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Jan 20, 2013
Jan 9, 2013

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January 19


Scarlet Crusade, from Serbia

Malefic was last seen:
Jan 20, 2013
    1. tobyfat50
      hello dude! sorry but I will retire from the hive I'll upload the map (actualy all my maps) some time this year if you are interested. I am looking for someone who will take the lead on my projects after I'm gone. I'll leave asian garden to you if you want. Stay in contact with me even if I will be gone for a long time but I suppose that won't be a problem because I'll upload all my maps so all people can benefit from my resources.
    2. Sin'dorei300
      Happy B-day!
    3. Almia
    4. -Kobas-
      Oket, hvala :)
    5. marko9
    6. marko9
      ma nisi dosadan brate nego sam ja zauzaet... gledam ovo sto si mi poslao i vidim ovo sara pa mislim neka sara ce da ti pomogne ;)

      Ne znam sta da ti kazem mozes da koristis ove Blizardove stvarcice... mada mogu ja da probam da ti napravim primer jedan kako bi to izgledalo da ja pravim, ako nadjem vremena... videcu :)
    7. BreathingAcid
      Hey! The old man can wait. Look here.
    8. marko9
      Oces bas tako pravo da prodje kroz centar mape ili moze malo da sara... u zavisnosti od toga kakve modele hoces da koristis mogu da ti preporucim neke ovde sa Hive-a a i da ti pomognem... zasto da ne :D
    9. Pharaoh_
      Well, even this
      should suffice.
    10. BreathingAcid
      I remember playing AQ when I was a kid. It was good back then.
    11. marko9
      jao brate nisam naso vreme uopste ovih dana, kad se snadjem gledam 100 %
    12. BreathingAcid
      Haha. I really like playing online games but I guess I haven't found anything that interests me.
    13. BreathingAcid
      I only play cards in actual games. :) And poor internet connection prevents me from playing anything that's online.
    14. BreathingAcid
      Card games? No. And I don't play anything online at the moment.
    15. BreathingAcid
      By the gods, we should. lol.
    16. BreathingAcid
      I bet their skills in pony hunting would decipher what the old man really is. :D
    17. Luorax
      Uhm; the credit list was written by hand, but I know I have no excuse :'D I'm terribly sorry (it's so awkward...)

      Well, back in August, if I recall correctly. He said he was sorry for not being able to rework the terrain from scratch, but he had other things to do. (He only made the two spawning pools on the old terrain and some other makeups, but that's about it. Still, I thought not putting his and Marok0's name on the special list would have been kinda disrespectful).
      Then I moved to another town because of school and became very busy, got to know Hellx (who's responsible for the current awesome terrain) and let him join the group, and do the job.

      Wow, it's been almost half a year.... time passes by so quickly if you're busy with something...
    18. Luorax
      Yea, I actually have both of them. But to be honest, I hardly ever play it nowadays, because I'm usually busy with my university studies, and if I have some time, I mostly work on the map or go out with my friends. So yea.

      This is my deck that I used to play before 2012 september; but only in video games, I didn't have the money for real cards, and now I don't have the time to play either.

      EDIT: hmm, I think I'd vote for the Fire Fists (not for the Fire Kings). They look more fair to me; Mermails look kinda similar to Inzektors, IMO.

      I also have a Scrap/Beast XYZ deck based on Busfare's deck though, that I used to really enjoy playing.
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    January 19
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    Asian Gardens (if tobyfat50 gets back ).
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Be Kind and people will return the favor !
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