment of some Growth Up.
*Now level is reduced when form is changed instead of setting a determinate level.
*Remove casting time on all the growth up the have it.
*Fixed some hotkeys abilities.
*Reduce base hit points of Footman forms.
*Change Ultimate of Footman form now dont have to select a target and description is fixed.

Changelog 1.12

-New Hero that have 57 differents forms and more than 250 abilities.
-Announce when a player kill a Dark forces boss(Starting in Fourth boss)
-Reduce Medusa attack cooldown.
-Increases Medusa base damage.
-increase Medusa move speed.
-increases armor bonus of stone scales in the last level.
-Divine Speed of Dante now reduce a lot more attack speed, have more duration in the first 3 levels and have more cooldown.
-Change hotkey of Mind Control to ´C´.
-Change Knock Out hotkey to ´E´.
-Shadow Legion fixed hotkey now is ´D´.
-Increases damage multiplier of demonic reflex(Illidan ability).
-Lich have more attack speed and abilities are stronger.
-Death Knight is stronger.
-Apocalipse change armor tipe to hero and increases hit points and armor.
-Apocalipse item droop change.
-Dire Wolf Critical Strike is slight stronger and cant be evaded.
-Splash attack of Ancient Corrupted Tree damage everything.
-Some nuetral and dark forces bosses can see invisible units.
-Doom is slight stronger.
-Some Neutral creeps are slighty stronger.
-Increases Slighty Black Citadel Range and splash attack.
-Give Spell damage reduction to Black Citadel.
-Survival Mode: Neutral creeps are stronger as well.
-Survival Mode: Increases Dificult.

Changelog 1.11e

-7 new neutral bosses, most of them are Green dragons, and comming after you kill the first one
-Terrain changed a lot.
-Reworker Brillance Aura of Kael
-Increases dificult of survival mode.
-Several changes that prevent abuse of Revenant boss.
-change name of Devil for Azazel.
-Add 40% spell damage reduction for Devil(Azazel).
-Last Fury of Devil(Azazel) have more attack speed increases.
-Add new ability to Devil(Azazel).
-fixed green icon of intouchable buff.
-fixed untouclable recipe give bonus before be finished.
-Lava Spaw fire properties have a minimun damage recive.
-Untouchable block ability reduce to 35%.
-Increases cooldown of Divine Skin(Buzan ability) in the last 3 levels.
-Increases cooldown of Impulse(Maiev ability).
-Fixed Impulse giving bonus to your towers.
-Increases Damage of Roar(Best Master Ability) in the last 3 levels.
-Fixed sistem that make Skull towers and Black Citadel Stronger.
-Increases Speed of sistem that make skull tower and B.C stronger for second time and so on.
-Nosferatu is Stronger.
-Second Change (Item ability) heal all hit points instead of only 20000.
-Increases second change Cooldown in 60 seconds.
-Bash of Ancient Corrupted Tree cant be evaded.
-Doom(Final Boss) have 40% chance to not miss.
-Increases Hitpoints, Armor, Cost and decreases hit points regeneration of Centauro Khan.
-Fixed Light Warrior cant be hire in last versions.
-Fixed small icons of some new heroes in the multiboard.
-Fixed a low posibility of Ultimate Fighting Style (Maiev Ability) dont give bonus damage in level 4.

Changelog 1.11b

-Fixed blaze bug that can be casted without spend mana and cooldown.
-Fixed Best Mastery dont giving stats to summon units.
-Fixed Ultimate Fighting Style dont increases damage.
-Reduce ferocity attack speed bonus (80%-70%).
-Reduce Final Wisdom Intelligence bonus in the first 2 levels.
-Change volcano no longer deal damage to allieds.
-Fixed some hotkeys.

Changelog 1.11

-6 New Heroes
-3 new legendary items to buy
-3 new normal items to buy
-1 new item from the secret shop to buy
-Multiboard is totally fixed
-Fixed green dragon, dark dragon and bahamut can be target of dragon slayer ability.
-Bahamut is stronger.
-Blue Dragon is stronger.
-Devil is stronger.
-Nosferatu is stronger.
-lich is stronger.
-Revenant have more hit points.
-Add 15% evasion to final boss.
-reduce droop chance of satir(neutral creep) of some items.
-Splash Attack(AOE) of Elder Hidra affect everything(enemies).
-Splash attack(AOE) of Dariganz affect everything(enemies).
-Drainei Stalker (neutral creep) are stronger also give more gold Bounty and more experience.
-Enraged Jungle Stalker (neutral creep) are stronger also give more gold Bounty and more experience.
-Sistem evolution gem fragment now work with level 2 and 3 as well.
-Necromancer golem level 2 and 3 have more hit points
-All level 9 summoned units have spell damage reduction
-Death Knight is stronger
-High range soldier change armor tipe of fortified to hero(Build Barrack-worker)
-High range soldier level 8 and 9 have more hit points.
-Fix Electrick panda wierd behavior
-Sight rip no longer silence (ability from Tizona)
-Decrease price of Tizona recipe.
-Fix all stun tower, some times dont attack.
-Decrease price of Tizona recipe.
-Increases Damage of Holocaust, mana cost and cooldown.
-Increases cost of Emerald recipe and bonus.
-Spirit Tower have spell damage Reduction.
-Skull Tower have a strong spell damage reduction.
-Increases damage to building, of Blizzard, Rain of Fire, Lighting, Hell Magma.

Changelog 1.10e

-New Mode Survival Mode(-sm) very hard mode to focus only in defense,(tower of the light and dark forces are stronger, enemys creeps and bosses have more hit points, more damage and more attack speed.
-9 new bosses for the dark forces
-Vampire Lord fixed( sometimes behaves in a strange way )
-Remove Clementia for the middle path ( sometimes bosses enter to the base destroy some building an them return to his base instead of going to destroy the Castle, not anymore)
-Dificulty of the normal game changed mainly for these 3 above.
-New legendary item to find
-Priest Restauration increases armor of 5 to 8
-Increases mana cost of Priest restauration
-reduce mana cost of sword and shield
-Increase base damage of satir in 5
-Blood Grunt ability Blood Thirsty reworker
-Ultimate of blood grunt now do damage based in his current life.
-Increases hit points regeneration of hiper regeneration of blood grunt in the last levels and increase mana cost.
-Replace salamander vizier for a new boss
-Replace Titan for a boss that comming for all paths
-Increases hell lighting damage of Half Demon wizzard
-Relocate Neutral boss Revenant.
-sevaral bossed modified slightly droop chance.
-Several bug and mistakes fixed.

Changelog 1.10b

-Increases mana cost of stim pack in all levels.
-Duration of stim pack reduced in all levels.
-Raynor rocket increases mana cost and cast range.
-Assassin path hotkey fixed (P) interfere with patrol ; now is ¨T¨
-Barrack effect improve
-Fixed all passive new icons of 1.09d, that when you pause the game look green
-Increases maximun distance of the build barrack with soldiers of 3000 to 4000
-Increases duration of soldiers in level 9 by 2 seconds.
-Scout tower can attack
-Fixed Raynor Rocket sometimes when you move it dont make the aoe damage
-Add animation to jaina when cast blizzard
-Fixed fire scepter not shown animation in the last versions
-Fixed worker name on the select place
-Demons of the Half Demon Wizzard now shown his time expiration
-Worker can repair all his nature tower with the first level of his repair ability
-Reduce a lot the chance that a worker finished abilities look like contruction in progress
-Fixed makura deepseer(neutral creep) sometimes not deal damage
-Fixed worker hero armor.
-Change archer frost of Archer arrows now deal aoe damage over time and damage based on your agility.
-Dexterity of archer now increases base agility and attack rate.
-Fixed Howls of terror of necromancer, damage allieds.
-Remove Multiboard Empy Space.
-Some terrair improve.
-fixed some bug.

Changelog 1.10

-2 New heroes.
-More than 200 new thing between upgrades, unit trained and building for the Worker hero.
-New items to find.
-Item evolution sistem with gem fragment.
-Change 3 items to find in occult places.
-Droop chance of 14 bosses of dark forces change a little.
-Droop chance of 7 neutral bosses change a little.
-Change Priest attack tipe of pierce to hero.
-Change shandries attack tipe of pierce to normal.
-Change Knight attack tipe of normal to hero.
-Increases fountain mana regeneration.
-Fountain dont heal enemies anymore.
-Minimun terrain changes.
-Centaur overlord low his price.
-Centaur Overlord remove rencarnation ability.
-Shadow Needle of Ninja increases mana cost in the last 2 levels.
-Some bug fixed.

Changelog 1.09d

-Remove almost all mini lag.
-Several icons of hero abilities changed to different between passive and active abilities.
-Zombie toxin deal more damage.
-Increases aura move speed bonus of ice troll(creep) from 15% to 20%.
-Goul are stronger and now come in the time of ice troll and zombie.
-Now Admiral have a suitable icon
-Some terrain changed.
-Reduce gold lose when died of 25% to 20%.
-Special Effect of smoke bomb changed.
-Increases stim pack move speed bonus of 30% to 40%.
-Increases recover life and mana regeneration from 2800 and 2100 to 4600 and 3000.
-Increases AOE of fire skin in all levels and damage in the last 2 levels.
-Batlle Knowledge reworker, now give only attack speed but a lot more than before.
-Move Speed of Admiral cant be reduce when use Adrenaline control.
-No longer can control your allies when left the game.
-some bug fixed.

Changelog 1.09c

- Fixed some bug
- 3 new Towers
- Increases hit points of Spirit Towers
- Increases cost of Tizona and Gods Atom
- Reduce attack range of Shadow Hunter
- Reduce hit points of Sperten Wards
- Change Chaos attack tipe of serpent ward in level 9 to hero attack.

Changelog 1.09b ( changes of 1.08b to 1.09b)

- 2 new heroes
- 3 new normal items to buy
- 4 new legedary items to buy
- 3 new normal items to find
- 3 new legendary items to find
- 2 new items to buy in the secret shop
- All heroes active abilities show his cooldown in every level
- Heroes of dark forced , Vampire lord, Nosferatu and Angel of Dead, have high attack speed from the beggining and increased a little per level instead of having normal attack speed and increased a lot per level
- The 3 first dragons are stronger (Dark Forces)
-All Breath of Dragon are stronger (Green Dragon, Dragon Head, and Darigaaz)
-Add critical strike to black dragon
-When die you lose a porcentage of your current gold instead of an amount that increases with the time.
-The count down to revive it will show until you revive.
-Time to revive depend on your level.
-Some terrain changed.
-A lot of terrain Improved.
-increases blizzard mana cost of Jaina from level 4 onwards
-increases mana cost of flame strike of Infernal in the 3 finals levels and reduce his casting time
-increases tornado of Blade Master, hit points, move speed, aoe of the high damage , and duration from 13 seconds to 18
-Tranquility of Priest increases life healed in all levels
-Decreased Cooldown of forked lighting of kael in level 9 and 8,7 and mana cost
-increases mana cost of lighting of Dark Mage
-Blade Master shadow legion improve cooldown, damage deal and damage recive from level 6 onwards
-Divine Power Paladin Increases damage from level 2 onwards
-Blade Master clean cut increases damage from level 6 onwards
-Necromancer can heal the golem with the death coil
-Increases life regeneration of killer instict, damage and mana cost.
-Rain of fire increases damage to building and cast range in the finals levels.
-Dexterity archer increases attack rate in the first two levels.
-Worker no longer can destroy trees
-Some neutral creeps have demolish to make a little harder putting towers in neutral areas
-Black citadel now have splash attack
-Sistem that make Skull towers stronger now make strong the black citadel too
-Fixed several mistakes and bugs.

Changelog 1.08b

-2 new heroes
-8 new items to buy
-8 new items to find
-A building that have very helpful skills
-New bosses
-1 new neutral boss
-secret shop to buy items
-A way to betray the empire with one of the secrets items
-2 new units to hire
-some Terrain changed
-some icons of items changed
-Masamune icon changed and increases his stats
-Ability storm bolt of the dark Knight changed for Blue Axe
-All abilitys of the Dark Knight improvement and changed his icons
-balanced Dante Unholy Power ability decreases duration and cooldown
-Improve Goliath Mountrous Grow ability
-The summons of the plate armor and deadly spear(Living shield and death helper) are stronger
-Decapitator fixed ability and droped
-Change some items stats
-Change recipe of corrupted sword and plate armor
-Minimun changed in several abilitys of all heroes
-fixed a bug of dante decisive Strike that some times send you to the forest
-Wraith (Banshee) reduced attack damage, carrion swarm reduce his distance and his damage.
-Skull towers reduced his Life and his hit points regeneration
-New sistem that make the skull tower stronger with the time
-A Easy Mode, player teal have to tipe -easym in the first 30 seconds
The creeps go for only one line(i m not sure of the dificult of this mode)
-fixed several bug
-Added a final boss that come after the dragons

Changelog v1.07

-Some creeps and bosses come random between 2 or more opcions.
-Two new heros.
-Eight new items to buy.
-New items to find.
-Three new towers.
-Hero table that show levels and deads of all players
-Balanced all final bosses ( some of they were very weak like dragons cause they deal splash damage to themselves and his allieds now are stronger).
-Changed some terrain.
-Flying units no longer fly only look like it ( cause some times they go to destroy the castle without passing for his paths).
-Towers level 4 or more increases his cost and are stronger.
-Some bosses have demolish ( deal bonus damage to building) like Dire Wolf, Siege Golem, the Purple Tree , Nosferatu.
-The Towers that have Splash attack no longer damage to his allieds.
-Glacial Staff and Fire Staff abilities deal more damage.
-Stim pack increases attack speed 180-190% but cost more mana and deal more damage to marine
-Reworker Iron Skin of Goliath now give Life regeneration and less armor
-Final feral spirit( the wolves of Cenarius) have more life , more armor and cost more mana
-All Final items are stronger and expensive especially excalibur( some of them recipe chaged)
-A lot of minimum changed in abilities of all heros
-Several bug fixed.

Changelot 1.06

-Four new heros
-New items
-Arthas Shock wave, reduced cooldown
-Illidan Killer instinct, increases damage
-Reworker entang.rood. of kael to fix a bug
-Bosses balanced
-Lose less gold when die at the beginning
-Neutral creeps terrain changed a little
-One neutral boss relocate
-Fix several bugs.


The game is dificult, so maybe you will not be able to win the first times you play, it can be played and passed by 1 player but is a lot more dificult, some advices : if is your first time choose a hero with a normal difficult to use, level up an AOE ability, them with the gold buy items according to your abilities or build a tower and upgrate it several times, try not to died (lose gold and time reviving), you start been more weak than a creep but you can become stronger than anything.

Hero Empire, hero defense, hero, survival, team, solo, one player, one , dificult, hard.

Hero of The Empire v1.26C (Map)

Approved - retested mapHero of Empire (Version 1.11E) RateScorePercentLetter 5/591-100A RateScorePercentLetter 4/581-90%B RateScorePercentLetter 3/575-80%C RateScorePercentLetter 2/570-74%D RateScorePercentLetter 1/550-69%F...




[img]http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/images_all/icons/peonpower01.gif[/img] ORCNET




- retested map
Hero of Empire (Version 1.11E)









"Hero of Empire" is a Defense/Survival or a Hero Defense map that is similar to the map 'X Hero Siege' that is famous mostly in ASEAN borders, the game sets you and your team to pick a hero and strengthen it by means of leveling up, gathering gold, and killing waves on your bases' lane, game ends when you destroy all the enemy buildings.

"I'm not sure with the specific details concerning the new updates of the map but I do see some information added on the base attack damage, its quite interesting and useful on how what percentage am I going to deal damage on armor types nice job with that, the difficulty still not sure is not reduced but I tried some heroes lately including int types I find them good for solo now but still a few change in this version."



"Terrain has not change more over the design still looks plain."



"Overall the map requires players or a team to finish this awesome piece if you want to finish this alone then I suggest you hurry up at gold farming, and experience gaining because this takes long to finish, anyhow going back to the map archives because its still a decent game play."

Total Score:

- has reviewed version 1.10b
- has reviewed version 1.10b
- has reviewed version 1.11e
Level 5
Feb 3, 2012
alright ive just played it and there are a few bugs. (theres always some around the corner)
anyways the basic gameplay is like dota, just that the dark forces does not have any heroes but they have very strong units, correct? firstly, the terrain needs polishing. it isnt fun seeing dirt everyday. add some rocks and bushes. put some grass, it should do the trick. there are also a few bugs. the waypoins for the units needs fixing. they past each other without noticing. ive only got to play the main lane (single player), im not sure about the other lanes. also the items that do not require a recipe are very strong, that i didnt bother getting the items with recipes. u should make the normal items less stronger so ppl will look to recipe items to get stronger. also it would be good that u put the hotkeys closer together. I know it looks better the way it is but placing the hotkeys, for example on Q for first ability then W for second ability, E for third ability, etc. it makes it easier for people to use hotkey. one of ur hotkeys were on the right side, while one was on the left. its hard for me and sometimes a second can make a difference in battle. well so far that all my comments. its pretty good and decent. the only thing that really needs improvement is the terrain. i would rate this 4/5. the ablities and heroes are not too overpowered but i havent tested all of them. happy updating XD
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Well the dark forces have bosses some of them are heroes, yes the terrain in the lanes are very simple, but in the neutral parts are better have forests, a graveyard , mountain, etc, i will improved the terrain in the lanes for the next version. units past each other without notice is only happens in the main lane is an uncomun.(i will fixed)
about the items it look powerfull but the enemys are a lot more powerfull so if you only buy items without recipe you will lose eventuality. Thank a lot for the comments and for the good rate.
Level 5
Feb 3, 2012
i continued playing my saved game and at the end my items without recipes were too weak. u were right about the items. the infernal's flame strike is a bit overpowered but the mana fixs everything though. i enjoyed the game nice work
P.S. I lost :'(
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Its very dificult to pass for one player because of the super bosses( they are annonce with red lirics) they come only for the middle and it suppose to get killed by more than one player. For one player its possible to pass but is very dificult its more like a survival.
Last edited:
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
I hope someone can answer me, im new posting maps on hive so i have two questions:

1.- More or less how much time it take to the map be judge
2.- I have some long changelog for the previous versions but this is the first version i put on the hive, so it will be irrelevant to put it or not?
Level 2
Apr 22, 2011
Great map, is like a hero survival, hero siege, RPG and torrent defense all in the same map, for that i will give a 5/5 raiting.

for the first question i think you have to wait for the comment of a map moderator there are two i guest, after that one week more, so so,
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
Map Review
Hero of Empire (Version 1.10b)









"Hero of Empire" is a Defense/Survival or a Hero Defense map that is similar to the map 'X Hero Siege' that is famous mostly in ASEAN borders, the game sets you and your team to pick a hero and strengthen it by means of leveling up, gathering gold, and killing waves on your bases' lane, game ends when you destroy all the enemy buildings.

"game play was moderately difficult and time-consuming, but tagged with friends or some players the game is enjoyable, although the map is very huge and thus its complicated in reaching a location or so. It also hard when creeping out or killing a few waves since some heroes has a slow attack animation or attack speed, plus the unit's damage proportions but it was a cool idea in mixing the normal and hero attack damages and putting it into play. The game itself can take a lot of hours if your planning to take this solo but with a team you can finish this by a few hours, replay value is based on player-judgement but it can be great with friends."



"Terrain is very dull, plus the over-sized space of the map, although I suggest you convert the whole map into something like a dungeon-like environment or anything that is based on a post-war genres."



"My Conclusion over the map, well its cool while it lasts, can be useful with friends and co-op online, but I do recommend in decreasing the difficulty of the game if someone plans to take this in single player, much like a dialog trigger perhaps? also try adding some cool additions like mini-game, puzzles, etc since the map is way too huge, so good luck and great map."

Total Score:


Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Thanks Orcnet for the feedback an advice, I glad that you liked.

To reach a far location fast you can use Town portal or a boot that allow you to teleport to allieds building, for creeping out in neutral zones the best way is build a tower in your line and upgrade it until is strong enought to defend the line, always with a town portal in case a boss come.
Level 2
Jan 3, 2011
This map was approved...good.

Having fun playing this...it was abit difficult the 1st few times. But it's still fun playing this with friends.

P.S this map was approved...why is it still in this section? :p
Level 3
Jan 9, 2013
Gameplay looks fine :D.
Main problem is Terrain .....blizzard clifs :(.
See Terraining Tutorial ..... or if you want to keap that amount of blizz clifs , make em more nicer and natural :D .
Level 2
Jan 3, 2011
Yeah uhm,the map keeps getting updated but there is never a changelog of anykind...

So maybe add a changelog to your describtion,so can actually a reason to download it again.
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
I glad that you enjoin the game, this 1.11e is the first version approved in the hive but anyway i posted the full change Log of all versions, about the terrain i wanted to use high tools instead of blizzard clifs but it dont hide vission, so i will think in something for next versions like high tools with trees.
Level 4
Nov 11, 2009
I enjoyed the map, but I was confused about what modes there were (there is no list when it says teal can choose mode).
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Right now there are only two modes Survival Mode (-SM) is a very hard mode, very dificult to attack the enemies empire, is suppose to focus only in defense.
The other mode is Easy Mode (-easym) creeps go only for the middle path maximun 5 players, im not sure about the dificult of this last mode i made it for a fans request.

Next mode will be tournament mode, you will have to beat the others players in a tournament to win the game.
Level 3
Jan 18, 2013
Gameplay 6/5
I love it! This is another map that I can overload my gameplay speed (250+ actions per minute). I controlled more than 5 groups per second and it is still challenging to me. Many micro tricks can be used which make it more remarkable for me. There are also many secrets and skills which are useful for "rebuild" the map into what you want. The map still has the end-ders that make the game becomes "end". Finally, if many players play together this map can be beaten in no time.
Terrain 3/5
There still needs an improvement. Most are dirt and un-blight but WC3 still has pave road, snow, volcano theme and many things. There also have many available spaces for small rocks, sign, statue, etc. to make map more interesting.
Management 3/5
This map is very good for playing with friends, mostly, for co-op purpose. The difficult of this game is still not welcome for completely newbies. Adding easier difficult setting will make it more enjoyable for more people.
Overall 4/5
In my opinion, there should be an option for newbie to make the game easier for newbies or the whole and terrain can still be improved.
+1 since it is my favorite ^^
Last edited:
Level 1
Sep 17, 2011
Here is my review, take note it does not go in a flow/order system, whereas it is more of a comment than an actual state, so please take your time to understand.

This game is called Hero of Empire where the name actually explain the game itself, yes a hero defense game. It comprises of your empire being assaulted by undead, in which the attacking force has overwhelming powerful troops and that's why you are here to defend.

It appears much like Dota game, which creeps, however it still stands and directed more towards a survival approach mainly because it does not require other strategies instead of just pure macro-ing, the ability to control units in an extensively multiplied manner to avoid damage and deal damage.

Keeping in mind the trick to survive is to use the last-hit technique commonly abused in Dota games to get gold, whereas exp is gained by standing near the combat area.

There are many heroes to choose from, some of them even have "VERY HARD", difficulty of macro, however I feel that the "EASY" heroes still requires a good amount of item knowledge.

The items are limited because you can only buy the normal armor, stats damage and stuff that are "packaged" for certain uses. Example a sword with damage and bonus to all stats. Or a weapon that increases damage and attack speed.
However like many warcraft mod items, you can play around and see what you want as your last item.

It can be fun to play with other players though I only tried the single player, nevertheless, it is intriguing to play against this waves that keeps changing in both power and random empowered monsters come to you less often to keep the tension going. Although I haven managed to finish the game, "was damm few minutes away from winning because I almost got the end game weapon", and the wolf raped me.

The pace is slow, creates room for new players, the terrain is very clear and simple. Plain terrain can be good or bad. There are neutral creeps around the map if people want to defend or go lone wolf is totally fine as defending is more of secondary and completing items to end the game is mostly more important in a game with more than 1 player.

I could give rating and would be 3/5 because there is a lot more things to be done although the items are great. Incentives can be one thing, another thing is the look and feel of the game.

It is still best to clean up the terrain/neutral spawn points make the game seem more rigid because it feels as if the game is parts and pieces on the floor and you have to piece the puzzle to complete it. Of course it's fine as it's still in version 1 and counting. One suggesting would be to shorten the traveling distance from item shop to the hero, may be some shops "outside" could be beneficial.

I honestly feel it's fun to kill some mobs and upgrade then hit on the base but I think the time taken to become godlike is longer than I expected, all in all the content is interesting. More random events would be awesome!!

I would rate when it's time and I can give it a 5/5 in the future.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
I agree with everything already said (terrain, shops, etc.).

Regarding the single player: there needs to be more towers defending your base, because the two present die far too quickly to be of any use. Creeping is nigh impossible, since leaving the lane guarantees defeat.

Also, some abilities don't really scale up very well. There's one hero who's intelligence is used for attacks, but there aren't enough.
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Thanks all for your feedback it help me to improve the game.

Terrain will improve with the time, right now for next version will have some new items and the tournament mode if i can.

The difficult of this game is still not welcome for completely newbies. Adding easier difficult setting will make it more enjoyable for more people.

There are an easy mode (-easym) but dont have effect if you are only one player. I know that most of the noobs players may not endure difficulty and stopped play, but there are others that maybe the first few times lost at the beginning but they will continue playing and improving until they can get very far or even defead the game, the game right now is for the second kind of people, but others maybe can enjoy some future modes.

The items are limited because you can only buy the normal armor, stats damage and stuff that are "packaged" for certain uses. Example a sword with damage and bonus to all stats. Or a weapon that increases damage and attack speed.

There are items that have:

-Critical Strike
-Posibility to cast frosnova or shockwave
-Life Steal
-Summon Units
-Cast differents Spells
-Hit points regeneration depending your total hit points
-Give Auras
-Change Attack tipe
-Change Armor tipe

"was damm few minutes away from winning because I almost got the end game weapon", and the wolf raped me.

I recommend you before try to finish the game have 2 End Game items( Legendary Items ) at least, one for Defense and one for Damage cause final towers have a high damage without enough defense will be imposible, also you need good defense or a powerfull tower agains bosses like Dire Wolf or they will rape you.

One suggesting would be to shorten the traveling distance from item shop to the hero, may be some shops "outside" could be beneficial.

You can buy horses that can carry your items, so you dont have to left your line unless you want also there are town portals.

there needs to be more towers defending your base, because the two present die far too quickly to be of any use. Creeping is nigh impossible, since leaving the lane guarantees defeat.

You can build your owns towers and upgrade them several times. you tower can defend your line while you go to neutral zones for creeping, also there are some players that manage to creep on neutral zones without towers and return to home with town portal or Wind boots.

Thanks Again to all, hope your feedback for next versions.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
I tried towers. The problem is with some bosses (in this case, the hydra completely curbstomped the towers and two-shotted my hero) for who the towers might as well not be there at all, not to mention the inability to repair them.

Also, I think you should set unit upgrades to be purchaseable inside the base: if you've somehow managed to get into the enemy's base with zero upgrades, you might as well not need them.
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Of course only towers cant defeat all bosses, some of them have demolish others like the Hidra have splash that affect towers, Hidra can be killed with only towers, difficult but it can be.
Worker Hero can repair towers, also priest can heal towers or empower them.

Upgrades purchaseable in base is a good idea, right now only the worker can purchase upgrades and only for his units.
Last edited:
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
There are super bosses like Hydra and Broodmother they are announced with red lyrics and they coming only for one line so if you play with 4 players the 4 can go to fight the Hydra, fight a super boss alone are one of the big difficults of play solo but is possible to defeat all of them.
Level 1
Mar 28, 2013
Hero Buzan is so strong, he can detroys Balck Citadel and kill Doom with 2 legend item and 2 perfect emerald before Dragons appears.
I think you should buff Balck Citadel and Towns near it
Sorry about my English but I like this map so much :">
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Hi Hoang_hitle, Perfect Emerald is considering and have similar cost of a Legend or legendary item, so with 4 legendary items is posible for some heroes to destroy Black Citadel and Doom and Yes Buzan is strong, is one of the best tanks of the game.

I understand all your comment except this part:
buff Balck Citadel and Towns near it
Level 1
Mar 28, 2013
Sorry about my English, It mean "Increases base damage, armor, hp...". Because I think the game become easy to finish (destroy Black Citadel and Doom, not easy to kill some Boss) when I destroy first Skull Town early by some heros (Buzan,...).

How can I find "Tech tree of Little Child Forms"?
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
I was Thinking in make Doom stronger, Skull Towers and Black Citadel become stronger over time, Game is not really easy to finish, It seems easy for you because you know pretty well use some heroes, so for a hard challenge You can play Survival Mode, in this mode all bosses creeps and towers are stronger (this is a very hard mode).

In the Page Hero-Empire.com you can see Heroes detailed information, i dont put all the heroes yet because dont have enough time, Little Child will be one of the last ones because is to extense, have 57 forms. For now you can post it in the forum of hero-empire.com and someone or me will post something helpfull like and image with all the forms.
Level 1
Apr 8, 2013
Hello !

Very good job for this map ! But, I play with one friend and it's so difficult to play on 2players mode, an editable version of the map is possible?

Thanks !
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Hi SuperChaton, There are an easy mode (-Easym) creeps will comming only for one line, you can win or reach a very far boss in classic mode with some practice, a good strategy for two players is one of you choose a Wizzard with a good AOE spell maybe Dark Wizzard and the other a warrior the tipe of heroes that his abilities become stronger with items, abilities like critical strike, life steal, evasion, bash. So the wizzard must defend his lane an maybe help the warrior if he has problems to defend until the warrior get the correct items for his abilities and become unstopable, wizzard can invest in one or two powerfull towers to seal a line.
There are good items for all kind of heroes so all of them can kill powerfull bosses by there selfs.
Level 2
Sep 2, 2012
I was Thinking in make Doom stronger, Skull Towers and Black Citadel become stronger over time, Game is not really easy to finish, It seems easy for you because you know pretty well use some heroes, so for a hard challenge You can play Survival Mode, in this mode all bosses creeps and towers are stronger (this is a very hard mode).

In the Page Hero-Empire.com you can see Heroes detailed information, i dont put all the heroes yet because dont have enough time, Little Child will be one of the last ones because is to extense, have 57 forms. For now you can post it in the forum of hero-empire.com and someone or me will post something helpfull like and image with all the forms.

the Hero-Empire.com website cant load,did it some place problem/website problem?
Level 5
Mar 24, 2012
Hi Kobas, long time no see you.

-Already know about the two problems with infernal planning to fix for next version(1.13) thanks for bug report.
-Terrain isnt my priority right now, maybe ill improve it for 1.14 or 1.15.
-Couriers are controled like a normal unit, one is: cheap, have normal move speed and can be killed very easy, the other is expensive have fast move speed, can carry 6 items and dont die easily, if you are in one of the two paths of the ends (first and fourth) first send your courier to the beginning of the path and them send it for you, instead of sending for you from the start.
-Not sure what you mean with bad items, there are items for any tipe of heroes and allows them to defead overpower bosses one on one, of course it will be easy with a team, towers and all heroes play the rol of his kind.