This is the third Haradrim model from Lord of the Rings, which i made for the Hive. This was the first Haradrim model i tried to make, i still got the pics of the first attempt(s) in my Albums. Anyways, i decided to make him different then the first versions. This Haradrim is also wearing a facemask, in order to keep a little variation among them, which also makes it easier to distinguish them. As in the previous Haradrim models, the turban is directly exported from WoW, but it uses an ingame skin. I suppose he can be used as any other human rider either. Feel free to use it in any way!

EDIT 1: my thanks to Frankster's good first moderation of this model. Thanks to his nice suggestions of what to change, this model could receive an update of (so far) unique features, which aren't present at the other Haradrim models. He suggested to add a few Haradrim-esque things like towels and such, which brought me to the idea of adding this banner-like thing to the rider's back and some light armor to the horse! Thank you Frank, your suggestions helped me a lot! The icon also got updated, so it's much easier now to tell the rider apart from the infantry models. The filesize went a bit upward, but i think it's worth it.

EDIT 2: Sorry, forgot to put the skin for the wood-part of the lance to twosided, so the bottom of the spear wasn't visible. Anyways, it wasn't realy noticeable ingames, but i thought it would be better to fix it, nevertheless.

EDIT 3: Changed the pants into black cloth ones. I watched once again the movie (it was running yesterday on TV), so i noticed that most of the Haradrim had dark pants (either purple, black or red), so i came to the conclusion that it would fit more to make them black cloth pants rather than the so-far brown leather pants.

EDIT 4: just applied the "new optimization method" at all Haradrim models i made. Filesize has been reduced and quality slightly more increased. :wink:

Haradrim rider, Saracenian, Saracenian rider, Human rider, rider, LOTR, Lord of the Rings

HaradrimRider (Model)

HaradrimRider (Model)

Frankster : Model works in-game and performs well in-game. Well executed concept and good use of in-game textures. Good job.




Moderation: 16:40, Saturday 15th June 2012
Frankster :
Model works in-game and performs well in-game.
Well executed concept and good use of in-game textures.
Good job.
I love this model :thumbs_up: :ogre_haosis:
thanks. I just hope the mod likes it as much as you guys do. :wink:

A lancer. Good idea.
yeah, i initially planned to equip him with a sword (skeleton warrior's scimitar), but i changed my mind during making. I thought it would be more fitting for a cavalry guy to simply have a lance + 1 more custom attack anim :wink:

Btw, what do you think? Should i remove attack 1 anim or leave it? Attack 2 is custom made and IMO better fitting.
Attack animation 1, fix it, and this model should be approved.
no, i discussed that with Frank already, I'll simply remove the Attack - 1 anim, and leave the Attack - 2 as the only one. I'll also add some Haradrim-armor to the horse. Frank was right, it should be a bit more Haradrim-styled :goblin_sleep: otherwise it's going to be a bandit-lancer with turban IMO :eekani:
yeh !! :) the previous was very good but this one is the best !! :p
thanks, dear neffew. :wink: Yeah, it has some unique features, which make it differ from those so far. I'll try to make the swordman version too, after i'm done with the next university exams. :vw_sad: When the swordsman & watchtower are finito, i'll start making the mumakil (oliphant, Haradrim battle elephant @ the siege of Minas Tirith in the movies).
looks like some lotr mods will be inspired by this collection, look forward to seeing more :3
you'll see some more from the Haradrim collection. Soon enough. :wink:

yeeehh !!! I'll wait for them impatiantly !!!! ;)
lol, hopefully you mean patiently. :wink:

@ both of you: just wait for the Finale.....the Mumakil is still in progress and I'll try to make it a special piece. It will be the last model that fills my Haradrim Collection. The other models before it are:
  1. Haradrim Swordsman
  2. Haradrim Watchtower
  3. eventually mounted Haradrim Archer
  4. maybe a Camel Rider
  5. definitly a Commander
  6. certainly a Haradrim Assassin/Slayer as Hero

If the Mumakil is accepted, I'll try to make a Haradrim King on a throne ontop of a Mumakil maybe. :wink: Now i got warmed-up by making those Haradrim models. I guess it could be a good idea to continue making them, so that they can be used as Saracenians or Arabians either. The more models, the better for the Hive, afterall. :wink:

oh, forgot to mention, that i appologize for the old screenie, i added a new one while updating it, but unfortunately it didn't change, yet. :vw_sad:
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Jun 10, 2012
Uncle Fester, Yehey! another unit for the tribe games! Awesome model. 5/5. Can I suggest that you will make more haradrim units and buildings? cause these are so cool.!
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Really good model. Idea of making haradrim units is cool.
thanks for your encouraging words. More Haradrim will follow soon. :wink: Started making the Haradrim Slayer model, will be a hero with a custom skin this time. I'll use everything from DemonHunter, but the skin will be slightly different. :goblin_yeah: He'll also have short-swords as weaps, not glaives. Will add him some special custom anims too. :wink:
It works with one attack animation but will there be any update with one more animation? I never saw the version which had two so I do not know if its better off this way.
what other attack anim should it have? IMO there's only one way of attacking with a spear from a horse, to stab. Slashing is a bad way, as you can easily loose control of huge weapons if they're used as one-handed ones. :vw_sad:
If I make Fellowship map I will use this! Epic cavalry. C'mon , c'mon Mighty Mumikal , I really looking forward mumikal! How about to make later in future separetely an haradrim tent with flag? :grin:
I'll make some Haradrim as attachments for the mumakil, Haradrim Palace and the Haradrim Watchtower (will be made later). :wink: I'm currently working on the Haradrim Slayer (hero). After him, I'll make a banner carrier. :grin: Haradrim didn't occur in the Fellowship of the ring, they came later. Lately I'm also thinking about making a Haradrim Stable and a Mumakil pen. :wink:
Camel Rider?
would recommend against that.
Do instead:
Wainriders, Variags, Drúedain(Woses), Tom bombadil, Corsairs or any other interesting LOTR models.
Camel riders would not fit well with the theme you got going on.
Wainriders? You mean wargriders? :vw_wtf: The Variags from Khand? Yeah, was intending to make them either, but after the Haradrim, I'll start with the armies of the Witchking from Angmar. I'm intending to make the Thrall masters and some of his ravel, the Rhudaur men. :wink:

Wainriders.... the main Easterling threat.
oh, i think you mean the charriots of Khand, just take a look at gamesworkshop, they're making LOTR miniatures and their pictures can be very usefull as concept. :wink:

Really epic! 7.9/10
thank you for your rating. If you're interested, search the Hive's model section for more Haradrim. :wink:

OOOOOH1 I like it goood job
Thank you. :grin: If you like this style of models, there are more Haradrim around, they're currently invading the Hive with my help. :wink:
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Jun 16, 2011
In your list of haradrim units to come you only put 1 other building to add on to the palace, do you think you could possibly make a main fortress and maybe a mumaki tent (idk how to spell it the elephant thing) other than that great model 5/5
In your list of haradrim units to come you only put 1 other building to add on to the palace, do you think you could possibly make a main fortress and maybe a mumaki tent (idk how to spell it the elephant thing) other than that great model 5/5
Well, more Haradrim will evade the Hive with my help this fall. Be sure of that. :wink:

This is freaking great ! I'll surely add it in my map thanks ;)
Thank you! Glad to hear that. Oh, and btw, as said above, i'll bring more Haradrim to life this fall. :wink: