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GUI Knockback System [Paladon] v.1.60

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is the GUI Knockback System by Paladon.

This system allows you to attach a nice looking knockback effect to whatever you want.
You can easily specify speed, range and knockback effects.
The system is GUI only, so beginners are able to use it easily too.
It´s of course leakless and MUI.
The map includes the GUI Knockback System, a documentation how to implent it and three sample spells to present some functions of this system.

You´re able to adjust the speed, the range and other effects of the knockback.

*Update v.1.01
*Removed a leak (v.1.00 was an outdated version, i uploaded the wrong map before >.<)
*Now you can decide whether trees should be destroyed or even not.
*Update v.1.10
*Added an 'instant recycle function' suggested and explained by Hanky.
*Update v.1.60
*Improved various issues, optimized the array actualisation, fixed a small and rare bug.

*Your suggestions!

Please give credits if you use this system in your map or for your own spells ;)
If you find bugs or if you have suggestions, please post them here or send me a pm.

-=Check the discussion thread here=-

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GUI Knockback System [Paladon] (Map)

18:27, 18th Nov 2008 Hanky: Good work, all seems to work really smooth. The system don't leak and is MUI. Also the documentation is really well made. There I see that you really worked hard on the system. Well if someone have no clue how to use...




18:27, 18th Nov 2008
Good work, all seems to work really smooth. The system don't leak and is MUI. Also the documentation is really well made. There I see that you really worked hard on the system. Well if someone have no clue how to use Jass Knockback systems I just can recommend to use this.

Deprecated in favor of Bribe's Knockback 2D.

  1. It interrupts orders when used
  2. If "destroy trees" is set to true it will also destroy bridges
  3. The indexing and many other things is very inefficient
  4. The frequency of special effects is not shown how to be
  5. The Knockback 2D that Bribe developed does the same things
    this does, functionality-wise, but actually does more and does
    it while fixing the above points.
You should add a Boolean wich checks if it can destroy trees. if you have, then im blind. (And lazy)

I don´t think it´s necessary. But i´ll add it to my list.
A choose between either every knockback destroys trees or even none. Ok?
I don´t want to add a single booloean for every spell :/
Everything else makes no sense, ehr?
Have a serious propblem here: If you import all trigger of this system map in your map then it will work fine but if you just copy trigger "Cast a knock back" and "Get a knock back" and variables in your map then this system wont work any more in your map

Weird, i just importet the system into one of my maps by only copying the both named triggers. It works great. Maybe you can send me your map and i may see where the problem is.
Level 24
May 9, 2007
I was bored last night, and started adding a Knockback Adjacent option to the system. I'm mostly done, and just need to fix up some errors (It's still GUI), I'm missing removing some points in there, and I'm not sure it's 100% MUI right now (It should be).

Also, I really would suggest adding some JASS within the system itself. Just a few GetUnitX/Y's, and then you could change your whole Move Unit Instantly (Which is failzorz :p), to SetUnitX . . . ect.

It would also save some time cleaning leaks. Anway, any interest on the Knockback adjacent part?
I´m loath to add that.
This system´s purpose is to
1) Give a chance for GUI(only) users to add MUI Knockbacks.
2) Give users a change to learn something for their own triggering (GUI).

I guess if i add more Jass than the simple call RemoveLocation and call DestroyGroup it may confuse those who aren´t able to understand Jass.
Level 24
May 9, 2007
I'm going to kind of agree with you there. If they want JASS, they'll use a JASS system.

Anyway, right now I have it colliding successfully, but with a few bugs. I have the frame work set up (How the user 'calls' it (Similar to trees). I'm not doing the effects yet, because I want to re-design your effects system. Using random events is fail here. It should be a counter, so that it is symmetrical.

This also differs from your present system, but perhaps using a global effect would be better, and then the players could specify other effects in the spell, but that's just an idea.
Level 7
Oct 13, 2008
If you want any more suggestions for a lil bit more advanced? Knockback type, I got one. Unit shoots out an missile ( Of corse user specified ) And when the missile impacts with targed unit, the targed should be pushed along with the missile, and the missile wouldn't die from the impact, it would die whenever you want it to, and when the missile dies the unit stops aswell. Kinda like in this video: YouTube - Warcraft 3: Ice Arrow.
Im not forcing you to make this, Haha ! =D this is just an suggestion because im in lil need of one... :p
Level 15
Aug 18, 2007
Very nice system :D what i suggest you to make would be:

Stopping knockback when you cant move (like the tree option), so you wont keep moving into a wall. And maybe add a Bounce function (again, like trees), so instead of keep getting moved into the wall, your knockback is changed, so it look like you bounced off the wall (similar to ArrowKnockback v1.00 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site or Bouncing Formula - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site too lazy to make links :S).

Also, i know it broing, but you should really make the Destroy trees thing, the Bounce thing and the Stop thing individuel (so one spell can bounce, while another cant).

Great work, have a rep!