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Gronn V.4

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
Enjoy. Gronn model made by me and Chr2! Awesome texture is it not?

Give credit to my friend please ;)

Updates will be made. Currently I am working on Hero version of Gronn. So stay tunned.

Model should be fully functional.

See ya

Updated, death animations and decay should be fine now.
Update again, tryed the fix with the too soon decay animations.

You can use this icon by Marhsmellow

Ogre, Gronn, Slayer, Maniac, Maneater, Warcraft, Outland, Draenor, Giant, Monster, WoW, Master, Slaver, God, Club

Gronn V.4 (Model)

Gronn V.4 Portrait (Model)

General Frank
Lovely model with a beautiful skin and nicely adjusted animations. Works in-game and performs well. Approved




01:16, 7th Feb 2016
Archian: Great model! Love the design. Nice choice for the animations, they fit the model perfectly. Wonderful texture! The details are pure eye-candy. Filesize is okay. Works ingame! I grant this model a Director's Cut rating! After more careful testing, it seems that the death animation ingame in broken. Please fix this.
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
This would be very useful for me. :L
And by the way your models are really good Sellenisko.
Gonna use this one and a few others for my Campaign. :L
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
I think on death animation were he fell needs some dust particles, since he is a gargantuan cyclops.
Level 35
Sep 17, 2010
Level 11
Jun 27, 2010
Will think about it. If I find some pretty concept art or screenshots, I might do it.

To others: Thank you guys. I would like to make version of mage. So If you have any ideaabout the concept, tell me ;)
Highly suggest using Imperator Mar'gok as a reference to Draenor ogre magi. The way he's dressed is a traditional Gorian Empire mage's garb. Here another image, this time of Mogor. Note the similar magi garbs.

As for ogre cavalry suggestions, from my experience on the WoD beta, the mount of choice for ogres on Draenor are uncorrupted felboars. Pretty much regular boars with spikes everywhere:

Thank you for your response. This will help a lot :) ! :ogre_hurrhurr:

Already done, sir. :wink: I thought it was in production by now.
Level 8
Sep 10, 2013
Good model.

EDIT: A week later I realized that this is actually based on a real WOW model, so 5/5 for accuracy :D This is awesome :D
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Level 8
Aug 7, 2011
Why I didn't see it before?

Usually, I'm a lover of in-game textures, but, there are very few models like this, worth having a included texture. Just fix the death animation, because it could corrupt the map.

For the rest... it's perfect! :infl_thumbs_up:
Still not fixed. At the moment, the corpse at 'Decay Flesh' is sinking too quickly on the ground, and at 'Decay Bone' the skeleton doesn't fade away properly, disappearing all of sudden. Typically, units that leave a corpse in WC3 follow these guidelines:
  • In decay flesh (60 seconds), the mesh sinks down slowly through the bones. (It should only disappear onto the ground at the last seconds of the animation. It will be sped up in-game, so it will look rushed otherwise)
  • In decay bone (60 seconds as well), the "gutz" mesh stays still and visible there for around 55 seconds, then in those last 5 seconds, the opacity value falls from 1.00 to 0.75, in a linear transition. Since 'gutz' uses the transparent filter, that makes it fade away in a smooth manner, and at 75% visibility it isn't visible anymore. (0.75 is the visible threshold for each pixel in 'transparent', or '2 color alpha')
Awaiting update.