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May 8, 2012
Jun 5, 2008

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kewlthis was last seen:
May 8, 2012
    1. Septimus
      *edit* This is just fucking ridiculous, Ill delete this recource myself, since mods are fucking retards here. I really dont care a shit if it gets rejected, If people dont want another quality map here. Fucking joke.
      Quality for better or worst ? For worst, we do not need it. Infact, I suggest you to upload your map to wc3campaigns.net and get evaluate by expert mapper and try to make a comparison of your map with those map at the site.

      From there, you can know what is called a good quality and decent quality map.
    2. Septimus
      1st of all, the rules already indicate you can UPLOAD ONCE AND ONLY ONCE. Which already indicate a clear reason that you should not re-upload it even if the mod review was negative.

      2nd, we have lot's of map to be view and we cannot just focus at re-review your map just because of some trivia update.

      3rd, the main reason why I do not re-review your map is because I am no longer a map moderator.

      4th, your resources already been approve. it is not a rejected or review status map, thus it is not a good reason to re-upload it.

      5th, flamming won't get you anywhere, blame yourself for not reading the rules.
    3. Mecheon
      Kewl: ITS CALLED THE UPDATE BUTTON. Yes, we can see your deleted resources

      Give me a good reason why you deleted the old one and submitted the new one in 24 hours or I'll just reject your new map
    4. jarri
      what do u mean? the animations are already fine.
    5. jarri
      hey would u like neji and lee models (shippuden)?
    6. Elenai
      Toodles :)
    7. Elenai
      Its quite easy, you see:

      Map mod sees downrater, map mod sees downrater downrating for the wrong reason (like having a silly/dickish attitude), map mod deletes post/reports post and the downrater is punished and his work reversed.

      Or in this case, Reported Post mod sees downrater, and does the same thing, while awaiting the rest to be fulfilled by a Map mod.

      You were reported :) And you were punished.

      Not only have you had an attitude in this particular case, but you've had an attitude with others before, and a record to boot.

      Thus, you should really consider yourself lucky, that it was a mere neg rep, and not an infraction.
    8. Elenai
      Well when you down rate with the attitude you displayed...Then you are punished.

      Of course, I don't see the other people getting reported, you however were.

    9. Elenai
      You are being rather....well to put it bluntly:

      A dickish tweeb.

      So I am here to tell you this:

      Stop being a dickish tweeb. Because I am rather tired of seeing your name in my reported posts section. Ok?
    10. Kwah
    11. Flash.Kisame
      cmon^^ dont tell me you are too lazy to test the model :P
      i did my part, now do yours^^ (its really just a matter of minutes, test it in a new map, it really doesnt take long time :D)
    12. Hawkwing
      Bitching around in my forum and trolling me. It's only -2 rep. You'll get it back in a matter of days. Unfortunately for you, you caught me in the worst mood I've been in all year.
    13. Flash.Kisame
      dont you have 'Warcraft 3 Viewer' ?
      if not, just try it by putting this model into a map and test it there^^
    14. Flash.Kisame
      alright then, i attach them to the post i made on your spell, ok?
    15. xxdingo93xx
      The basis is "Naruto Spell"
    16. Ribenamania
      Yeah, I've checked on it.. anyway I'm in a spell now!
      You're using the crow spell for the challenge rite? Mine is a water jutsu..
      Good luck =)
    17. Ribenamania
      I can't even think of a good idea of spell yet...
      Or maybe.. I don't know which naruto spell should I make.. most of them doesn't really needs triggering
    18. Ribenamania
      LoL, aren't you afraid that someone would say.
      "Narutards" are challenging each other! xD
      Well anyway, if you're accepting then let's do this.. =)
    19. Ribenamania
      Okay then =) Good luck in it.. Anyway, you could add some system like my spell over here!
    20. Ribenamania
      Hey! Good to see you finished contest, also.. I saw you're in a good potential project - Combo Arena.. how's the progression? Need any help ? I could help some .. =)
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